How QuickStay Boosted Customer Connectivity With Aircall

How QuickStay Boosted Customer Connectivity With Aircall



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The hospitality industry has undergone a lot of disruption over the last decade, especially with the expansion of the sharing economy. QuickStay, a high-tech short-term rental company, understands this well.

With years of travel and a strong grasp of the hospitality industry, founder Anton Zillberberg knew that success would mean prioritizing quality customer service and guest support. But as QuickStay continued to grow, it became clear that their old phone solution couldn’t handle the volume of incoming calls.

“We examined a bunch of providers and Aircall was the only one that allowed us the flexibility to customize our customer service needs based on our business practices.”

QuickStay needed a platform that would integrate SMS messages from guests into its phone system, in addition to centralizing emails and voice calls. This level of personalization lead QuickStay to Aircall in 2016.

Aircall allowed QuickStay to separate incoming voice and SMS trunks, letting them receive phone calls and SMS messages to the same number, simultaneously. Since then, Aircall has become the center of QuickStay’s communications unit, streamlining their sales, customer service, and operations while providing a strong foundation for growth.

Delivering Customer Care In a Single Platform

Responsive, thorough, and efficient customer service is not optional given the short-term rental industry’s fast-paced nature. QuickStay needed a way to streamline communications through a targeted stack of software integrations.

Using an IVR system designed by Aircall, QuickStay was able to encourage guests to send their questions instantly via SMS rather than wait on hold for a live agent. This simple and effective move alleviated the number of calls clogging QuickStay’s phone system.

“Not needing someone to sit at reception directing calls has saved us a ton of money and resources.”

Thanks to Aircall’s integration with Intercom, QuickStay’s preferred customer messaging system, the team was able to manage all of its guest communications in one platform. QuickStay can now record phone conversations, examine the length of calls, and reply to any missed calls from guests.

Every interaction—whether by phone, voicemail, or SMS—is posted to a specific guest’s message thread within the inbox. This gives guest support agents the context to provide personalized and efficient customer service.

Improving the Guest Experience

As QuickStay works to perfect its customer service experience, the company is relying heavily on Aircall to bring in more business. QuickStay has connected Aircall and HubSpot, the engine powering its inbound marketing, to manage incoming leads. The sales team can record their calls, then use the recordings to pinpoint areas of improvement and train future team members down the line.

Using Aircall has also allowed QuickStay to drastically expand its reach without incurring long distance charges, helping them attract guests and clients from all over the world.

A Platform for Growth

With a growing web of software integrations, QuickStay relies on Aircall for its dynamic connectivity power. Without it, the company wouldn’t have had the platform it needed to launch its own integration, Autohost, a software that handles guest-screening and Airbnb background checks.

Autohost uses Aircall’s phone system to verify high-risk guest’s phone numbers, confirm trip details and personal information, and reach out with further screening questions. Similar to QuickStay, the software’s growth is reliant on Aircall’s expansive network of integrations.

“Aircall played an integral part in developing QuickStay’s business, giving us a strong platform to launch Autohost globally.”

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