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The Top 3CX Alternatives to Boost Productivity

Emily GregorLast updated on January 2, 2024
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Ready to build better conversations?

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As an operations leader, finding a system that integrates with your team, streamlines processes, increases customer engagement, boosts sales, and optimizes operations is a daunting task.

To help you find the right business phone system, we’ve compiled a list of the top 3CX alternatives that support you, your team, and your business goals.

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What You Need to Know About 3CX

To find the right 3CX alternative for your business, it’s important to get an idea of what you’re comparing your choices to in the first place.

3CX mainly caters to remote teams, offering straightforward features like call, video, and live chat that are easy to deploy from anywhere.

Regarding pricing, 3CX follows a subscription-based model that users can renew annually. The pricing also depends on whether you will manage the PBX or if you would like 3CX to manage it on your behalf.

If you’re confident in your team’s ability to take on this task without support, it’s your call. But it may be worthwhile to look at alternatives that consider hosting and support as a given–without any added costs.

Another significant element is the price is determined by the number of simultaneous calls your company needs to make or receive rather than the number of users or extensions. 3CX uses a license-based structure to manage these calls. Without this license, users are unable to make calls.

Many businesses gravitate to 3XC for its free version, which offers basic features for up to 10 users, which can seem tempting. But if your business does a large amount of business over the phone, the limited features and pricing model may restrict productivity and growth and keep you from utilizing better options.

Ready to scope out some 3CX alternatives? Here’s what you need to know.

How to Choose the Right 3CX Alternative

For businesses looking for additional features that will integrate with their team, support daily operations, and encourage overall growth, there are a few key elements to look out for.

How do they implement and utilize business tools?

Each business uses tools to better manage and analyze a team’s performance and internal processes. Your business phone system should be no exception.

When looking for a 3CX alternative, keep an eye out for options that can integrate with your current tool stack (and include some useful new additions).

The ideal alternative will seamlessly integrate with third-party software to ensure that you have insight into all business metrics in one place.

The onboarding process

Implementing a cloud-based business phone solution shouldn’t come at the expense of your team. The ideal system should offer quick and easy team integration and support when needed. Additional maintenance and onboarding can cause downtime. Instead, look for a provider that provides in-house support and training from in-the-know experts.

Gauge the value over price

Each business decision is ultimately governed by three key words: “What’s the cost?” When considering pricing, you need to look further than the initial monthly cost per user. What are your core business objectives? Will the specific solution add value to your team and their efforts toward reaching specific business goals?

Consider the features of each provider and whether or not they align with your long-term and immediate business goals. Is it sustainable, or will you outgrow the pricing model as your business expands?

The Top 5 Alternatives to 3CX

We get it – navigating business phone solutions can be time-consuming and challenging to narrow down. Here’s everything you need to make the right call. Easily compare the features, integrations, similarities, differences, and average cost of each.


Free Trial? Yes

Number of Entry-Level Integrations: 100+

​​Entry-Level Features:

  • Softphone for desktop, Android, and iOS

  • Unlimited calls

  • IVR

  • Live activity feeds

  • Custom analytics

  • 50+ additional features in the Essentials package alone

Rating: 4.3 stars

Price: Starting from $30 per user per month


Free Trial? Yes

Number of Entry-Level Integrations: 0

​​Entry-Level Features:

  • Business phone or toll-free numbers

  • Enhanced Business SMS

  • Voicemail-to-text

  • Team messaging

  • Document sharing

Rating: 3.9 stars

Price: Starting at $29.99 per user per month


Free Trial? No

Number of Entry-Level Integrations: 40+

​​Entry-Level Features:

  • Phone calls

  • Video calls

  • Instant messaging

  • Screen sharing

  • Desk-to-desk calls

Rating: 3.5 stars

Price: Starting at $15 per user per month


Free Trial? No

Number of Entry-Level Integrations: 2

​​Entry-Level Features:

  • Unlimited voice & video calling

  • Voicemail

  • Toll-free numbers

  • Outlook/Google Contacts Integrations

  • Unlimited internet fax

Rating: 4.4 stars

Price: Starting at $25.95 per user per month


Free Trial? No

Number of Entry-Level Integrations: 20+

​​Entry-Level Features:

  • Mobile and desktop apps

  • Unlimited Calls and SMS

  • Unlimited Team Messaging

Rating: 4.3 stars

Price: Starting at $19.99 per month per line plus taxes & fees

How to Compare the Top 3CX Alternatives

Now that you have an overview of the top 3CX alternatives, it’s time for deep diving. Here are the core takeaways from our list of alternatives to help you choose the ideal business phone solution.

For the integrations

3CX has a limited amount of integrations compared to its alternatives.

If your business is specifically focused on an extensive list of third-party business tools at minimum cost, Aircall takes first place.

All Aircall integrations are easy to manage and centralize all CRM software and APIs so managers can track, assign, and streamline all internal processes with a few clicks.

For the features

Compared to 3CX, all listed providers offer a more feature-rich alternative. But, the majority of these features come at an added cost.

For businesses looking to invest in a provider with extensive features at minimal expense, Aircall is the stand-out solution.

In addition to its all-inclusive features, Aircall offers in-house support and training from its most basic plan so team members can fully utilize their arsenal of tools.

For the budget

Although Fuze may seem like the cheapest option at first glance, it’s important to spot that it only offers roughly 15 integrations. Aircall offers all its customers access to over 100 integrations, regardless of the plan.

Why Aircall Is the Ideal 3CX Alternative for Your Business

Aircall’s 100% cloud-based call center software puts the focus back where it matters most: the power of conversation. It allows businesses to take a streamlined approach to meaningful and action-driven client communications.

In addition to offering the most extensive and feature-rich basic plan on the market, Aircall includes a leading app ecosystem with over 100 integrations you can manage with the click of a button. This is a critical differentiator for sales leaders looking to upskill their teams, improve productivity, and optimize internal processes.

Is it the right choice for you? Here’s what you need to know about Aircall to make the right decision for your specific team.

An intuitive and easy-to-use dashboard

No hardware, no hassle. Aircall provides an easy-to-navigate and intuitive dashboard while removing the need (and cost) of installing any additional equipment or hardware.

Turn productivity into profit

Aircall’s productivity features and settings allow teams to manage workflow easily. Desktop notifications let team members stay updated and informed—always.

Aircall’s Power Dialer also enables team members to make calls in rapid succession, automatically adding numbers from any webpage. In addition, Aircall integrates with CRM and help desk tools to ensure no one’s chasing conversations from multiple sources.

A best-in-class app ecosystem

Aircall is committed to providing a leading-class app marketplace. With 100+ business tools, Aircall offers businesses a selection of top-tier providers, even in the most basic package. Integration partners include Salesforce, Intercom, Freshdesk, Microsoft Teams, and more.

Measure key performance metrics

Regardless of the pricing plan that best suits your business, Aircall offers access to basic analytics features to all Aircall customers.

Through a real-time Activity Feed, Aircall users can gather an in-depth analysis of why calls were missed and their call history.

In addition, Aircall also offers a Call Whispering feature**,** which allows team members to secretly speak to each other while on a live call so you can provide timely advice. Productivity hack? Definitely!

Aircall: The Ideal Call to Bolster Team Productivity

Don’t let pricing determine your productivity. You deserve a partner that provides industry-leading services and features regardless of your pricing plan.

Curious about how your team will utilize Aircall’s productivity features? Try Aircall for a 7-day free trial and see how Aircall’s all-in-one voice solution can help you reach your business goals.

Published on November 16, 2022.

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