How CloudTrucks Uses Aircall to Keep Customers on the Road

How CloudTrucks Uses Aircall to Keep Customers on the Road



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Around three-quarters of the freight moved around the U.S. goes by truck. It’s big business, but between insurance, load contracts, equipment, and much more, it’s far from simple. CloudTrucks is changing that, offering a range of solutions that simplify operations for trucking businesses of all sizes—from owner-operators to large fleets. With the CloudTrucks platform, those businesses can take the hassle out of booking loads, assigning dispatches, and invoicing customers and instead focus on what really matters—getting from A to B. 

We recently caught up with Andrew Katz, General Manager of Operations at CloudTrucks to learn more about how the business is using Aircall’s suite of integrations and features to streamline workflows and improve the customer experience.

Delivering a Better Approach to Trucking 

“We’re a software company, but we’re also a trucking company,” Andrew explains, highlighting that the business has both driver contractors operating under their authority, as well as other businesses using the software to power their own fleets. In both instances, those customers need access to outstanding support.

“When you’ve got rubber tires meeting an asphalt road, things can go wrong—which is why our support team, via Aircall, is always available to help,” he says.  

With customers ranging from Walmart to local highway heroes, CloudTrucks doesn’t take its responsibility lightly. 

“We want to give power back to the American truck driver, so in my role as the general manager of operations, it's my job to make sure that drivers on the road are set up for success and that we're always there to answer their phone calls and give them the highest quality of support possible,” Andrew says. 

Scaling to Improve the Customer Experience

When CloudTrucks first switched to Aircall, the team was looking for help in three key areas, all of which were connected:

  • Streamlining their workflows and calls

  • Scaling the business 

  • Improving the customer service being delivered 

These challenging areas had all become clear to Andrew as he was starting out at CloudTrucks. He realized that the business didn’t have a way to track the calls being made or missed each day and that despite knowing drivers loved the product, they’d also heard frustrations from customers when it came to getting in touch with support. 

Part of the problem was workflows. Andrew saw that they needed better processes, systems, policies, and rules to manage incoming calls, track results, and stay on top of customer needs. 

Another piece of the challenge was the speed at which the business had been growing. With rapid growth, new team members were joining at a fast pace, but so were customers.

“In those early days, we still had customers calling our CEO’s personal cell phone. We had to build a support team and systems that could scale with our rapidly growing business,” says Andrew. 

Andrew was tasked with building up the team and revamping practices, technology, and workflows to deliver a fantastic customer experience for callers every time. He turned to Aircall as a solution that would be ready to grow alongside the team and could offer a range of integrations and analytics features that would help him build a more responsive support department.

“Onboarding was simple, smooth, and straightforward. Frankly, I have a lot of customer service experience and I've worked with a lot of telephony providers, and what I would say about the onboarding process at Aircall was there were no hiccups. That’s a huge accomplishment and a sign of success because when it's smooth, simple, and straightforward, you don't have much to talk about,” Andrew says. 

Relying on Time-Saving Features and Integrations

Since onboarding, Andrew and the team have embraced a range of different Aircall features and integrations to improve customer support. Here’s what Andrew had to say about a few of his highlights. 


Zendesk was a must-have integration for CloudTrucks, as the helpdesk software acts as its central operations hub. By integrating it with Aircall, agents can spend their time working in Zendesk while still getting deep functional benefits from the Aircall app—without needing to swap tools. For example, they can easily answer a call while in the Zendesk interface, pull up associated tickets, and update a customer’s profile, all in the same space. 

“One of the primary reasons we joined Aircall was the depth of integrations, and the one that got us over the edge is probably the Zendesk integration. We are power Zendesk users, and when you have a really robust integration, it's one less screen that your operations or customer support rep needs to toggle between or navigate through,” Andrew says.

Roles and Permissions 

Aircall’s roles and permission controls enable teams to define how much information each person can access. It means that, for example, managers can add new teammates or remove old users, while owners can keep track of financial details. Not only does this help the CloudTrucks team drive security and trust, but it also enables team leads to easily track progress, add new hires to the system, and understand how the business is progressing.

“Roles and permissions and the ability to do live coaching and live listening have been very valuable for us on training new agents, measuring CSAT, understanding where things went wrong, and providing hard examples on how we're going to course-correct to improve,” Andrew says.


By using Aircall’s analytics features, the CloudTrucks team has been able to get all the information they need on a daily basis. They can use these data points to understand how the support team is delivering against its goals, pinpoint areas for improvement, and share results with the business.

“Since we started using Aircall, it’s been incredible to see the new analytics features that have been added. Not only are all the metrics we want readily available, but a lot of metrics we wouldn’t have even thought were important were prepackaged for us and have provided some great insight. It’s really democratized and liberated access to data,” Andrew explains. 

Keep on Truckin’

As CloudTrucks looks to the future, the team will continue using Aircall to deliver a fantastic customer support experience. With advanced analytics, critical integrations, and a seamless onboarding experience, Aircall’s ready to help CloudTrucks as the organization continues to grow—together, CloudTrucks and Aircall are in it for the long haul.  

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