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choosing a business phone system in Sheffield

Choosing the right business phone system for your Sheffield-based company can be challenging. There are many different phone systems available, from VoIP and cloud-based communication systems, to traditional analog phone services. Each comes with their own set of pros and cons. 

However, before assessing those advantages and disadvantages, it's worth recognising that every business in Sheffield—whether it’s a newly formed recruitment firm or carrying on the city’s traditional industry of cutlery production—will share a common goal: to provide a standout service for their customers.

Having the right business phone system in place can empower service and sales teams to achieve that goal and drive the business forward through memorable customer interactions.

This article is here to help you to understand which phone systems are available in Sheffield and to identify the solution that’s best for your business. 

Why do you need a business phone system in Sheffield?

Your business phone system is one of the most important tools your sales and support teams have at their disposal. Why exactly are they so important? With the right business phone system, you can:

  • Reach more sales leads faster 

  • Improve time to resolution for customer service teams with clear communication

  • Build a local presence that resonates with your customer base 

  • Scale your team easily as your business grows 

  • Empower teams to work remotely or in the office 

  • Automate routine tasks like data entry and admin 

Knowing where to start when you’re in the process of choosing a new business phone system isn’t always easy. There are many factors and technologies to consider—from onsite or on-premise solutions to cloud-based communications platforms. Luckily, reading this article is a great place to start when it comes to narrowing down your options!  

What are the different types of business phone systems?

One of the most significant decisions you’ll make on your journey to selecting a business phone system will be whether you use a traditional (also known as on premise) solution for calling, or a cloud-based calling system.  

Modern cloud-based calling systems that use VoIP technology are the right solution if you want to future-proof your business. Not only do they offer simpler scalability and a host of intuitive features to drive productivity, they also, critically, won’t be impacted by the upcoming switching off of the UK’s PSTN network. 

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The PSTN network switch off will take place in 2025 and will essentially mean all phone lines in the UK will need to be based on digital, rather than analogue, technology. For more detail on the different types of technology phone systems are based on, read our overview below. 

Analogue or ‘traditional’ phone systems

Analogue phone systems transmit voice signals over copper wires, and are the oldest phone systems still in widespread use. However, with the upcoming PSTN network switch off, their days are numbered. Once the switch off takes place, the copper wires used to transmit voice signals on analogue phones will no longer work.

For that reason—alongside the fact that they also lack many helpful productivity-driving features businesses expect today—you should look to a more modern system for your organisation. 

PBX Phone Systems 

PBX (Private Branch Exchange) systems are a variation on the analogue system above. While they are capable of holding 23 individual lines—meaning they offer greater scale than a basic analogue phone system, they still use copper cables, and will therefore be affected by the PSTN switch off. 


IP PBX phone systems are a step-up from PBX Phone Systems. While traditional phone hardware can be used in an IP PBX system, rather than having this rely on the outdated cabling of traditional systems, voice calls are made and received via the internet. 


VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) systems—also known as cloud-based call solutions—offer many benefits to businesses in Sheffield. These solutions use the internet to transmit calls and can use any device (from PCs and laptops to tablets and phones) to make calls. That means set up and scaling is simple with no need for costly new hardware or infrastructure.

At the same time, VoIP systems also empower users with a range of features that traditional phone systems lack. These include integrations with key tools, like CRM systems such as HubSpot and Salesforce as well as features like call recording and Interactive Voice Response. Crucially, VoIP systems won’t be impacted by the PSTN switch off—making them a feature-packed and future-proof choice for your business. 

How to choose the right business phone system for your company in Sheffield?

Before you choose a business phone system in Sheffield, you should start by building a clear understanding of your use case and needs. To get started, try asking yourself and your teams a few questions, such as: 

Which teams need the phone system? 

For example, customer service, sales or support. This will help you determine the number of people using the system and the types of features that are most important to you. 

Which tools would you like to integrate with your phone system?

Modern VoIP phone systems can connect with your other tools, making work simpler and more productive for your team. These are valuable for all different types of teams: for example, integrating with a CRM system can help sales teams secure leads faster while tools like Bullhorn or JobAdder simplify applicant management for HR and recruitment teams.  

Beyond standard calls, are any features particularly important to you? 

Cloud-based calling systems can do much more than simply make calls. They act as a hub connecting other tools, can enable you to instantly create local or international numbers and reveal deep call centre analytics about the performance of your team—helping you to always deliver a fantastic service to clients. Take a look at Aircall's full list of features for a taste of what’s possible with a leading VoIP system. 

Where is your team based and do they need a system that enables hybrid working?

