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With the Odoo CRM integration, connect all your call information into your CRM. Surface all caller data during a call and save it into your client records & opportunity. This integration is built by Caret It

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Odoo CRM
Place immediately a call from your Odoo dashboard
Place immediately a call from your Odoo dashboard
Log calls data from your conversation. Access all information in just one click.
Provide a better customer experience with the insight cards

Odoo is a suite of open source business apps for small to enterprise companies. Aircall's Odoo integration built by Caretit enables sales reps to streamline their call workflows, increase productivity, and track customers through the whole customer journey.

Key benefits Aircall + Odoo Module CRM

Better data tracking

With the integration between Aircall and Odoo CRM, all phone conversations are logged and tracked in your contact record and on the opportunity attached to the company. Find information such as: type of call, call duration, sales reps comments and call recording.

Optimized prospects and customer experience

Whether you are receiving an inbound call or performing an outbound call contact details and opportunities pop up in the Aircall phone while ringing. Sales reps know how to personalize their conversation and elevate the customer experience before picking up the phone.

Aircall's phone embedded within your Odoo platform

Your sales reps team will have their Aircall's phone available directly within their dashboard which will increase their productivity.


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