How SleekFlow Uses Aircall to Reach Customers Across Southeast Asia

How SleekFlow Uses Aircall to Reach Customers Across Southeast Asia



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SleekFlow is an intuitive omnichannel messaging solution that integrates all your customer's favourite chat apps like WhatsApp, Facebook and Instagram into a single and easy-to-use platform. In turn, it enables three main functions: sales, marketing and service to either engage more, sell more or support better. 

We spoke to Asnawi Jufrie, General Manager at SleekFlow in Singapore, to find out more about how SleekFlow has deployed Aircall across APAC to integrate all communications within their HubSpot CRM—reaching more customers with more meaningful conversations as a result.

Making communication seamless

While SleekFlow’s platform is built around communication, its internal team faced challenges when it came to making effective voice calls. Before adopting Aircall, they lacked a central system for managing phone communications, and SleekFlow employees were even using their personal mobile phones for business calls.

This resulted in a complex and time-consuming process. The team had to figure out which calls were made for work and which were personal, and then reimburse employees for calling costs. Meanwhile, it was becoming challenging to understand the number of calls agents were actually making.  

Switching to Aircall delivered the ideal solution, removing the need for employees to pay for calls or chase reimbursement, while also providing an easy way for 

SleekFlow to log calls automatically. 

Providing a one-stop solution for customer engagement

In the past, the process of speaking to customers was convoluted at SleekFlow. Employees had to use their personal phones to make calls, manually type in numbers and take notes using separate software. Today, with Aircall’s HubSpot integration, everything they need is in one place.

Aircall's HubSpot Integration enables SleekFlow’s support agents, sales reps, and marketers to streamline their call workflows, increase productivity, and track customers through the entire customer journey from marketing to sales and success.

“If you’re using a CRM like Salesforce or HubSpot, Aircall is transformational. Your team can significantly reduce the time they’re spending on admin and as a leader you can monitor progress and performance with ease,” Asnawi explains. 

Employees are also using Aircall’s click-to-dial feature, calling customers directly from their CRM, and can take notes without ever leaving Aircall. By saving seconds or even minutes on each and every call, SleekFlow’s employees can spend more time building relationships, selling to prospects and solving customer issues.

Features that enable monitoring and enhance performance

Since deploying Aircall, Asnawi and the Sleekflow team have identified several features that are boosting business performance. 

Call routing systems

Asnawi discovered that Aircall’s custom call routing system has brought out healthy competition between different teams at SleekFlow. Call routing at the company is set up so whoever responds first gets the lead, which has proved to be an incentive for sales agents to react to leads quickly and has further enhanced performance across the business. 

“The full visibility, transparency and accountability that Aircall provides for our sales team is fantastic—it motivates every agent and helps them deliver great results,” adds Asnawi. “Using Aircall’s features to nurture healthy competition has also been crucial, particularly as we can see there’s a strong correlation between call volume and qualified pipeline.”

Call monitoring and analytics

Automated call monitoring functionality and in-depth analytics make it easy to see how many calls are being made and answered per team and per user. In turn, it’s simple to track KPIs, stay on top of general metrics like call length and waiting time and quickly spot and address any issues. 

Call recordings

SleekFlow has been using call recordings for more effective training as well, with Asnawi pointing out that it’s easy to share recordings with newer recruits. This provides the opportunity for salespeople to sit down with managers and discuss their performance, hear how they’re actually supporting clients and take away key learnings for future calls. 

Making it easier to cover key markets

Phone calls are incredibly important for building meaningful connections with SleekFlow’s customers in Southeast Asia. Aircall’s international call capabilities (including the ability to create international numbers in two clicks) makes it easy for Sleekflow to build a hyper-local presence that resonates with their customer base. 

The ability to use local numbers even when calling from different countries is a critical feature for SleekFlow, as it enables them to build trust with international customers and prospects. Customers in Singapore are reluctant to respond to unknown WhatsApp calls from different countries, Asnawi explains, but they are far more receptive to local landline numbers—increasing pickup rates and boosting performance.

“As a growing brand, we needed a solution that could support multiple teams across multiple countries selling into different territories ,” Asnawi adds. “Aircall has seamlessly supported those sales efforts as we scale. Trust is everything for our customers, and by using local phone numbers in their locations we can build it before they’ve even answered the call.”

Local support makes all the difference 

Asnawi and SleekFlow did plenty of research before turning to Aircall, spending a year looking in depth at all the options on the market in a bid to make the business more efficient. 

In the end, after checking out other solutions, Asnawi’s mind was made up—Aircall stood above the rest. Along with features such as international call capabilities, automated call monitoring and analytics and the promise to streamline internal communications, local support from Aircall and an office in Singapore were key differentiators of Aircall for SleekFlow.

“A lot of support for VoIP systems is currently located overseas. We needed something closer to home, and Aircall having a team in Singapore—who are always ready to help—has made all the difference to our business,” Asnawi concludes. 

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