The Top 5 Vonage Alternatives: Which Is the Best?

Emily GregorLast updated on January 2, 2024
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Vonage is a business phone solution with a clear goal: to build experiences throughout the customer journey, connecting employees with clients and their teams. While it’s a long-established VoIP brand, its broad appeal might not lend it the specialization and feature-driven focus that your business needs. For this reason, it’s a good idea to consider whether a Vonage alternative might be a better fit for your unique requirements.

Vonage is a brand that has been around since before the VoIP industry even existed. Longevity can say a lot about the experience. But there are other factors to consider like initial setup, maintenance, and cost-efficiency across business departments.

With that in mind, let’s take a closer look at Vonage to assess what it offers and whether it really is the ideal cloud-based phone solution for your operations and larger business objectives.

Why Is Vonage One of the Most Popular VoIP Platforms?

Vonage is a cloud-based phone provider that has been in the market for over 20 years and is a popular choice for VoIP phone business customers.

Throughout its 20-year presence within the VoIP landscape, it has managed to stay relevant in an ever-changing market.

Staying relevant is a tough business

Over the years, Vonage has updated its platform to take the latest developments in its stride. With CRM integrations, video conferencing capabilities, and compatibility with multiple browsers, Vonage offers increased optimization.

Yet it still falls short of the communication power that a number of Vonage alternatives provide.

The Shortcomings of a Longstanding Platform

Before we review what a Vonage alternative should offer you, we need to understand why the platform may not be the ideal fit for your business.

Lack of business-specific optimizations

Vonage serves clients across a range of industries, including both the private and public sectors. It’s that broad scope that leads to a failure to offer a solution that is truly scaled to offer optimal optimization in any specific area.

An upward battle with pricing

From hidden costs to additional charges for features, Vonage’s pricing structure isn’t straightforward. Its pricing challenges make it difficult to effectively fit the cost into your budget from the get-go and it may leave you paying for items you didn’t expect to.

Initial setup headaches

Vonage’s platform has been around since the start of IP telephone technology, giving it time to scale itself to challenging heights. As such, one of its most powerful advantages—its industry expertise—also takes away from its simplicity.

The Top Features Your VoIP Platform Should Have

When looking for an alternative to Vonage, it’s important to consider how the following factors can increase your communication power.

Ease of use

Any cloud-based business phone solution should be geared toward efficiency. If a supplier’s setup, daily use, or any part of its functionality is excessively complicated, it immediately detracts from the solution’s effectiveness.

Call quality

The main objective is to connect businesses with clients through high-quality calls. No matter how rich a provider’s integrations and augmentation possibilities may be, when call quality is neglected, the main objective is already forgotten.

Third-party integrations

VoIP lets you approach calls in a new way, creating a collaborative environment around communication. When you extend that collaborative flair to other processes via integrative capabilities, you get to incorporate the value of client communications into other processes as well.

Virtual assistants and ring groups

Your new virtual business phone solution should ensure that your calls never go unanswered, directing calls to available team members efficiently. Business VoIP phone providers may approach the same solution differently, with the inclusion of ring groups.

What matters is the assurance that your calls are always directed where they need to go. This is important for smaller businesses that don’t have dedicated receptionists.


A VoIP platform that offers you analytical insights into your calls can help you increase your communication power and efficiency. Call and caller activity reports should be detailed yet easy to grasp to allow actionable insights. With a clear view of issues such as caller wait times, solutions can be engineered before the challenges start to hurt client relationships.

Information sharing

What makes a VoIP phone system so useful is its ability to connect valuable caller information to team members for optimal communication power. If a platform doesn’t offer the ability to attach and share information on calls and clients, it immediately limits the effectiveness of any call.


Whichever Vonage cloud-based phone alternative you decide on, its ability to offer you continued solutions is a vital consideration. When your team is familiar with the functions of a telephone solution, having to change platforms takes away valuable momentum built up over time. So it’s important to find a scalable solution that can grow with your business.

