How AirTreks takes a Thirty-Thousand foot view with Aircall

How AirTreks takes a Thirty-Thousand foot view with Aircall



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Since 1987, AirTreks has been planning complex international travel for everyone — from college graduates backpacking on a budget, to the newly-retired seeking a luxury trip around the world.

Their TripPlanner tool makes it easy to find unique airfare routes and expert advice from travel consultants and local guides. Plus, it’s easy to book multi-stop trips and discover unique destinations with a completely customized experience.

How Technology Integrations Make Remote Work More Efficient

AirTreks colleagues experience wanderlust just like their customers. As a completely remote company, they needed a reliable and technologically integrated phone solution that connects employees and customers in every corner of the world.

AirTreks wasn’t new to VOIP solutions, but as Sara Habib, General Manager at Airtreks, explains,

“Aircall is clearly doing some innovative things when it comes to technology and accessibility.”

While their basic phone functions haven’t changed much, the added products and features have made a big impact. Habib’s team reports a higher level of satisfaction with Aircall’s easy-to-use interface, and managers are saving time by making changes on the fly.

“The setup and configuration of Aircall is a dream. It’s so easy to create new numbers, set up IVRs, and change people around to different teams if needed.”

Before Aircall, AirTreks struggled to share customer data and conversational context between their communication platforms. They knew they needed to find a phone solution that would support rapid growth, which meant integrating their tools and streamlining workflows.

“All of the technical elements of what we were looking for were present in Aircall’s product.”

It was Aircall’s integration with Front, as well as the open Aircall API, that allowed Habib to connect their in-house CRM, and this has a significant impact on business.

“It allows our support team to work in just one place for voicemails, texts, and emails. Because Aircall and Front also both offer APIs which allow us to integrate everything with our CRM, our colleagues experience less “app switching” and there’s no need to look anything up -- the information is automatically displayed right in the screen they are already using. This has been incredibly helpful and a great time-saver. Our productivity has definitely increased because of this ease-of-use.”

Solving Time Sensitive Issues With Empathy

When a customer’s dream vacation is on the line, quality and reliability take the highest priority. That’s why AirTreks prefers to use the phone as their primary communication tool.

“I think connecting with customers is probably the most important thing that we're doing. And we rely on our phone system very heavily. In a world where almost everything happens online, we want to actually have conversations with our customers.”

Hearing a representative’s voice adds an additional level of trust to the brand-customer relationship. This is especially impactful, since travel issues almost always require fast resolutions.

“If we find out that a flight is cancelled, we want to be able to get ahold of you right away and help you figure out what to do next. People want to access you immediately and the quickest way to do that and put someone at ease is definitely through the phone.”

Better Decisions Using Accurate Metrics

Real-time call analytics have also been a welcome improvement to Habib’s workflows.

“As a manager, I love getting the weekly call metrics, because it helps me to see where our teams are struggling. We have been able to improve our call answer rate dramatically simply because it is now so easy for us to see where we are having issues.”

AirTrek’s Travel Services team handles sales calls as well as support. This makes tracking prospect engagement even more important.

“We've got about a 10% close rate, so for us to be able to identify the people who are the most engaged with us is really important. Especially in 2019 -- for someone to actually pick up the phone and call you -- you want to answer that. Those leads are three times more likely to close.”

Habib says this engagement metric would not have been possible with the systems they were using before Aircall.

AirTreks and Aircall have become real partners as both companies continue to grow and support each other’s growth along the way.

“It’s such a pleasure to work with a company that cares about building a great product AND with individuals who care about us personally.”

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