How Spaceship Uses Aircall to Help Australians Invest in Their Future

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For Australia-based investing app, Spaceship, its aim is simple: Providing financial education and support to its customers across the country, helping them understand the ins and outs of their investments and making the industry easier to navigate. 

To get a better understanding of how Aircall helps the team improve their customer experience, track performance, and stay true to their goal, we spoke with Spaceship’s Head of Customer Support Blair Redfern and Customer Operations Lead Ken Hudson.

Transforming the Financial Services Industry Through Financial Education

Blair’s and Ken’s roles are customer-centric in different ways (Blair focuses more on interacting with customers directly, while Ken focuses on improving support processes), but they each take pride in Spaceship’s mission: helping people invest in their future. 

And what that really comes down to is helping younger generations understand the power of investing and build healthy financial habits, starting with investing consistently over time in its suite of investing products.

“We help millennials and Gen-Zers get their foot in the door. A lot of what we do is educational. We’re trying to be more proactive and make sure that financial information is readily available,” Blair says. 

Building a Top-Notch Customer Experience

To create a memorable and positive customer experience for not only millennials and Gen-Zers but for all its customers, Spaceship focuses on omnichannel communication, ensuring they are able to talk to customers through whatever method is easiest for them, be that chat, email, or over the phone. 

“With support, we want to be available to customers in whatever format they require. While voice might not be one of our highest-volume support channels, it’s definitely one of our most valuable ones,” Blair says. 

Ken adds that if a customer is struggling, picking up the phone directly allows the team to gain a deeper level of understanding of what the customer is struggling with—beyond what purely digital channels can provide.

“If we pick up the phone and actually listen to [a customer's] voice, we can better understand how upset or angry they are. You can put a face to the conversation and make sure they feel okay. We can understand what’s upsetting about the product and the process and talk through it with them way better than just a one-off exchange over email,” Ken says. 

Tracking the #1 Metric for Customer Satisfaction 

One of the main call metrics Aircall’s data-driven solution helps the team focus on is first-call resolution rate, the gold standard of customer satisfaction. 

With Aircall, Spaceship is now able to measure first-call resolution rate,  “We started measuring first-call resolution rate in May to target how we’re interacting with customers,” Blair says. “So if someone’s calling in, we want to see first that we’re answering the call and second that we’re resolving their issue straight away. We aim for a first-call resolution rate of 80% or higher.”

This is such a key metric for Spaceship because navigating investment and retirement accounts can be stressful and confusing, so they want to address customer concerns quickly and efficiently. As a result, the team shows customers that not only do they care but also that their time is valued and their question or concern is important. 

The Aircall Features They Can’t Live Without

One of the top reasons Spaceship uses Aircall’s connected business phone system is its industry-leading features. Take a look at some of their go-to features below!

Call Tagging

Call tagging helps us understand what kind of conversations people are having, so a ticket gets generated on Intercom and then that helps us see conversation trends over time,” Ken says. 


“This is the first phone system I’ve used that has an easy-to-use voicemail. You can listen to the voicemails easily and identify who you need to call back versus which ones are just a pocket dial,” Blair says. “Being able to leave a voicemail and get a call back is really impactful for us. We’re able to call back within the hour and provide a stronger customer experience as a result.”

Call Recording

“Getting call recordings is really easy with Aircall. If we have a customer complaint, we can easily see the call log and share it with the team so they can click it, download it, and listen to it straight away,” Ken says.

Team Settings

“With Aircall, you can just assign yourself as available or unavailable for different teams. As we grow, one of the most important things is being able to get someone to log on, no setup required, and they’ll be on the right queue immediately,” Ken says. 

From tracking critical customer metrics to features that help the team stay true to their mission, with Aircall’s cloud-based phone system, Spaceship can use voice to build an impactful omnichannel support experience.

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