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Integrate Klaus with Aircall to measurably improve your customer service quality. Internal feedback is a breeze with Klaus, so you can make every conversation better.

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Klaus makes giving feedback to agents easy and systematic with a beautiful and intuitive user interface, and quick and easy setup process.

We’re a team of 50+ people across Europe, 12 nationalities and 18 languages spoken. Several people with CS background working in all EU and US time zones. Past experience from companies like Microsoft, Zendesk, Automattic, Wise, Skype, Pipedrive, Survey Money and Twilio. Our main backer is Creandum, which invests in companies like Spotify, Klarna, Bolt, and Vivino.

Klaus + Aircall: Key Benefits

With Klaus, you can gain control over your customer service quality, bring consistency into your support interactions, and boost customer satisfaction.

You'll be able to:

  • Cut down time spent on quality assurance by 70%

  • Boost CSAT by over 10%

  • Onboard new agents 2x faster

Hypergrowth companies like Epic Games, Hopin, and Wistia use Klaus to boost agent skills and have more conversations that end with a smile.

Automate & scale your QA

  • Rate and comment on conversations

  • Customize rating categories and scales

  • Accelerate onboarding of new support reps

  • AI brings meaningful conversations to the top

  • Automate assignments & goals

Coach with precision

  • Track Internal Quality Score (IQS) across support reps & teams

  • Quizzes for coaching purposes

  • Pin talking points for 1-1s and team meetings

Identify learning opportunities

  • Filter conversations based on: Complexity, Sentiment, CSAT, and more

  • Filter by agent based on: Volume, Sentiment, CSAT

Zoom in on details with data insights and zoom out for perspective with data visuals. A quality all-in-one, Klaus is your single source of information for training & improving.


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