How Aircall Helps AgriWebb Modernize Agriculture

How Aircall Helps AgriWebb Modernize Agriculture



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It turns out, the next hot startup isn’t self-driving cars or a social network for amateur music videos. It's rooted in an industry that’s ripe for modernization: Agriculture.

Companies like Sydney-based AgriWebb are proving they can take an antiquated industry and successfully bring it into the digital age.

AgriWebb’s cloud-based farm management software helps farmers increase efficiency through data-driven decision making. AgriWebb supports farmers in some of the most remote areas across the globe, and one of the reasons they’ve been able to achieve this worldwide presence is because of tools like Aircall.

Why Aircall?

Josh Collins, Head of Customer Success, recognized early on how important it was to have the right tech stack if AgriWebb was going to be successful.

“I looked at a bunch of different products, and there were three clear standouts for us when finding the right tech stack — Aircall, Intercom, and Salesforce.”

Collins was already familiar with Aircall and knew that solving problems would be easier starting with the right tools in place rather than trying to integrate with a legacy stack and using desk phones.

“We were a small startup with less than 15 people at that point, but it was a no brainer as there's just nothing in the market that compares to it. Aircall allows our staff to do some really incredible things for our customers.”

How integrations help build trust

Both AgriWebb’s sales and support teams use Aircall, and they’ve seen significant improvements in efficiency since implementing the product.

“We've seen that outbound call volume has doubled if not tripled because it just works so seamlessly.”

But it’s not just Aircall that’s helped their business operations — integrations with tools like Intercom significantly changed the way they manage customer communication.

“We've watched this mass migration of people prefer to chat with us on Intercom in real time, but when they need to take it a step further, they call us… It's just quicker to solve issues that way, and I think hearing someone's voice lends a level of trust.”

Being able to seamlessly transition from one type of communication to the next and having everything logged in a centralized location helps employees stay organized, but also makes for a better customer experience. AgriWebb works in a market where their customers typically know their next door neighbors and have relationships with the people they do business with. For these customers in particular, trust and personal connection are significant.

“We might not talk to a customer on the phone for a year or more, but when they call in, we answer with their first name and know their history. Instantly, that agent or CSM sees the entire conversation history from chats in Intercom to every call that we had with them in Aircall logged in Salesforce. It shows we really know them.”

Flexible work in any environment

AgriWebb’s business often extends beyond their offices, which is why Aircall’s mobile app has been particularly useful, especially since they regularly have team members on the road that drive out to some of their larger clients’ farms.

“The app is just an extension of their workspace. Sometimes there's no reception or bad 4G on location, so they can switch between the app and call forwarding which makes a big difference.”

Having the flexibility to work out of the office has proven to be far more valuable than AgriWebb anticipated. Given the current global health crisis, most of their team members are now working remotely.

“We kicked off business as usual from people's homes. That couldn’t be a reality if you've got a fixed phone line system.”

Capturing insights and getting results

AgriWebb also uses the Aircall integration with Gong to capture and analyze conversations, helping their sales and success teams rapidly improve and learn from one another. With upwards of 400 conversations a day, Gong helps managers identify patterns and provide that information across the team.

“It’s a challenge when agents are having calls in silo but no one's tying all the insights together. Gong enables us to distill down what's important.”

AgriWebb managers look at Aircall metrics daily, focusing on KPIs (like treatment time), a custom scorecard, and a real-time view on performance. Collins explains that Gong has been revolutionary for his team, particularly for training and onboarding. They've used Aircall’s call monitoring for over two years now, and have supplemented that feature by listening to call recordings on Gong.

“Because we had already implemented Aircall, it was just a matter of getting those insights and turning them into actionable goals.”

Scaling the business

AgriWebb is quickly expanding, having just entered the US market and acquiring a UK-based company. Managing multiple offices can be a challenge for any company, but AgriWebb had the tech infrastructure to scale their business already in place. Aircall’s cloud-based solution made capturing data and translating operational goals between offices simple.

“We could understand frequencies of support loads and understand deal volumes with data that traditional businesses just don’t have.”

Collins also notes that the business they acquired didn't have a CRM and were relying on their personal mobile devices.

“It really helped with some of those expansion challenges that I think a lot of businesses go through and spend a lot of money trying to fix. We didn't have to spend weeks trying to solve it. It was minutes and just a couple of bucks for an extra number.”

The future of Agtech

AgriWebb has the necessary talent, structure, and vision to lead the AgTech industry. For them, it’s about being able to transform the digital future of agriculture — and that doesn't stop at three offices and thousands of customers.

“We've got the systems, we've got the process, and we've got the right tools in place enabling us to scale. It's how we continue to deliver value back to the farmer so they can be more data driven and make more informed decisions in their day to day.”

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