Value for money

Lastly, a business phone solution should fit your budget and offer you the highest level of value for your investment. Especially for small- to medium-size businesses, it’s important to find a solution that doesn’t only offer its most impressive features at the highest tier payment plan.

The Top 5 Vonage Alternatives

Let’s take a look at how other VoIP providers compare to Vonage.


  • Entry-level integrations: 100+

  • Entry-level features: Call queuing; IVR; softphone for desktop, Android, and iOS; instant numbers; custom music and messages; business hours

  • Rating: 4.3 stars

  • Pricing: $30 per user per month


  • Entry-level integrations: 50+

  • Entry-level features: Auto-attendant, team messaging, voicemail to email, call management

  • Rating: 4.1 stars

  • Pricing: Starting from $15 per user per month


  • Entry-level integrations: None of the business tools that RingCentral integrates with are available with its Essentials package

  • Entry-level features: Up to 20 users, voicemail-to-text, team messaging, business phone or toll-free numbers, document sharing

  • Rating: 3.9 stars

  • Pricing: Starting from $19.99 per user per month


  • Entry-level integrations: 2

  • Entry-level features: Unlimited voice and calling, toll-free numbers, voicemail, unlimited internet fax

  • Rating: 4.4 stars

  • Pricing: Starting from $25.95 per user per month


  • Entry-level integrations: 15

  • Entry-level features: Desktop and mobile apps, business texting, call forwarding

  • Rating: 4 stars

  • Pricing: Starting from $26 per account per month

Why Aircall Is the Ideal Vonage Alternative

Aircall is one of the leading worldwide providers of VoIP solutions. What sets Aircall

apart is our capability to put conversations at the center of your business. From building customer relationships to developing increased communication skills in employees, we help you tap into the power of communication with ease.

How Does Aircall Compare With Vonage?

Aircall and Vonage are both VoIP systems that empower teams with effective ways of communication. And in a marketplace that demands collaboration to realize optimal efficiency, both stake a worthy claim in the VoIP game.

Boosted productivity

Either platform can be integrated into business ecosystems to create boosted workflows with communication at the center. Call analytics from both also ensure that you track metric efficiency.

Taking conversations further

Aircall’s leading integration ecosystem and in-the-moment call insights make team productivity and performance easier to track and improve. With real-time call whispering and on-demand analytics, sales mentors can influence prospect and customer conversations as they happen.

Stay connected wherever you are

The ability to stay connected on multiple devices is offered by both providers. Especially with remote teams, being able to stay connected wherever you are is a vital benefit. Aircall has a mobile app that functions on both Android and Apple devices, connectivity is never an issue.

How Does Aircall Go Beyond Vonage’s Offering?

Aircall is focused on making efficient collaboration easy from the start, without any hidden costs or catches down the line. Aircall also lets you create the solution you need to connect your teams to the conversations that matter.

A simpler way to connect

Aircall has one of the most user-friendly implementation processes.  The same-day setup and short learning curve allow teams to start collaborating and connecting with clients and prospects quickly. The ease of use that Aircall offers is especially practical for remote teams, where hands-on implementation and setup aren’t possible.

Making optimization the default

Aircall lets you access its leading integrations ecosystem on all plans, without any hidden costs. Unlike Vonage and so many other business phone platforms, Aircall helps you make your conversations more powerful whatever your setup.

Getting the whole team onboard

Aircall’s advanced call-handling capabilities allow for more users than Vonage. Known for its small- to medium-size business functionalities, Aircall is more than capable to handle larger teams spread across various locations. The extensive collaborative features ensure that all participants form part of the conversation.

A helping hand is just a VoIP call away

With Aircall you get reliable customer support that understands your challenges. Our in-house support team has extensive knowledge of Aircall’s functionalities and specific use-case challenges. To help you augment your VoIP setup, we also offer API developer support to help with custom integrations.

Find Out for Yourself Why Aircall Is the Best Vonage Alternative

There’s no denying that Vonage’s status as one of the original VoIP providers is well-earned. However, it’s clear that Aircall is the best Vonage alternative when it comes to connecting teams and clients in a fully collaborative cloud environment.

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Published on December 19, 2022.

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