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How The Photo Studio Creates an A-List Experience with Aircall's Cloud-Based Phone System

How The Photo Studio Creates an A-List Experience with Aircall's Cloud-Based Phone System



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You don't have to be hitting the red carpet to experience a superstar-level photo shoot. Especially when The Photo Studio, a photography studio specializing in portrait photography and fashion photography, delivers rock star experiences to all.

Founded in 2007, today the company is spread across three studios in Sydney, Melbourne, and Brisbane. The Photo Studio primarily serves two types of clients. First, they have modeling clients, including professionals putting together their portfolios, and parents whose children have shown an interest in getting in front of the camera. Second, they have clients who want to have photos taken for personal motivation.

Ultimately, The Photo Studio’s mission is to help everyone see beauty in themselves while creating wonderful works of art.

“We’re all about empowering people through photography, giving everyone that high-end fashion shoot experience without being a model,” says Lauren Grigg, Head of Marketing at The Photo Studio.

Before and after the shoots, the phone is central to managing every customer’s photography experience at The Photo Studio, from initial inquiry to the moment they get to open those extra-special shots.

By moving to Aircall and taking advantage of its suite of integrations, the business has streamlined communications so after their experience, every client is left not only looking their best, but feeling their best too.

Moving to a User-Friendly Cloud-Calling System

The Photo Studio began their search for a cloud-based calling center because their previous business phone system had to be self-hosted, configured, and customized. Resources being spent on maintenance were high, and the quality of the solution was lacking.

As Rezal Alias, IT Manager at The Photo Studio, explains, “Everything was being self-built, requiring a lot of maintenance. I decided a SaaS calling provider would be a better fit for our needs.”

With the phone being central to managing client communications, The Photo Studio also needed a solution that could empower the team to better serve and track their clients across each stage of the customer journey, including:

  1. Follow-ups from the booking team after a client enquiry

  2. The styling team nurturing the customer until the day of the shoot

  3. Producers communicating with the customer until portfolios are released

Beyond streamlining those journeys, some of the must-have features The Photo Studio knew they needed for their call center included the ability to route calls via IVR (Interactive Voice Response), tag calls, and integrate calls with their CRM.

After a short period of researching and comparing options, The Photo Studio discovered Aircall.

The testing phase ran flawlessly—they knew it was the cloud-calling software they’d been searching for, and the rollout began.

Using Aircall’s Software to Streamline Customer Management

Aircall’s features have been transformative when it comes to the busy day-to-day management of The Photo Studio’s three sites, with a few being particular standouts.

Integrating HubSpot to Track Calls and Automate Workflows

HubSpot’s phone integration with Aircall has enabled The Photo Studio to connect its call information to its CRM. By being able to instantly see caller data and add call notes and tags while on the line, every member of the team can better track call workflows and ensure the customer journey is seamless. It also helps them keep tabs on conversions and focus that extra effort to get a client over the line when needed.

Further, The Photo Studio uses SMS to send automated messages to clients, for example, to ensure everyone knows when their booking is taking place, saving time on manual processes.

And when reflecting on progress, HubSpot’s reporting tools even enable the team to log Aircall call metrics based on activity and owners, helping everyone track against their targets.

“The HubSpot integration was perhaps the single biggest driver of going with Aircall. It's made our lives so much easier. Whether tracking communications or linking updates to specific contacts, our work is seamless,” notes Bree Wright, Head of Client Acquisitions at The Photo Studio.

Using Tags to Identify and Organize Calls

In Aircall, call tags are custom labels that help teams organize their calls and provide added context. Bree, Lauren, and the team at The Photo Studio use them as a simple and clear way to track their prospecting efforts (for example, by tagging a lead as “responsive” or “non-responsive”).

Recording Calls to Better Train Teams

From accurate call recording capabilities at no extra charge to features like on-demand playback and complementary tools including call whispering, Aircall makes it easy to learn from every conversation.

At The Photo Studio, the team uses recordings to review conversations and coach colleagues to ensure the right processes, protocols, and scripting are being followed.

“By recording and coaching, we can train team members using successful calls, helping us better serve our customers and deliver more targeted outcomes,” Bree says.

Routing Clients Through IVR

By using Aircall’s IVR, The Photo Studio can ascertain the motivations of callers before they’re connected to the team, meaning they can be routed directly to the best person to help.

A Communication System That Can Support Superstars

By switching to Aircall and integrating calls with their CRM, The Photo Studio’s customer operations have been radically overhauled.

Meanwhile, the team continues to untap more value from the system, using the Aircall Knowledge Base to discover additional tips and tricks, features, and use cases.

As Lauren notes,“Having a resource like the Knowledge Base just provides really simple, easy access to helpful materials while we learn how to use a few different tools at the same time.”

Meanwhile, tracking, tagging, and recording calls is now simply a matter of a few clicks, with no risk of customer information being miscommunicated. That means every customer receives a faster, more responsive, and accurate service from the team.

Whether it’s managing communications from a professional model, an aspiring rock star, or clients looking to have a fulfilling and empowering photo shoot experience, The Photo Studio can rest assured it has a business phone system that’s as polished and professional as their shoots.

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