Today, more and more sales and support teams are embracing hybrid working. When it comes to a phone system, this means that flexibility is essential. With a VoIP system, it’s simple to set up a new device whether in the office, at home or in another remote location. That means wherever your team is working, they can connect with clients and customers seamlessly.

No matter the size of your business or whether it’s based in Broomhall or Burngreave, these questions can help you create a business case for your phone system. They’ll also help you build a list of must-have features that will help you narrow down your options. 

How can VoIP improve your business?

For Sheffield-based businesses, there are many benefits to using a VoIP system, including: 

  • Straightforward scalability: With a VoIP system, you don’t have to worry about buying expensive new hardware or undertaking costly infrastructure work to update your phone system. All an agent needs is an internet connected device and they’re ready to go. 

  • More productive sales and support teams: VoIP solutions have a range of useful features that can drive productivity in your sales and support team. These include everything from Interactive Voice Response (IVR) systems to enable customers to self-guide themselves, to click to dial, which speeds up calling by removing the need to manually input numbers.  

  • Closer customer connections: The ultimate purpose of any business phone system is to connect the company with its partners, clients and customers. Having a VoIP system in place can drive more meaningful connections between your business and its contacts by enabling agents to personalise calls. VoIP systems enable this personalisation through features such as warm transfers—which allow colleagues to briefly speak when transferring calls, providing essential context to make for a smoother and more memorable customer experience. 

What are the benefits of using a business phone system based in the UK?

Choosing a VoIP business phone system based in the UK not only will enable you to avoid being affected by the PSTN switch off, but will also offer you many other benefits. 

You can build customer trust with local numbers 

Having the right number for your business is key—it’s the first thing a customer sees and can make the difference between whether they pick up the call or reject it. That’s why it’s key you choose a solution that enables your Sheffield-based business to build trust by ensuring calls come from recognisable local numbers.

You have access to support when you need it

By choosing a phone system based in the UK, you can be confident you always have support in place for your business. Whether it’s being shown helpful new features or being supported when onboarding new sales agents, choosing a phone solution with a team in the UK means there’s always help at hand. 

Scaling your support or sales teams is seamless

If your business is growing fast, or it's affected by seasonal spikes like Christmas, the size of your sales and support team can quickly change. Having a UK-based VoIP phone system enables you to set up new calling capabilities in just a matter of clicks, meaning your business has the agility to react to surges in demand. 

Top features that you need to have in a business phone system

Your phone system is much more than just a way to make calls. With the right features, it can transform your sales and support teams. Here are a handful of key features you should be looking for in a productivity-boosting business phone system.

Power Dialer 

Power dialer enables your team to hit the phones faster than ever. It removes the need to manually input numbers, and instead enables sales agents to compile a list of numbers and call them all rapidly in succession—saving them valuable minutes every day. 

Call Routing 

Call routing helps your teams to map out the best custom routes to satisfying conversations. By automatically directing customers to agents in a pre-set order based on availability, you can ensure callers are always automatically connected with the best available agent, even at busy times. 

Call Centre Analytics

Measuring and monitoring team progress is a key part of effective sales and support functions. With Aircall’s call centre analytics and dashboard, you can instantly see how your team is tracking against KPI, and can monitor key indicators like outbound calls, missed call rate and more to help you keep everyone aligned and accountable. 

Call Queuing 

The right call queuing experience can make the difference between a disgruntled and delighted customer. By using Aircall’s call queuing feature, you can customise the queuing experience with personalised messages, music, the ability to request a call back and more. 

Why choose Aircall for your business in Sheffield?

Dedicated local support 

For businesses in Sheffield, phone systems are an essential business tool, so it’s important to have the right support at hand when needed. With Aircall, you’ll always have access to a dedicated UK-based team that can show you new features, help you onboard teams and answer any questions you have. 

Access to essential features and integrations 

One of the biggest benefits of a cloud-based calling system is the range of features and integrations it can put at your team’s fingertips. With Aircall, you have access to over 100 integrations—meaning you can easily connect your calling system with other key tools like your CRM system so they can share information between one another. This saves your team time and stops them needing to swap back and forth between dozens of apps cluttering their desktop. Meanwhile, with features from a power dialer to Interactive Voice Response (IVR) Aircall provides all the solutions you need to build more productive sales and support teams. 

Delight your customers 

Ultimately, your phone system is a way to build more meaningful connections with your customers. In fact, research reveals that 61% of consumers prefer to speak to someone over the phone when they require assistance from a business. With this in mind, it’s vital you choose a solution like Aircall that can offer features and integrations that both streamline work and delight clients through meaningful interactions with sales and support teams.     

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