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Go Global Travel Leverages Aircall’s Call Center Analytics to Improve Customer Experience

Go Global Travel Leverages Aircall’s Call Center Analytics to Improve Customer Experience



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Even in the age of self-service bookings, good travel agents are still invaluable for globetrotters and domestic travelers alike. Not only do agents have the expertise to plan dream vacations and anticipate clients' needs, but they also have the resources to ensure trips go smoothly—even in the face of unexpected complications and last-minute changes. For more than 20,000 agents around the world, one of their most indispensable resources is Go Global Travel.

An innovative B2B technology provider, Go Global Travel has a network of more than 1,000,000 hotels and apartments in more than 70,000 locations around the world—and a user-friendly platform that lets travel agents book flights, car, transfer and lodging for their clients.

Go Global Travel is based in Tel Aviv and has 18 offices around the globe, each staffed with a multilingual customer support team that travel agents can rely on for round-the-clock support. And all 18 teams rely on Aircall for seamless communications and call center analytics that help Go Global Travel continually improve the customer experience.

How Go Global Travel Uses the Phone

For more than 20 years, travel agents have used Go Global Travel's ever-evolving platform to book accommodations for their clients. If plans change, clients have special requests, or problems occur mid-trip, agents can reach out to their local or regional customer service team for support.

Roughly 70% of customer communication takes place over email, and Go Global Travel plans to add chat and other support channels in the near future. But when complex or urgent issues arise, clients typically reach out by phone.

Sometimes these urgent issues are easy to resolve—for example, if a client needs to change a hotel reservation or make a last-minute rental car reservation. Other times, the customer support team navigates complicated problems such as overbooked hotels.

Liat Yaakovi, head of customer service and operations for Go Global Travel, explained,

"If we take, for example, a case where hotel has over-booking and our end client arrives and find out about it on the check-in date , the client or his travel agent will contact us through our emergency line. From this moment we will do our best and we’ll take immediate actions, to find an alternative hotel in the same category and at almost the same price. If there's a price difference, we negotiate with our supplier to cover the difference. So we solve the issue from all sides while the client starts enjoying his trip."

Global Workforce, Single Communications Platform

For Yaakovi, the definition of success is "providing the best customer care by listening to our client’s needs and by providing the optimal and ultimate solutions as quickly and as well as possible." But before Aircall, she didn't have a way to know whether customer support teams were achieving that goal. Each office was using its own phone system (usually a private branch exchange system served by a local telephone company) which made it impossible to track call activity and measure how well each team was performing.

When Yaakovi joined Go Global Travel, one of her first tasks was to find a single communications provider for all 18 offices. She wanted a solution that was user-friendly and easy for admins to set up and change so each operations manager could be fully independent and responsible for adding their own lines, editing call distributions, and ensuring agent availability. The solution also needed to have call recording functionality and robust analytics to help managers track call KPIs. Finally, she wanted a vendor that provided great customer service and a go-to account manager the company could rely on.

"This is how I arrived at Aircall," she said.

"Our rep was great and worked with me hand in hand all the way through implementation, testing, and staff training. The process was very organized, my questions were always answered, and I never felt pressured. I was pleased."

Integrations and Call Center Analytics Improve the Customer Experience

Adopting Aircall has enabled Go Global Travel to streamline workflows and deliver a more seamless customer experience, thanks to advanced call center analytics and strategic integrations.

Go Global Travel uses Kustomer for customer relationship management and ticketing, and by integrating that solution with Aircall, the company now has all customer data in one place so agents see the full customer history for every incoming caller. This lets them provide prompt, knowledgeable service and boosts agent efficiency.

All call activity is now measurable, so Go Global Travel can track KPIs at a global level, including missed calls, average wait times, and call duration. Operations managers also use call center analytics to assess individual performance and Aircall's call recording feature to regularly listen in on agent calls. Armed with these insights, managers meet one-on-one with every team member at least once a month and provide specific coaching to help them better meet customer needs in the future.

Also, because of its global footprint, the business leverages international number creation and international calling bundles that help it achieve a significant reduction in costs compared to its previous solutions.

"The Aircall system is very flexible and easy to use, the service is very reliable, and call quality is very stable. We field more than 25,000 calls a month, the price for international calling bundles is very fair, and the support is fantastic. Even though we can do everything independently, we're never alone or feel like we need to struggle. Someone is always there to help us."

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