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How Aircall has simplified the day-to-day work of the sales teams at Senior Transition

How Aircall has simplified the day-to-day work of the sales teams at Senior Transition



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Seeking companionship, tackling loneliness, wanting to be closer to family while providing safe and secure accommodation—there are many reasons for the growing number of residential homes for over-60s.

This is why Senior Transition connects independent senior citizens with a network of around 500 specialized residential homes located throughout France, offering step-by-step assistance to find the exact right place for each person. The company also takes care of organizing the move from their current home.

We met the company’s co-founder, Olivier Pilat, who oversees the sales division and partnerships. He explained that Senior Transition relies on a strategic prospecting and qualification process led by the sales team. The team is made up of seven reps who use Salesforce daily and are responsible for identifying, calling, and supporting potential residents throughout their decision-making process.

Given the sensitivity of the subject matter and the average age of the individuals contacted, phone calls play a key role in their day-to-day activities. However, using a fixed-line solution made it difficult for Senior Transition's sales team to be productive and efficient.

Find out how Aircall improved the productivity of a growing sales team with an intuitive and easy-to-use solution.

From a standard phone system to a cloud-based solution

There was a clear need to optimize Senior Transition's sales processes by moving to a cloud-based phone solution. Before Aircall, consultants were wasting a huge amount of time on fixed-line phones. Numbers were being dialed incorrectly and being mistaken for bad leads, and information had to be manually entered on Salesforce—both issues that Olivier was determined to fix.

“In a call center that makes hundreds of calls a day, human error is inevitable, and these tasks are particularly time-consuming. That's why we turned to Aircall.”

The transition was natural, as the Senior Transition sales team began to expand. They went from two to seven consultants, and supervising the reps was becoming a real headache. The fact that Senior Transition was also working on an internal structuring project to oversee its consultants made Aircall the obvious choice.

The system integrator ITBRM, which Senior Transition collaborates with on Salesforce-related issues, agreed. In fact, it was ITBRM that suggested Aircall to Olivier. When the time came to choose a cloud-based phone system, Aircall met all of Senior Transition's requirements. The solution was particularly well-suited to the size of the company and was easy to implement. The team was able to rely on the Aircall support team, particularly when it came to its integration with Salesforce.

Saving time and increasing efficiency with Aircall

Aircall's task automation, including click-to-dial directly from Salesforce, made it even easier for the team to embrace the solution.

“Integrating with Salesforce was really our main criteria, as it was essential that our consultants didn't have to use another tool. And thanks to Aircall's simple installation and ease of use, all our concerns were allayed.”

There are numerous benefits to integrating Aircall with Salesforce: It keeps track of calls made and consultant–customer interactions and has a CTI that allows you to work in the same interface while making it simpler to retrieve customer details. This means that consultants can focus on their objectives and guide applicants through the sales process.

The importance of tracking and measuring sales performance

Aircall has helped Senior Transition's sales team gain time and efficiency by being able to monitor the activity of its sales reps—something that was not possible when the team was using fixed-line phones. With Aircall, managers can now track phone KPIs and measure sales activity performance, such as the number of calls made per team/per consultant, opportunities identified, and prospects won.

“Since we’ve been using Aircall, we’ve seen a real decrease in the number of leads abandoned due to incorrect numbers.”

The performance monitoring system has a positive impact on the sales team’s motivation and encourages them to constantly strive to improve their performance. It also offers better training and onboarding for new consultants, with features such as call whispering.

Enhancing the sales process and sales cycle with Aircall

Using a cloud-based phone solution like Aircall has enabled Senior Transition to develop a full 360-degree view of the sales cycle, from the first call made right through to the end of the process, as well as saving time and boosting efficiency. If the case needs to be transferred to another consultant, the customer doesn’t have to be kept waiting on the phone.

“Since using Aircall, we have been able to gain a better understanding of our customers, which has naturally improved our relationship with them.”

With this 360-degree view, Aircall helps Senior Transition make decisions and streamline its sales process. The data provided on the dashboard has enabled the company to implement stringent rules about how often to call a prospect before abandoning it—thereby avoiding any disputes with partners.

By eliminating human error and providing insight into performance, using Aircall has meant saved time and increased efficiency for the sales teams at Senior Transition. Olivier is also delighted with how quickly the solution has been embraced by the teams, who were initially rather reluctant to switch to a new tool.

“The teams would find it really hard to go back now; Aircall has made work more enjoyable by simplifying their day-to-day activities. They just click on the phone in Salesforce. It's that easy.

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