Rezdy Simplifies Online Booking With HubSpot + Aircall

Rezdy Simplifies Online Booking With HubSpot + Aircall



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It’s the weekend, and you’re ready to make some memories. Maybe you want to learn how to cook a spectacular dish, or perhaps you’ll find the confidence to go surfing.

Whether traveling abroad or staying close to home, booking experiences is easy. All you have to do is go online, find a tour, class, or an event that interests you, and reserve your spot.

But believe it or not, the process isn’t always so breezy for the people who make these experiences possible.

First, there’s the question of knowing who’s going to show up (and making sure everything is in order when they do). Then, how do you make sure your business gets a steady stream of new customers? Rezdy is on a mission to solve these problems.

The Sydney-based startup offers a tour and activity booking software that makes logistics easy for operators and integrates effortlessly with dozens of the most popular outside vendors, like Expedia, Trip Advisor, and

With a streamlined customer experience and intuitive product, Rezdy has gained the trust of large and small operators around the globe.

A Focus on Efficiency and Simplicity

Rezdy users love that the software takes the bureaucracy out of bookings. It lets them focus on their main work functions: providing customers with high-quality experiences.

Back at Rezdy HQ, there’s a similar desire for streamlined and effortless operations. And that’s where Will Andrew, Rezdy’s Business Transformation Manager, steps in.

“My role is to help our teams work smarter… How can we make the business run smoother and make everyone’s day-to-day job easier — whether that’s through integrated software or implementing business processes.”

Will noticed an antiquated phone system was creating friction for customer-facing teams. A separate front-end dialer and back-end network made any structural changes difficult and required expert input every time.

With Aircall, Rezdy can make routing adjustments and add local numbers anywhere around the world in a matter of minutes. This is especially useful when negotiating high call volumes and setting-up new campaigns.

Furthermore, quick access to phone data lets Rezdy identify pain points and implement meaningful improvements.

“We received very limited data from our original phone system… Aircall gave us an accurate view of our customer care team’s call volume, which allowed us to secure more budget for hiring in that area.”

But most importantly, Rezdy wanted the productivity saving features modern businesses find essential. Namely, strong integrations with other support and sales tracking tools.

Finding Harmony With HubSpot and PieSync

Rezdy needed to find an effective phone system with certain capabilities and features that integrated well with HubSpot. As the Business Transformation Manager, Will investigated multiple choices, and Aircall was identified as the right solution for Rezdy - making it easier for Will to propose Aircall to the Rezdy Team.

“We reviewed and tested eight solutions, but Aircall met our technical requirements, including a HubSpot integration, mobile app (iOS & Android), automatic call recording, and call whispering mode… Specifically, our pilot users preferred the user interface of the admin portal and desktop dialer.”

In addition to the modern appearance and usability, it was important that Rezdy’s customer facing teams — sales, onboarding, and customer care — had access to information that would make their daily workflows much easier.

Using PieSync for two-way data syncing between HubSpot and Aircall, Rezdy is prepared to expertly answer every call. Any time a customer contacts Rezdy via phone, the caller’s HubSpot data is automatically displayed. This information contributes to better conversations, faster resolutions, and an easier sales cycle.

“Logging calls in HubSpot saves us time… The easy access to call recordings in HubSpot also helps sales and customer care teams review client interactions so we can provide a better service to our customers.”

Better User Experience, Happy Customers

Simplicity and superior user experience are two benefits that Rezdy understands well. With Aircall, even basic phone capabilities, like call transferring between users and teams, have been optimized.

What this all adds up to is a better booking experience for tour and activity operators, which means more great memories for everyone.

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