Spotahome is making real estate loved at last

Spotahome is making real estate loved at last



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Spotahome is making real estate loved at last

Everyone dreads moving. Why? Because the costs - both in dollars and in time - make the process painful every time. Founded in 2014, Spotahome is an online booking platform intended to make moving effortless. Their platform displays comprehensive property listings and neighborhood details, for anyone in need of renting a home for a month or more.

Spotahome runs on globalization. We strive to make the world feel like there are no barriers so that people can feel free to move from one place to another without any hassle, said Fabiola Jiménez Sahagún, Head of Customer Experience at Spotahome.

Spotahome differentiates themselves through their thorough home listings. Each apartment is visited individually by a team of home checkers in each of their operating cities. Listings contain photos, blueprints, videos and descriptions so that you know exactly what to expect.

Spotahome is now present in 16 cities and 9 countries across Europe with customers from around the world. As an international company, Spotahome ensures their Customer Experience Team is accessible in multiple languages and uses Aircall for their phone communications.

Our Customer Experience Team focuses on ensuring that both the tenants and landlords are taken care of and Aircall helps us reach this goal. When complex issues arise they are immediately escalated to the phone, as it’s the most direct form of communication.

Before Aircall, the Spotahome Customer Experience team was sharing phone lines. In these days customer experience was led by Fernando Bueno (Regional manager of Spain). “Fernando discovered Aircall and we immediately fell in love with its simplicity and the great service it provides”, said Sahagún. As they had only had 5 phone lines to share, customers would call in and have to be put on hold because there wasn’t an agent available to help them. As a small business this solution was acceptable, but as Spotahome grew into more cities the number of support inquiries did as well.

Spotahome was looking for a call center software that could easily integrate with Zendesk and could also serve as a phone system for teams outside of the customer experience team.

Using an antiquated solution made it difficult for us to scale our business, explained Sahagún. In need of better functionality, Bueno went on a search to find a new solution that would suit their needs as they grew.

As a result of Aircall, the Spotahome team was able to increase bookings by 350% from 2015 to 2016.

After we integrated Aircall and Zendesk our support agents were able to save more than 100 minutes per agent every week.

This increase in speed was a huge achievement for the Spotahome Customer Experience team. The faster they solved customer issues the faster they were able to get to the next inquiry. As a result of Aircall, the Spotahome team was able to increase bookings by 350% from 2015 to 2016.

We chose Aircall because of its simple implementation and ease of use. After just a few days we were able to have multiple teams ready to make and receive calls.

Speed and efficiency were issues Spotahome successfully tackled. Their goal as a whole company for the upcoming year is to stabilize sales and increase revenue. When it comes down to the Customer Experience team they are on the path to continue growing the team and ensuring every customer is satisfied.

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