NuBrakes Doubles Operational Efficiency Through Phone Integrations

NuBrakes Doubles Operational Efficiency Through Phone Integrations



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For many, driving is more than a means of transportation: It’s employment, entertainment, and even sustenance. If the car isn’t running smoothly, nothing does.

NuBrakes understands how disruptive car problems can be. Trips to the mechanic are expensive and time-consuming. With this in mind, they offer the convenience of on-demand brake repair, in addition to an extensive list of auto care services.

Their mobile technicians come to you, wherever that may be, which saves time and money.

Hitting the brakes on a limited VoIP system

While NuBrakes makes brake repairs simple, their daily business operations were far more chaotic. With their old VoIP provider, NuBrakes was experiencing poor call quality, dropped calls multiple times a day, and inconsistent messaging with customers.

“A big part of what we do is text-communication with leads and customers, and with our old provider, the native texting-experience was actually hurting customer service. We had no visibility into who were talking to beyond just a phone number—it wasn’t integrated with our CRM.”

As an on-demand service, direct communication with customers is crucial, so having reliable communication tools and high-quality connectivity was non-negotiable.

Shifting gears with 3rd party integrations

NuBrakes founder and CEO, Walker Drewett, was shopping for phone solutions as part of a larger tech-stack overhaul.

"I started mapping out what the perfect solution would be in my head, and Aircall integrated with all of that.”

NuBrakes was renovating their tech operations with a new phone system, messaging platform and texting capabilities.

“What I loved about Aircall was the extensive list of integrated software services. In our case Front, Pipedrive and Twilio… by integrating with other services, you allow each service to do what they're really, really good at.”

Even though their previous phone system was unreliable, it did have native SMS functionality. Naturally, Drewett was initially hesitant to move forward with a phone solution that offered SMS through an integration. As it turns out, Drewett actually prefers it this way.

"What I really liked was that while Aircall doesn't directly provide text communications, you provide the ability to integrate with the tools that do, and frankly those tools are going to do it better because that's their core business, so that was really what was one of the biggest selling points."

Drewett found exactly what he was looking for with Aircall’s SMS capabilities:

"The ability to integrate with Twilio and in turn with Front App—that was exactly what I needed."

NuBrakes maintained their CRM, Pipedrive, but by porting their Twilio numbers into Aircall—a process that took only 20 minutes—and layering on Front, they created a system that was more powerful than the capabilities of your typical phone solution.

“When you connect them together, you can create your own custom tool that's perfectly built for what you do with the sharpest tool set for each function that you need it to do.”

Turbocharge efficiency

Once NuBrakes upgraded to Aircall’s modern phone system, Drewett realized efficiency helps minimize costs, and you get a lot more bang for your buck with a solution that streamlines workflows.

"The 3rd party apps that I've set up, they make my team way more efficient. It's basically the same as if I'd hired another support rep."

NuBrakes increased operational efficiency by centralizing all their business tools, and several of Aircall’s features have also directly influenced output. Aircall’s click-to-dial feature has proven to be particularly valuable. Reps can call a customer's phone number directly in Front, plus Aircall’s Chrome extension makes finding numbers on a page easy (by automatically turning green) and accessible to dial with just a click.

“It takes a single click to call, which makes it incredibly efficient for our customer support representatives to reach out.”

Aircall and its integrations have improved both processes and workflow which have helped dramatically increase employee performance.

“After we switched over to Aircall, in combination with our other customer support tools, we ended up doubling the amount of leads that one individual customer support representative can handle.”

NuBrakes reported that they increased their efficiency by 200% in just 45 days.

Aircall has proven to be an integral partner to NuBrakes, which continues to scale with operational excellence and premier customer service.

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