How Aircall's Call Recording Feature Works

Emily GregorLast updated on January 2, 2024
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What is call recording?

Pick up the phone to a customer service team and chances are you’ll be told the conversation will be recorded for quality and training purposes. While that might be the last you think of it, what follows has the potential to become an integral piece of customer service insight. No pressure!

This is because call recordings are hugely valuable to customer service teams and form a solid starting point for how they can achieve the following fundamentals of a well-functioning customer service team:

  1. In-depth customer understanding and data

  2. Real-world examples of how your team is performing

  3. A seamless, joined-up customer experience

When it comes to call recordings then, the juice is definitely worth the squeeze. But how do you make the jump from a library of MP3s to the above? 

Below are a number of ways call recordings can be used by your sales team to optimize customer experience and your team’s agility, productivity, and performance. 

Training and performance

Call recordings can be great real-world examples of what good and the bad calls sound like, pinpointing the exact elements to target and avoid and where extra training is needed.

Product feedback

Feedback on products, whether live or in development, is a huge asset for companies as they look to become increasingly indispensable to customers. Call recordings are far more detailed than surveys and capture the emotion of feedback.


Customer behavior has transformed radically since the pandemic and the gamut of customer expectations is even broader. A library of call recordings can help identify trends and save your team time in identifying common issues and pain points.

Legal reassurance

Call recordings bring transparency to any disputes, helping you avoid cases of “he said; she said”. They are even a legal requirement for banks and insurance companies working in the financial sector. Remembering every detail of a call can be tricky, but with recordings you can ensure every detail is at the press of a play button.

What to look out for when picking a call recording solution

Choosing the right call recording software can unlock all these benefits, and more. But, like most great customer service tools, a lot of providers have them. How then can you pick the right call recording solution for you? Well, for starters, ask yourself the following questions:

  • Is it easy to use?

  • Can you easily find recordings?

  • Does it include security and encryption practices?

  • Will it save you time? 

We find ourselves in a macroeconomic environment where teams need to remain agile, effective, and productive, and while different teams will have different needs, any call recording solution should answer should answer with a resounding yes to this last question. 

One way of guaranteeing this is by looking for a call recording solution that isn’t standalone, but comes as part of a phone and communication platform.

How does Aircall’s call recording feature work?

Aircall call recording puts the competition in the shade. Firstly, activating call recordings has never been easier. If you have a number in Aircall, then you have the ability to record your calls. From there:

  1. Log in to the Aircall Dashboard.

  2. Select the number you want to activate call recording for. You can even search for the number on the right side of the screen.

  3. Click on the Settings tab.

  4. Under Settings, scroll down to Call recording.

  5. Select the toggle button to enable or disable recording for incoming and outgoing calls.

Following a call, there’s no restricted access for your team, meaning they are able to easily access their recordings, whether calls or voicemails. Team admins meanwhile need simply head to their Dashboard and select the Activity Feed to get oversight to their team’s calls. 

The ability to attach custom call tags to your recordings makes it even simpler to find what you’re looking for. While customer trust and legal compliance is reinforced by the ability of reps to pause recordings, meaning sensitive customer information doesn’t make it to the final cut.

But where call recordings within a phone and communication platform really excel is in the role they play in integrating with other software. Aircall doesn’t work in isolation and prides itself on its ability to integrate with the best and biggest software providers out there. This means your recordings work harder for you and your team. 

  • Gain customer insights and save time. Whether Salesforce or HubSpot, Aircall integrates with any number of CRM systems. This means you don’t have to follow up and record call logs and insights under customer information, and instead the recording automatically migrates over, saving you time.

  • Automate business insights. AI & Transcription services like works its way through your call recordings to scan for business insights that can include deal intelligence, opportunities, best practice, customer intelligence, and more—all insights that ultimately help sales teams engage better with customers.

  • Produce targeted agent feedback. When it comes to maintaining quality of service, call recordings are indispensable. Quality Assurance integrations such as MaestroQA enable team admins to leave time-stamped feedback on call recordings to drive better rep performance and productivity.

When call recording exists in an ecosystem such as Aircall’s, there are countless possibilities with, and while we could sing the praises of our call recording feature until the cows come home—we decided to let our customers do it for us. 

How Aircall customers are leveraging call recording

To learn more about how our customers, across sectors and the world, are using call recordings to improve customer service—and how Aircall is the right easy-to-use system for the job.

Effective coaching with PropertyGuru

PropertyGuru makes the process of home buying and selling straightforward across countries that include Singapore, Vietnam, and Thailand. Establishing trust and confidence is key to this, which is why PropertyGuru picked Aircall’s call recording feature to get the bigger picture of team performance. 

As Kendrick Quek, PropertyGuru Finance’s Sales System & Process Manager says: “The call recording feature allows us to improve our pitches and adapt our tone accordingly. Now that we have visibility, we can also coach team members more effectively.”

Hassle-free integrations with Humanitix

A priority of ticketing platform Humanitix is social causes—especially educating the world's most disadvantaged children. By integrating Aircall with its CRM of choice, HubSpot, Humanitix ensures its call recordings can be easily accessed without having to jump from app to app, or manually store the file. 

As Michael Shaskey, Humanitix’s Head of Growth, explains: “All recordings are brought into HubSpot, which is really helpful, so when we do need to listen to a call, we can quickly pull up the contact.”

Rewriting the playbook with Factorial

As a SaaS product in the human resources space, Factorial is all about people, helping SMBs with everything from payroll to performance reviews. With such a crucial role to play, it’s critical their customer service team delivers consistently outstanding customer support. 

As Bernat Farrero, founder and Chief Revenue Officer explains: “[Our call recordings] library is becoming our living, breathing ‘playbook’ on how we approach selling. We analyze every deal that we’ve closed, and keep that history on record. That knowledge becomes part of the company itself.”


As you can see from our customers, call recordings are a hugely valuable resource for sales teams. But where they deliver more is when they’re a part of a phone and communication platform, such as Aircall. Better together, they don’t just provide value in isolation, but link up with your broader tech stack, and ensure there’s no trade-off between the insights you get and your team’s time.  

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Published on March 9, 2023.

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