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How AS Colour Unites Global Support and Sales Teams With Aircall

How AS Colour Unites Global Support and Sales Teams With Aircall



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Time and care goes into every product AS Colour designs and produces across its range of premium apparel. With a growing wholesale and retail presence across Australia, New Zealand, the UK and the U.S., that thoughtful approach extends to the first-rate experience they offer their team, their partners and their customers. 

To understand how Aircall has helped the teams deliver outstanding sales and support services, we spoke with AS Colour’s Customer Experience Manager, Isaac Curry, and its New Zealand/Australia Head of Sales, Sam Sharland.

Delivering Premium Apparel and Customer Service Across the Globe

Isaac and Sam emphasize that AS Colour takes pride in the quality of its simple and timeless apparel—which means its supply chain is a pivotal component of the business. 

Isaac and Sam knew driving meaningful connections between internal and external stakeholders would be essential to ensure AS Colour’s multinational operation maintained the highest standards for customers.

Two years ago, the team deployed Aircall as its cloud-based call center. Aircall’s range of integrations and productivity-boosting features has transformed AS Colour’s ability to build a customer-first approach to sales and support. 

Transforming Support Teams With a Cloud-Based Call Center

Prior to using Aircall, AS Colour were relying on traditional phone systems across each of their four regions. Each region had to rely on a separate operator—meaning there was no consistency over the service provided. What’s more, these traditional services lacked the rich, connected features of Aircall's cloud-based system. 

“We had four different operators—and that meant four different systems that we had no control over. With Aircall, we had the ability to change that within minutes,” Sam highlights.

Aircall enables organizations to create local and international numbers in over 100 countries—meaning AS Colour could set up their global presence in a handful of clicks. 

Meanwhile, by having everything centralized on Aircall, the team has total control over their phone system. Whether they want to manage the organization’s business hours, route calls across the organization or set up Interactive Voice Response (IVR), Aircall makes the process seamless. 

With intuitive controls like these, AS Colour is able to customize its cloud-based calling system in a way that works for them—forging a better experience for teams and facilitating closer connections with customers.

Unlocking the Power of Aircall’s Integrations

Aircall has over 100 integrations available on its marketplace, enabling everything from AI-powered call transcription to deploying customer satisfaction surveys. For AS Colour, one integration was particularly essential: HubSpot, which acts as AS Colour’s CRM platform. 

With the HubSpot integration, sales and support teams can streamline their call workflows, surface caller data during a call, and save it all to client records instantly. 

Rather than having to go searching for information, with Aircall, AS Colour’s team gets instant access to all their call data within HubSpot—from call duration to call recordings, comments, and outcomes. It enables them to put customer needs front and center, enhancing success rates and supporting the organization’s growth. 

“Integrating HubSpot and Aircall has been a game changer. It puts all the context we need at our fingertips—we can see how often we’re contacting partners, what the outcomes of those calls are and much more. Most importantly, it means our teams always have the information they need to deliver a meaningful, empathetic connection with customers,” explains Isaac. 

Translating Call Center Analytics Into Customer Wins 

Alongside integrations, another standout feature of Aircall for AS Colour is the call center analytics available on the dashboard. These provide the AS Colour team instant access to critical call center metrics at a glance. Here are just some of the key benefits call center analytics unlock.

Tracking KPIs across teams 

Using call center analytics, AS Colour can track the performance of their entire call center in one place, making it simple to focus on challenges or replicate successes. 

Monitoring key metrics 

Delivering great customer service means knowing where improvements can be made. With call center analytics, leaders can get real-time updates on average call times, missed call rates, wait times and response times. 

Analyzing trends 

Call center analytics aren’t just helpful for one-off temperature checks, but they can also reveal the trajectory of an entire support or sales team. Using custom filters like date ranges and call tags, Aircall streamlines turning data points into actionable learnings.

“Using Aircall’s dashboard and analytics, we were able to identify we needed more staff to service our customers. Being able to rapidly pinpoint those trends, and then take action is crucial for us to deliver the best experience both for our teams and our customers. Without the clear data and visibility from Aircall, it wouldn’t have been possible,” adds Isaac. 

Expanding Global Customer Teams Supported by Aircall

AS Colour will continue building on its successful, customer-centric approach in the months and years ahead with plans in action to expand its U.S.- and UK-based teams. And after a stellar partnership to date, Isaac and Sam know that Aircall will be a key part of that future journey. 

“Our Aircall account manager has been great. We regularly meet with them, and they’re helping us come up with new ideas for how we can deliver a standout customer experience,” says Isaac.

“The implementation process with Aircall was seamless. Our customer service team was even trained by the Aircall onboarding team. After just a few meetings, we were ready to hit the ground running—and we know future teams will be able to do the same,” adds Sam. 

Whether it's integrating with their CRM to accelerate customer success or onboarding teams in a matter of clicks, with Aircall, AS Colour are able to deliver highly tailored customer service that does their apparel justice.

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