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Aircall vs Vonage

When it comes to cloud-based phone systems, Aircall and Vonage are two of the top cloud-based phone solutions. Let’s explore how Aircall’s call center software compares with Vonage.

Aircall Vonage
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"The setup and configuration of Aircall is a dream. It’s so easy to create new numbers, set up IVRs, and change people around to different teams if needed."

The global Aircall Vs. Vonage comparison

  • What is Vonage?

    Vonage is a cloud communication service provider. Its aim is to make communication more flexible, intelligent, and personal to help global enterprises stay ahead.

  • The key benefits of using Aircall

    Despite coming packed with countless smart productivity features, real-time performance analytics and seamless one-click integrations, Aircall is surprisingly easy to set up, configure and maintain. That makes it a great choice for businesses with a ‘save-to-thrive’ cost-reduction mindset.

  • What are the similarities between Vonage and Aircall?

    Aircall and Vonage both empower teams to drive more sales and customer satisfaction with productivity and customer-oriented features. Both also come with strong integration options into popular CRMs and worktools.

    Call quality and service disruptions

    -Aircall offers you and your customers high call quality, with little to no disruptions.
    -Vonage offers decent call quality with no disruptions whatsoever.

    Mobile apps and platforms

    -Aircall is available on Windows and Macintosh desktop platforms as well as iOS and Android mobile platforms. Aircall also offers browser extensions.
    -Just like Aircall, Vonage is available on web, mobile, and desktop platforms.

  • Which VoIP provider is the best for you?

    Having been around longer than Vonage, Aircall is a more complete, comprehensive offering for businesses, call centers and sales teams that won’t compromise on cost, cost-savings, efficiency and performance. Vonage has some neat capabilities, but everything Vonage offers, Aircall arguably does a little better, or more cost-effectively.

  • What is Aircall?

    Aircall is arguably the most reliable cloud phone solutions out there empowering over 13,000 businesses worldwide to scale meaningful communication with prospects, colleagues and clients.

  • Aircall’s key features

    From the Virtual Call Center and Power Dialer for productivity to Call Whispering and Call Monitoring for Analytics, Aircall sits in its own class when it comes to features. From our activity dashboard to our archiving and retention features, each plan is equipped with essential features for running your business more effectively.

  • What are the main differences between Vonage and Aircall?

    The key difference between both cloud-based phone systems is the features, number of users, and support. Vonage offers 50+ unified communication features to choose from, while Aircall offers over 100. Aircall also offers 24/5 in-house support for your business whereas Vonage offers 24/7 support.

    -Aircall has the upper hand, with over 100 integrations to choose from.
    -Although __Vonage__’s integration suite consists of popular tools and apps, it offers significantly fewer integrations.

  • Are there other alternatives to Vonage?

    Here are some other alternatives:

    - Justcall
    - CloudTalk
    - 3CX
    - Kixie PowerCall & SMS
    - Talkdesk
    - Dialpad Talk
    - RingCentral MVP
    - Five9

    But, as a customer-centric business, you need reliable, customer-centric call center software packed with features and analytics for driving sales, performance insights, and great conversations that bring great business outcomes. That’s why 13,000+ customers choose Aircall.

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