Is IP telephony secure?

IP telephony is an effective solution for protecting your communications and business as long as you choose a provider that complies with the latest ISO security standards. ISO standardization generally draws on specific protocols, like TLS (Transport Layer Security protocol), which encrypts your data to ensure information cannot be read if it is intercepted. You VoIP provider should also use secure data centers and monitor call traffic to identify any suspicious activity.

Just like any other technology, however, IP telephony is not immune to threats such as denial of service, malware, spam calls or eavesdropping. Companies need to take appropriate measures to protect themselves from such threats and further enhance security, by:

  • checking the effectiveness of security protocols;

  • securing access (password encryption, restricted access, etc.);

  • training staff in the risks involved;

  • selecting a provider that ensures the VoIP system is secure.

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