How Jobilla Scaled Communications and Cut Costs with Aircall

How Jobilla Scaled Communications and Cut Costs with Aircall



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Recruitment software providers all promise to simplify the hiring process, but most vendors focus on improving the recruiter experience. Jobilla is designed to improve the candidate experience by making it as simple as possible to apply for a job. This way, more people apply, and recruiters get a wider talent pool to choose from.

In today's competitive job market, the most qualified candidates might be employed by other companies and don't have time to complete long, complicated applications. Other excellent prospects might already be underserved by recruiting companies, hidden among the ranks and unaware of new job opportunities. Jobilla uses targeted marketing to reach both types of candidates and administers suitability tests to automatically categorise candidates based on their suitability for each role.

Helping businesses grow has helped Jobilla grow. Since it was founded in 2014, the Finland-based company has expanded to Germany, the Netherlands, Curacao and the United States. But scaling the company also scaled its communication challenges—and its mobile phone bills.

"Malfunctional communication is the biggest problem in every organisation," said Pekka Nebelung, Chief Operating Officer at Jobilla. "The more we grow, the more we need communication points and the more complicated communication gets. A strategy that's perfect for 10, 25 or 50 people isn't going to be the same for 100. What's important is knowing when it's time to change."

Nebelung believes success is achieved when "every employee finds their job easy to manage." Yet, Jobilla's fast-expanding global footprint was making everyone's job more difficult. The message was clear: it was time to change how the company handled voice-based customer communication.

International Calls Don't Have to Be Expensive

Phone calls are integral to Jobilla's well-organised sales process. Sales reps place outbound phone calls to recruiting companies and answer an increasing number of inbound sales calls. Once a sale is made, the customer service team takes control of the conversation and helps the buyer launch campaigns for their customers. This involves 12 touch points, including checking in with customers before they present the campaign to their team and checking back in after the campaign has been running for a week.

Until recently, all these conversations have taken place using mobile phones. But the growing number of international calls made this solution untenable. Not only was it expensive, but it also negatively impacted the customer experience. This was especially true in the North American market, where 75% of customers were based in the United States but calling into Jobilla's Curacao office.

"My own phone bill was quite amazing," Nebelung recalled. "Then when we opened operations in the States and Curacao, it was important that we were able to build up a decent process with decent tools."

HubSpot Integration and Local Numbers On Demand

When Nebelung began shopping for a new voice communication solution, he had two main criteria—local numbers and HubSpot CRM integration.

Jobilla knew the availability of local numbers was crucial for sales teams making cold calls. It was also important that customers not have to pay long-distance fees when calling their customer success reps. As such, Jobilla needed a system that would let it create local numbers in the United States (and beyond) at will.

Nebelung also wanted a system that would seamlessly integrate with the tools his teams were already using, especially their customer relationship management (CRM) solution. "HubSpot is a good CRM, and we rely on it heavily," he said. "Even our homepage is built around HubSpot, so it was important that we found a phone system with a HubSpot integration."

After a quick Google search, Nebelung learned that Aircall was the number one most recommended phone system by HubSpot’s Account Executives, and decided to reach out.

Simplifying Outreach

By deploying Aircall to all international teams, Jobilla solved several communication challenges. For outbound calls, sales reps can create local numbers for 100+ countries in a matter of clicks, regardless of where the rep is based. Inbound callers can also dial a local number. And because all interactions go through the same cloud-based communication system, rather than individual mobile phones, customer service calls get answered and resolved quickly.

"Now, we get an incoming call, and our business hours are always open," said Nebelung. "Customers get a welcome message, and we've uploaded our own hold music. After that, the call will ring to all of our customer success team for three minutes. Most calls are answered during this time, but if not, it will ring on my device, so I can be the backup. If still no one answers the call, we have a voicemail message."

Thanks to the HubSpot integration, whoever answers the call has all the customer's information right in front of them. Aircall's native HubSpot integration ensures that each and every call made and received in Aircall is logged in HubSpot. It also saves a recording of each call and prompts team members to leave notes about the interaction.

"HubSpot makes communication really easy," said Nebelung. "Especially where we have a big market share, it's important that we are able to keep track of who is calling, when and why. So the HubSpot integration with Aircall is really nice."

Going forward, Jobilla plans to add on more integrations, starting with Intercom for customer queries. This will add live chat functionality to the voice platform, including the ability to call customers directly from the chat box. These interactions will also be logged in HubSpot, giving Jobilla the ability to maintain a 360-degree view of each customer's communication with the company.

Building Trust and Measuring Success

After first getting in touch with Aircall, it didn't take long for Nebelung to be convinced that Jobilla had made the right decision.

"The integration was important, but what actually led us to working with Aircall was the live dashboard," he said. "It's intuitive, user-friendly and not from the '80s like most VoIP [voice over IP] providers. And what ultimately made Aircall the right voice solution for us was trust. Our Account Executive was wonderful, and I didn't even need any onboarding process because of how helpful she’d been. It was an easy decision to make."

Since implementing Aircall, Nebelung has found it easy to track and improve his teams' performance internationally. The dashboard lets him see at a glance key metrics like call time, waiting time, active users and which customers are on hold. He can also listen in on calls right from within the interface and provide specific feedback to team members based on what he hears.

"I want to track the activities of my salespeople and their success. If they make 200 phone calls a day, but each call is 10 seconds long, I know that we have work to do. It helps me to identify problems so I can then find solutions and coach people to be better."

Nebelung said Aircall will be integral to Jobilla's continued international growth. The ease with which new numbers and users can be added makes it easy to scale the company's teams and markets. And the seamless integrations ensure everyone has all the information they need to provide great customer experience.

"Communication is always the key to strategic growth," said Nebelung. "With good communication, we can fix 99% of our problems or at least make them a little smaller."

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