How Humanitix Drives Social Impact with Aircall’s Cloud-Based Phone Solution

How Humanitix Drives Social Impact with Aircall’s Cloud-Based Phone Solution



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For many nonprofits, “making a difference” is the end goal, but ticketing platform Humanitix hopes to take it even further as it grows into one of the biggest social enterprises in the world.

Founded in 2016 with offices in Australia, New Zealand and the United States, Humanitix donates 100% of the profits from ticketing fees to social causes, primarily relating to education for the world's most disadvantaged children.

As Humanitix Co-Founder Joshua Ross explains,

“Our success is all about our impact, and we do two key things. First, we’re best known for funding these amazing literacy and life skills programs for young girls in developing countries. But the other side focuses on increasing the accessibility of live events. We’re having a lot of success helping different disability groups in a way that actually caters to their community,”

Seeking a telephony solution that offered flexibility, reliability, and extensive features, Aircall’s cloud-based phone system was a clear choice to help the team expand its international reach.

We spoke to Joshua and Humanitix’s Head of Growth, Michael Shaskey, to learn more about why they switched to Aircall and how it helped their team stay motivated.

Prioritizing Flexibility

Using Aircall across Sales, Customer Success, and Account Management functions, Humanitix knew it needed a solution that had flexibility at its core.

But what does flexibility mean for telephony?

For us, it means being able to add users and numbers with ease, integrating with the business tools you use every day (explore our App Marketplace to learn more), and helping you create a truly omnichannel customer experience.

“The flexibility around accounts and phone numbers was great. Pricing models are really important with a scaling team, so it’s great that it’s less restricted with Aircall. You can buy extra numbers and extra seats as and when you need them.”

Aircall’s flexibility also extends to the different methods of communication it supports, including SMS, which Humanitix uses across all their teams. Their sales team uses it to remind prospects about a demo that may be coming up shortly, and their Customer Success team will use SMS to cut down on admin, such as reminding customers that they need to update their banking information. As Michael explains,

“We also use SMS in Sales for reminding prospects we have a meeting with them today, or in 10 minutes time. This automation helps pay for Aircall itself with the improvement in demo show-ups we now see. You get the best cut-through via SMS.”

Choosing a Feature-Powered Solution

Beyond creating a seamless onboarding experience and helping you quickly train new team members, features like two-click international numbers help you expand quickly while saving on calling costs. Joshua says,

“Having the flexibility to easily create numbers in new markets is really important for us when things can change at the drop of a hat. So as we keep growing, Aircall is as flexible and dynamic as we need.”

Other essentials for the Humanitix team are Aircall’s call whispering and call recording features, which allow the team to boost performance through thoughtful feedback and coaching. As Michael says,

“All recordings are brought into Hubspot, which is really helpful, so when we do need to listen to a call, we can quickly pull up the contact and listen. If we’re doing a call feedback session, we’ll jump into the call recording within Aircall itself,”

Being able to coach and encourage team members—regardless of experience level or location—helps the team stay motivated and provides a strong customer experience (especially during long lockdown periods over the past couple of years).

Integrating with Essential Business Tools

When you’re on the market for a cloud-based phone system, integrations are naturally a top priority.

Humanitix wanted a phone solution that integrated with HubSpot, which they use to keep track of customer info, build blog posts and landing pages, deep dive into analytics, and chat with customers in real-time.

“We started using Hubspot before we had Aircall, so we were looking for a tool that would integrate with it. Aircall seemed to be the best bang for our buck. Commercially, it was priced well and plugged straight into HubSpot,”

“Aircall is a great tool in that we can have it on all our devices. It’s integrated really nicely with all the tools that we use, so no calls or text messages slip through the cracks,”

Building a Stronger Customer Experience

When the company was first starting out, Josh and his co-founder Adam noticed that customer service was practically nonexistent in the ticketing industry, and invested heavily in Humanitix’s customer service offering. Michael then discovered Aircall, which just made it that much more cost effective.

Implementing Aircall’s custom call routing rules and IVR helped Humanitix make customer-centricity one of its key differentiators.

“Being able to have someone on the other end of the phone is important, so if you’re just calling one phone number and that person’s not there, that’s not going to work. Whereas with Aircall, someone’s always going to be there.”

Now, as the team continues to expand and meet customer demand, they know they’re set up to succeed. As Michael says,

“It really does come down to having backup. If one of our customers calls their Account Manager, and we don’t answer, the call will be answered by somebody else. And that’s key because bringing the human element to what we do—and going above and beyond for our customers—is really important."

Great customer experience is something that both Humanitix and Aircall have in common, and is a key reason why Humanitix is an Aircall customer today.

“I think that the level of professionalism with which we were dealt when we went for our first product demo, and our great onboarding experience—we felt it was a reflection of the company as a whole.”

If you’re ready to invest in a flexible cloud-based phone solution that grows with you as you scale, book a demo today.

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