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How Infinityn International Prospects Globally Using Aircall

How Infinityn International Prospects Globally Using Aircall



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    New sales tools are supposed to make prospecting and discovery more efficient. But with so many systems, selling has become increasingly complex. That’s why Infinityn International takes a human-centered approach to building dedicated teams to generate sales-qualified pipelines. As a globally-focused operation, Infinityn provides clients with a steady pipeline of sales qualified enterprise leads.

    And this means doing a significant amount of outbound prospecting on behalf of their clients, which is why Infinityn needed a phone solution that would make outreach not only easy, but possible in the first place. Robert Bukits, Managing Director at Infinityn International, explains:

    “When we first started out, we were just starting to utilize the cloud more, and working in a virtual office environment with only a few people at the time… we needed a professional cloud-based solution to reach our prospects on the global level”

    Aircall brings flexibility and quality to an international workforce

    Though based in Budapest, Infinityn International’s operations allow for a flexible work environment, with employees frequently working from home, the office or even abroad. Reliability is essential for their internal workforce and global clientele. Aircall offered a tool that would suit both. Crucially, the ability to utilize Aircall over the computer, from smartphones and from tablets was an attractive feature for a team on-the-go.

    “We need to make calls to the Americas, EMEA, APAC and other regional markets on a daily basis and we knew the only solution for us would be an IP-based service-provider like Aircall. It gives us the necessary flexibility and quality we were looking for. It's really a core part of our business”

    Being able to involve several stakeholders even in different parts of the world via Aircall’s conference call feature is a valuable addition to their operations. Infinityn International’s SDRs greatly appreciate the ability to connect their client’s account executives with their prospects, sometimes even mid-conversation.

    “Without Aircall, it would be cost-intensive to call into our target regions. Since we need to contact people all around the world, it would be impossible to do this with landlines or other video conferencing tools. As is the case with outbound prospecting, our prospects aren’t always expecting our calls, which makes sending virtual meeting links difficult.”

    Infinityn International is divided into two teams: a sales development team (SDRs) of prospecting specialists and a complimentary team of researchers. The research team surveys the market and creates strategy, and the sales team reaches out to prospects at a massive scale.

    “Having a VoIP solution that can handle the volume of calls that we make each day is important. We have as many as 20 people working in the system at any time, so we needed something reliable for the weight of that.”

    Measuring success and staying organized

    SDRs are eager to connect with c-level decision-makers, but these front-line prospectors also use Aircall to maintain regular contact with their client’s account executives. Staying informed about the priorities and issues relevant to their customers requires a methodical approach.

    Morne Stander, Global Partnership Advisor at Infinityn International tells us how Aircall’s features help them stay organized:

    “We utilize Aircall’s tagging feature because we have so many different campaigns and different priorities at any given time. Being able to tag those kind of conversations and add context is really helpful, especially for reporting and measuring KPIs.”

    Infinityn International defines success by the results they deliver to clients: number of sales-qualified leads delivered, meetings facilitated, and the number of conversations conducted.

    “Organizing that data and being able to keep track of the number of outbound calls made and other actions helps give us visibility into our own operations.”

    Seeing those numbers helps them understand internal performance, and they can then share the metrics as evidence of their clients’ success, too.

    “Aircall accelerates our performance by offering our teams an easy and reliable way to make tangible human connections across borders. We build sales pipeline for our clients one conversation at a time and we utilize Aircall to broadcast our voices globally. Aircall is a crucial element enabling our success.”

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