The 5 Best OnSIP Alternatives for Your Business

Emily GregorLast updated on January 2, 2024
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The cloud-based phone system industry is rapidly expanding, with new service providers constantly joining the market. With such a diverse range of vendors, each with its own features, integrations, and services, how do you know you’re making the right call for your unique business objectives?

For instance, you might have chosen OnSIP, a cloud-based business phone solution with no PBX hardware to manage it. For essential business needs like answering customer calls, it might work just fine, but if you want to achieve bigger business goals (think scaling your customer-facing teams and elevating team performance), OnSIP might fall short.

To help you find an OnSIP alternative that will help you reach your business goals as you scale, we’ve built a comprehensive guide below.

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A Closer Look at OnSIP

OnSIP is a cloud-based business phone solution with no PBX (public branch exchange) hardware to manage it. Its VoIP solution focuses on providing standard customer-facing services with an emphasis on assisting remote teams.

Its features include basic call management tools with limited software integrations and reporting.


OnSIP offers two plans:

Unlimited: $18.95 per month per user (five user minimum)

Basic: $49.95 per month per account (calling minutes not included)

OnSIP does offer individualized pricing for services and features, which means you could build a custom plan (but you also might end up paying for services and features you don’t need).

Integrations and Support

OnSIP doesn’t have a wide variety of integrations. Its support capabilities are also somewhat limited, only offering unlimited support in the U.S.

Top Features to Look for in OnSIP Alternatives

OnSIP works well enough for customer-facing teams by providing basic sales and support services in a remote environment.

However, for businesses looking to grow and scale their customer-facing teams, a more extensive and robust VoIP system that includes industry-leading integrations and productivity and performance management features quickly becomes necessary.

When looking for an alternative cloud-based phone system, it’s important to take the following considerations:

Advanced phone system features

Your cloud-based phone system shouldn’t just make calls, but it should also provide extensive features that help to elevate and improve the quality of your customer communication.

Collaboration tools

Being able to seamlessly collaborate across different sales and support processes improves team efficiency and synergy. Must-have tools for easy collaboration include things like call commenting, warm transfer, and a shared inbox.

Onboarding features

Your teams can only thrive when everyone on the team is performing optimally. Lengthy onboarding and training can slow down team performance and reduce efficiency. Your phone solution should offer features that simplify and speed up the training and onboarding process for new team members, which will help you grow faster.

The 5 Best OnSIP Alternatives

We’ve ranked our top five OnSIP alternatives to help you pick the ideal solution for your business. Our list of alternatives considers the features, integrations, similarities, differences, and average cost compared to OnSIP.


  • Number of Entry-Level Integrations: 100+

  • Entry-Level Features: Call whispering; instant numbers; custom music and messages; business hours; call spoofing; IVR; softphone for desktop, Android, and iOS

  • Rating: 4.3 stars

  • Pricing: $30 per user per month


  • Number of Entry-Level Integrations: 2

  • Entry-Level Features: Unlimited voice and calling, toll-free numbers, voicemail, unlimited internet fax

  • Rating: 4.4 stars

  • Pricing: Starting from $25.95 per user per month


  • Number of Entry-Level Integrations: 15

  • Entry-Level Features: Desktop and mobile apps, business texting, call forwarding

  • Rating: 4 stars

  • Pricing: Starting from $26 per account per month


  • Number of Entry-Level Integrations: 100+ integrations, but CallHippo doesn’t share how many are available in its entry-level package.

  • Entry-Level Features: Click-to-dial, call forwarding, voicemail, SMS per text messages, Smart Switch

  • Rating: 4.2 stars

  • Pricing: Starting from $0 per user per month (pay per number)


  • Number of Entry-Level Integrations: Vonage offers 20+ integrations to its customers

  • Entry-Level Features: Video collaboration, admin portal, mobile and desktop apps, business inbox

  • Rating: 4.3 stars

  • Pricing: Starting from $19.99 per user per month

With all these options and features listed above, it’s time to pick a clear winner when it comes to the best alternative to OnSIP.


OnSIP’s pricing structure is somewhat complicated, charging $49.95 per month per account for its Basic plan. Its Unlimited plan is $18.95 per month per user, with a minimum of five users, making it $94.75 in total. Aircall’s pricing comes in at $30 per user per month with no complicated billing structure, making it the most straightforward pricing plan.


Aircall has the most comprehensive range of features, most of which are available in its starter bundle, unlike OnSIP which requires users to purchase the more expensive Unlimited plan to access its full feature suite.


When it comes to integrations, Aircall stands out from the alternatives with its extensive list of 100+ integrations available across all its pricing plans. OnSIP offers limited integrations by comparison. The other alternatives offer integrations but at extra costs or in their top-tier plans.

Value for money

Assessing the price, integrations, and features of the competitors above, it’s easy to see that Aircall offers the best value for money.

For $30 per month, you’ll have access to 100+ integrations, dedicated in-house support, and training as a part of its entry-level package.

Why Aircall Is the Best OnSIP Alternative

While the vendors above offer features that enable essential customer communication and sales, they’re fairly limited in the growth and scaling potential they offer to businesses looking to rapidly expand their customer-centric teams. Aircall is the only exception.
Through a combination of real-time analytics, sales and support-specific features, and industry-leading integrations available at every price point, Aircall empowers businesses to rapidly scale without sacrificing the quality of their customer-facing calls and services.

Here are a few reasons Aircall might be the ideal cloud-based phone solution for you:

Enable seamless collaboration between your customer-facing teams

Aircall’s extensive collaborative tools make it easier than ever for your customer-facing teams to improve their conversations and streamline various sales and support processes, elevating the quality of your customer experience.

Tools like warm transfer allow team members to communicate and share customer information before transferring a call, facilitating seamless call transfers. Call commenting and assignment keeps every team member updated on existing calls, preventing miscommunications that could impact service quality.

Onboard and train new team members faster than before

Endless training and onboarding sessions for new team members are a thing of the past with Aircall.

Features like call monitoring allow you to track live customer calls to boost quality assurance, while call whispering enables you to provide live feedback and advice to trainees during real calls.

Boost the productivity and efficiency of your teams

Live reporting through Aircall’s real-time analytics feature ensures seamless monitoring of team performance.

Additional productivity features and custom filters allow you to easily track team KPIs and make proactive adjustments where needed so you’re constantly hitting your performance targets.

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When choosing the ideal cloud-based phone solution for your teams, there are a lot of things to consider. If you’re looking to unlock consistent growth while enhancing your teams’ performance and service quality, Aircall is definitely the right call to make.

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Published on January 27, 2023.

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