Transforming the Business Insurance Experience with Aircall’s Unified Phone System

Transforming the Business Insurance Experience with Aircall’s Unified Phone System



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When you’re running a fast-growing company, it’s pretty important for everyone to be on the same page. One of the easiest ways to keep everyone aligned? Implementing a cloud-based phone solution.

UK-based business insurance provider Superscript knew it needed a scaleup-friendly phone solution that was easy to use, remote-friendly, feature-rich and inexpensive to set up and maintain. While that might sound like a hefty ask, Daniel Prescott, Head of Customer Operations at Superscript, was up for the challenge.

Having implemented several telephony solutions in his 20+ year career, he chose Aircall because he knew he needed to gain visibility into the business as a whole  without the hassle of complicated and expensive alternatives. As Daniel explains,

“Having all teams (both customer and non-customer facing) connected on the same system means it’s just super easy to see which of your colleagues are available. The team often talks about the value this visibility brings to our customer conversations. From a manager or admin perspective, we also get a great bird’s-eye view of what’s happening on a minute-by-minute basis if you need to.”

Enabling Remote & Hybrid Work on a Global Level

With Superscript scaling fast, having just closed their Series A funding, Daniel wanted a system that:

  • Would scale with them as Superscript expanded into new markets

  • Both customer and non-customer facing teams could leverage with ease

  • Could be accessed on both mobile and desktop (giving employees flexibility when it comes to both office location and communication preferences)

However, experience had taught him that fulfilling these criteria would not come easy. “We wanted all of these without huge overheads in terms of setup, maintenance and expertise. Over the years I’ve implemented many telephony systems, and these are things that in retrospect became high cost in terms of time and money,” Daniel explained.

Indeed, as many countries entered lockdown, the need for a remote-friendly system came into particularly sharp focus. But when Superscript implemented Aircall, with its ability to create new users and numbers in 150+ countries in a matter of clicks, they found that a lot of the stress they had anticipated didn’t arise.

“Aircall just really took a lot of stress out of the situation itself. It allowed us not only to execute a remote working option for all members of staff, but to then continue with a really solid hybrid policy across the business.”

“Not having to worry about the telephony system as we expanded into European marketsand allowing people to always feel connected is so great. No one feels like they're a million miles away from a colleague. For all they know, they could be sitting right next to them.”

Creating Opportunities for Seamless Collaboration

Aircall’s advanced telephony features foster collaboration between all of Superscript’s teams. One of their favourites? Call commenting and notes. This feature automatically syncs the notes and comments you take during a call with your CRM or help desk so coworkers can pick up right where you left off.

Another team favourite is warm call transferring, a feature that lets team members speak before a call is transferred so they can share key context in advance. As Daniel says,

“The transfer function is slick and keeps things moving. We can have a caller that needs to be transferred to a different team or we might need to initiate a conference call while they’re on the line. All with one click. Having call notes built in as standard has been a game changer and provides a great customer and colleague experience.”

Finally, how can we forget Superscript’s affinity for Aircall’s HubSpot integration and open API.

“We use the Aircall API to import all contact data into our data warehouse, which just gives a far greater view of all interactions across the business. We’ve also fully integrated Aircall with HubSpot to gain visibility across our customer records.”

One of the major reasons Superscript chose to work with Aircall is access to the App Marketplace so they can get the most out of the business tools they already use. Beyond HubSpot, Aircall integrates with Salesforce,, Zendesk and 100 essential help desks, CRMs, data and reporting tools and more, to help you and your team work smarter.

Transforming Onboarding and Training Cycles

Since making the switch to Aircall, one of the biggest changes Superscript has seen to their day-to-day is how easy it is to onboard new team members.

“To say Aircall has transformed onboarding and training cycles would not be an overstatement. I can honestly say it takes no more than 10 minutes to fully train someone on the features.”

When he sets up a new employee, Daniel can pre-define their working hours by geographical location using Aircall’s business hours feature and assign them a phone number in seconds.

After he creates their user profile, he can also simultaneously add them to the company’s IVR workflow.

“For those who, like me, regularly set up contact centres or systems, we kind of shiver at the thought of setting up IVRs or call routing. But with Aircall, these features are simple to set up and use. It’s a super simple process to navigate.”

Ultimately, the biggest benefit of switching to Aircall for Daniel and Superscript is visibility. Having the ability to clearly see what team members are working on, what they’re doing well and how they can improve makes it easier to plan ongoing training and provides a memorable and positive experience for their customers.

“Aircall keeps everything within easy reach. It feels like we’re in one office rather than multiple offices or multiple locations around the world.”

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