Are VoIP systems reliable?

IP telephony is a very reliable solution in terms of maximizing call quality and system uptime, although it requires high-performance equipment:

  • a stable, high-speed WiFi, Ethernet or 4G internet connection;

  • a correctly configured enterprise router that can accommodate the number of users;

  • a device with enough random access memory (computer, smartphone, etc.);

  • high-quality hardware (microphone, headset, etc.).

The reliability of VoIP technology also depends on your provider’s service quality, especially in terms of service availability. The following criteria should generally be considered in order to choose the right provider:

  • the service-level agreement (SLA) setting out which services the provider undertakes to deliver;

  • the geographical location of the servers and any areas not covered by the service;

  • the technical team’s availability to help you configure your IP telephone system and solve any problems;

  • the frequency of updates to ensure the service is reliable and secure.

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