How RapidG Uses Integrations and Analytics to Drive the Customer Experience

How RapidG Uses Integrations and Analytics to Drive the Customer Experience



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While you might not have heard of RapidG, they play a critical role in delivering essential services and products to consumers in Australia. Based in New South Wales, RapidG is a B2B supplier of everyday business consumables—from cleaning to safety and hospitality products. 

Spanning businesses from the healthcare sector to food producers and restaurants, a team of 17 delivers to 2,200 different organisations every month—selling a monthly total of 100,000 coffee cups and just short of a million litres of product every year. 

To get a better understanding of the role Aircall has to play in delivering a standout service to Rapid G's thousands of customers, we sat down with Managing Director Brendan Cappello.

Finding a System that Scales with Success

Counting [yellow tail]® as one of its biggest clients, RapidG ensures the business has everything it needs to put out over 40,000 bottles of wine every hour. 

“When it comes to wineries, people are rightly focused on the wine and not the safety glasses or toilet paper,” says Brendan. “We might not be a hugely notable part of people’s day, but by providing a seamless experience, we’re remembered. This is the main focus we have as a company: We want to make things seamless for our customers.” 

Experiencing a rapid period of growth between 2016 and 2020, Brendan knew that RapidG would need to scale its systems if it was to maintain a high level of customer service in a period of increased demand.

“Before Aircall, we had a traditional hard phone system,” explains Brendan. “It had a recording feature—and that was about as fancy as it got! The problem was that we didn’t even know where to log in to get the recordings. On top of that, we couldn’t transfer our calls to our in-field personnel. It became clear we needed to upgrade to a modern system that would meet our professional standards.”

Brendan started to shop around to find a phone and communication solution for the business. What led him to Aircall was the level of user-friendliness and the fact that Aircall put the power of a wide range of tools and features firmly in his team’s hands.

“Before Aircall, if we needed to change or update something, then we had to engage directly with the provider every time. With Aircall though, it’s different. The dashboard is incredible—we can do everything ourselves: learn the system, develop it, beta-test it. This was a key differentiator that led us to jump aboard.”

Now with Aircall, RapidG is able to provide a seamless customer experience with systems and structures that keep up with its growth—and set them up for more success in the future.

Building a Big Business Mentality

When it comes to the value Aircall delivers for RapidG, Brendan highlights integrations as being a specific game changer. 

“Our old system had no integration whatsoever,” he explains. “So seeing the options available with Aircall was a no-brainer—it’s the most impressive part.”

One of these options is Aircall’s integration with CRM Zendesk. By combining the two, RapidG has created a powerful go-to solution and single source of truth for its customer service teams. 

As Brendan explains: “Out of all the integrations, the Aircall–Zendesk one is most important for us. It’s genuinely so good. Because of the field we’re in, we offer a range of services and some of the enquiries can be lengthy and involve multiple users. Our approach is multi-tasking and multi-department. And Aircall’s Zendesk integration allows us to remain united.”

This means that despite being a small team—with as few as 13 people using Aircall—RapidG manages to keep delivering exceptional customer service and make the best use of its employees’ time by removing time-intensive tasks and data entry from the day-to-day workload. And when the RapidG team does need to add new members, Aircall makes it as fast and hassle-free as possible.

“Really, integrations have allowed us to ‘fake it till you make it’”, says Brendan. “Because of the seamless integration with Zendesk, we’re finding that a small team behind the scenes can still have a big impact. Giving our customers great experiences from multiple departments creates a big company feel for them. Aircall has been crucial to this.”

Always Striving for Improvement

When RapidG first turned to Aircall, Brendan noticed how easy the onboarding process was, describing it as “one of the easiest onboarding processes in our tech stack.” He puts this down to how the features delivered results early on—especially call centre analytics.

“Analytics has been really surprising,” says Brendan. “Other small business owners are in the same boat too. Everything is looking rosy, then you look at the calls and the analytics and it’s a real eye-opener!”

By tracking analytics such as missed calls, call waiting, and call volume, Brendan and his team are able to drill down into the when and why of their customer service performance. It guarantees the team never rests on its laurels and keeps pushing the business to new heights.

Analytics and identifying where business operations need to improve is only half the story. The second half includes practical ways of delivering these learnings to teams on calls and upskilling them. This is taken even further by features such as call whispering

“The whisper feature was unheard of to us before we started using Aircall,” recalls Brendan. “Now, we use it all the time—it’s perfect for staff inductions.”

RapidG is one business that, once it achieves growth and success, wants more of both. Fortunately for Brendan and the team, in Aircall they've found the perfect partner to deliver as they scale. 

Continuing to Offer a Premium Experience

Aircall is one way Brendan sees RapidG delivering a high-end, luxury experience.

He explains: “With integrations like Aircall and Zendesk, we’re trying to offer a premium experience. This is the main focus we have—making it a seamless journey for customers from any touch point, whether online chat, SMS, or phone.”

As for what the future holds—Brendan has his sights set on AI. With the launch of its call and voicemail transcription, plus more exciting AI features in the pipeline, Aircall remains a true partner to small to medium-sized businesses and promises to continue making it easier for them to deliver world-class customer experiences.

As Brendan says: “Aircall is jumping on AI quickly, and that’s exciting for us!”

RapidG have interwoven their business with Aircall’s features, and in doing so have set themselves apart from the competition, holding their own against the bigger players and opening the door to exciting future innovations.

Find out how Aircall can have an equally transformative effect on your business and schedule a demo or sign up for a free trial today.