Segment + Aircall: The Future of Voice

Segment + Aircall: The Future of Voice

Data is one of the most valuable assets of our generation. From tech giants to government agencies, everyone relies on data to understand their users and create better experiences.

Yet the challenge of collecting, organizing, categorizing, and redistributing data continues to be a source of dread for even the most advanced companies.

Segment, one of the fastest-growing startups in Silicon Valley is looking to change that. They help companies capture data, ensure its accuracy, store it, and automatically distribute it to your tech stack.

“Segment provides a new infrastructure that allows companies to regain and centralize control of their own data, delivering the experiences that their customers want and need, without any engineering complexities.” - Globe News Wire

From their humble beginnings at Y Combinator in San Francisco, Segment has grown to become a force to be reckoned with. They’ve launched several products, acquired thousands of customers, expanded worldwide, and raised $175 million in Series D funding– just eight short years after they began their journey.

Data as a Driver

Having insights into your processes makes a huge difference when running a business. But when information is scattered all over different platforms, visibility is a challenge. Trying to sync data back and forth between several different tools takes time and energy, and often doesn’t go as planned.

Instead of having data work against you, why not leverage it as a foundation for growth?

Segment’s data infrastructure captures all customer interactions across multiple products and touchpoints. This centralized processing means stored data is accurate across all your tools and business processes, and can be automatically routed between tools.

“All your tools like Aircall, Intercom, Zendesk and so forth, send data differently. Segment lets you “warehouse” this data and makes it homogeneous so that you can use it quickly and easily. For companies, it makes their data safer, more stable, and more reliable in the long term.” -Stefano Perrotta: Solutions Engineer, Aircall

That means no more manual data entry prone to mistakes and errors.

Plus, by building with Segment’s API, businesses can instantly unlock over 300 tools that range from analytics and data warehousing to advertising and customer success.

Aircall, already uses Segment in their daily operations stack. So when an opportunity arose to build a partnership, it was an easy decision for the team. Aircall would build an integration that would leverage call data to help customers have more personalized experiences.

“The best thing about the integration is that it is providing customers with better, more customizable data.” Fred Mellot: Lead Product Manager, Aircall

Humans + Data = Growth

The value of voice communication has proven that 143 years after its debut, the phone is here to stay. But staying doesn’t mean remaining stagnant. The future of phone technology lies in taking the leap to do more than just communicate verbal information.

That’s where the power of data comes in.

“For many companies, call center touchpoints are critical to understanding their customers. That’s why we’re excited to welcome Aircall as one of Segment’s first call center partners.” - Sasha Blumenfeld, Partner Marketing Lead, Segment.

By connecting the Aircall + Segment integration, voice and data are combined to create a rich and elaborate customer view. With information sourced from other platforms and warehoused in Segment, each customer interaction using Aircall will be supplemented with context and background, letting you focus on delivering personalized experiences rather than on organizing and managing data.

“This new Airacall-Segment integration unlocks an even more complete view of the customer journey, allowing for improved personalization and better overall customer experience.” - Sasha Blumenfeld

Because of the inherent flexibility of this integration, businesses can choose from a number of ways to utilize their data:

  1. Unify all customer touchpoints (calls, chats, product interaction) into one view to have a detailed customer journey.

  2. Track agent performance by bringing together different channels (ex: Zendesk, Aircall, and Intercom) into one easy to manage platform.

  3. Create user personas with aggregated and anonymous data from real customers (ex: Figure out how to spot a churning customer based on user data from the number of times they’ve called you).

From creating dashboards to understanding user behavior- data serves to significantly enhance the utility of one of your most critical business tools: the phone.

How it works

The Aircall-Segment integration has a lot to offer by turning Aircall events into a valuable source for your data warehouse. But with Segment’s intricate system of collecting and storing data, it’s easy to imagine that building into their system would be complex.

However, when it comes to Segment’s API, simplicity is key.

“Building with Segment was really easy! The people we worked with while building the integration were very helpful and the documentation was easy to understand. - Leon Klepfish, CEO @ Callingly

For Aircall and Segment customers (with admin rights), this integration is very straightforward and can be set up in just a few minutes.

Simply connect Aircall to your Segment account and give the necessary permissions:

Then, authenticate and name the integration directly from the dashboard:

Lastly, select the events you would like to send from Aircall to Segment:

That’s it! Details from calls made with Aircall will be stored in Segment, and can be used to unify user history across all your tools and channels.

Next steps:

With the Aircall + Segment integration, uninformed customer interactions are a thing of the past. With conversations rich in data, companies can make more informed business choices, build better products, and exceed customer expectations.

Aircall is continuing to expand its marketplace of integrations, making it more accessible for companies to integrate their tech stack and delight their customers.

If you’re ready to build with Aircall and join our app marketplace, our developer hub has all the tools you need to get started!

🎙️ Interviews: Sasha Blumenfeld: Partner Marketing Lead, Segment Leon Klepfish: CEO, Callingly Fred Mellot: Lead Product Manager, Aircall Stefano Perrotta: Solutions Engineer, Aircall

📸 Cover Photo Photo by: NEW DATA SERVICES on Unsplash