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Powerful RingCentral Alternative

Aircall offers 100+ plug-and-play integrations with dedicated 24/7 Support. It's time to make the switch from RingCentral to Aircall's Cloud Phone Solution with the best user experience.


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Aircall vs RingCentral

Aircall is the one of the most reliable cloud-based phone solutions on the market. But there are other boxes you need to tick besides reliability. Here's how Aircall compares to RingCentral:

Aircall Ringcentral
Faster setup checkmarkcheckmark
1-click integrations checkmarkcheckmark
Simpler and quicker workflow setup checkmarkcheckmark
Free onboarding and implementation checkmarkcheckmark
Bulky all-in-one solution checkmarkcheckmark

Why we're the best RingCentral competitor


Built for teams

Whereas RingCentral is meant for broad use, Aircall solves for specific business challenges facing sales and support teams.


Fast and effortless setup

Aircall is simple to setup and easy to understand—a welcomed alternative to Ringcentral's complex documentation and endless FAQs.


1-click integrations

Aircall offers several powerful CRM, Helpdesk, and other integrations, with features that save teams time and just make sense.

Just ask our customers!

More than 13,000 businesses worldwide trust Aircall. Here’s why Aircall is considered one of the best cloud-based phone systems.

"The setup and configuration of Aircall is a dream. It’s so easy to create new numbers, set up IVRs, and change people around to different teams if needed."

Aircall Vs. RingCentral: which one is the best option for your Customer-facing teams?

  • What is RingCentral?

    RingCentral is a cloud communication service provider. Having announced a strategic partnership with Mitel on November 9th, 2021, RingCentral became an industry leader in the cloud communications space and the exclusive UCaaS partner for all of Mitel's cloud customer base.

  • The key benefits of using Aircall

    Aircall comes packed with some notable and crucial features like call center management, call whispering, real-time performance analytics and toll-free numbers, to name a few. Not to mention a host of collaboration features. Despite these features, Aircall is easy to set up and even easier to use. It requires minimal setup, and dedicated account managers are on call to assist when and if necessary.

    Beyond being a cost-effective call center solution with a dedicated in-house support team ready to assist you 24/5, we make setting up your cloud-based phone solution as seamless as possible.

  • What are the similarities between RingCentral and Aircall?

    As leading VoIP business phone systems, RingCentral and Aircall share several common features.

    Aircall and RingCentral are both cloud-based phone systems that require little-to-no hardware and minimal maintenance. Both platforms have well developed integration offerings, connecting seamlessly into business CRMs and other worktools.

    Aircall offers a plethora of features and you can integrate it directly with more than 100 tools. The software comes with advanced functions that many other competitors don’t offer.

    Mobile apps and platforms
    -Aircall is available on Windows and Macintosh desktop platforms as well as iOS and Android mobile platforms. Aircall also offers browser extensions.

    -Just like Aircall, RingCentral is available on web, mobile, and desktop platforms.

  • Which VoIP provider is best for you?

    Having been around for over a decade, RingCentral is certainly no newcomer to the cloud-phone market. Aircall, thanks to its industry-leading features, dedicated in-house support, same-day setup and greater flexibility does what RingCentral does better, and a little extra on top. For businesses that want to empower customer-centric teams to do more with less, Aircall edges out RingCentral as the right option.

  • A brief overview of Aircall

    Aircall is one of the most reliable cloud phone solutions with a global client base of more than 13,000 and the industry-leading apps and integrations offering totalling over 100+ integrations. Their basic bundles offer features other cloud phone providers like RingCentral make you pay more for.

  • Aircall’s key features

    When it comes to features, Aircall has the upper hand. From the Virtual Call Center and Power Dialer for productivity to Call Whispering and Call Monitoring for Analytics, Aircall caters to every business need with its array of features. What other cloud phone solutions offer at the mid-tier level, Aircall offers as a part of its basic package.

  • What are the main differences between RingCentral and Aircall?

    Where customer satisfaction is concerned, based on G2 and Capterra reviews, Aircall comes out as the more popular cloud-based phone solution. Aircall is easier to set up and use, offering advanced team performance analytics and a stronger focus on operational cost-saving.

    Customer support
    -Aircall’s Essentials plan offers 24/5 support. Those on the Professional plan get one-on-one onboarding and a dedicated account manager.

    -RingCentral offers live chat, community forums, online support, and an FAQ.

    -Aircall has the upper hand, with over 100 integrations to choose from, despite what plan you’re on.

    -RingCentral offers basic integrations in its mid-tier plan. It offers advanced integrations in its premium plan.

  • Are there other alternatives?

    Here are some other alternatives:

    - Justcall
    - CloudTalk
    - 3CX
    - Kixie PowerCall & SMS
    - Talkdesk
    - Dialpad Talk
    - RingCentral MVP
    - Five9

    As a customer-centric business, you need reliable, customer-centric call center software packed with features and analytics for driving sales, performance insights, and great conversations that bring great business outcomes. That’s why 13,000+ customers choose Aircall.

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