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How Aircall improved Sales Confidence’s outbound activity by 40%

How Aircall improved Sales Confidence’s outbound activity by 40%



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    When you’re a company with a mission to build the largest B2B Sales, Marketing and Revenue community in the world, efficient and effective communication is invaluable.

    For Sales Confidence, that’s precisely what they needed to take their business to the next level. As experts in the growth and empowerment of sales professionals around the world, their commitment to connectivity has shaped everything they’ve done to grow their business.

    But, as opportunities continued to present themselves, keeping their business growth on track became harder and harder. They needed a solution to help streamline operations, it was time for Aircall to step in and help.

    Swapping mobile phones for a unified system

    Sales Confidence has grown quickly from just James Ski into a living, breathing network of connected professionals. As CEO and Founder, much of his day-to-day is focused on strategy and getting the most out of his team.

    “Moving from a one-man band to a fully-developed sales structure – SDRs, Account Executives and Sales Management all in one place – has been a real journey. As our team grows, our processes need to grow in order to accommodate them. We’d previously been using mobile phones for everything – no tracking, no reporting and no CRM integration. It was difficult to achieve the levels of productivity we desired.”

    Harnessing the power of integration

    Sales Confidence’s mobile-only calling system prohibited integration with other software that could streamline business processes. To truly tap into their potential, the business needed to find a system that could provide the tools they needed to grow.

    “One of the main reasons we chose Aircall is because their system integrated with Refract: a call coaching platform we wanted to leverage across the team. It’s enabled us to unlock a greater level of insight to both individual and collective performance, and we could plug it into Aircall in a matter of clicks.”

    Setting up in a few easy steps

    Adopting new technology across a business can be daunting, however, when Sales Confidence realised just how easy it was to start using Aircall, James and his team decided to move fast.

    “When it comes to technology, everybody touts themselves as the simplest, the easiest to use, or the fastest to set up. We quickly realised Aircall could support these claims; it came straight out of the box and into our business. Within an hour, we’d allocated phone numbers, organised our user groups and our routing channel.”

    It wasn’t just quick adoption that impressed James and his team, either:

    “The quality of the sales experience, and then the onboarding process, was excellent – we were given all the support we needed from beginning to end. That same day, we had a call with you guys to help get us moving straight away. That level of service is invaluable to a team like ours.”

    Generating results immediately

    From the outset, the team hit the ground running, and started seeing results instantaneously. The new-found visibility on performance, as well as the ability to track, analyse and report on call data, saw a sharp upturn in productivity:

    “We’ve seen a 30-40% increase in outbound call activity since adopting Aircall. We can now provide the team with daily performance reports, which in turn has encouraged them to drive more and more activity each and every day.”

    As COVID-19 hit, James’ business was put under further strain, too:

    “As a business led entirely by our phone system, I was worried that call quality would dip as we all began to work remotely. In that sense, VoIP put all my fears to rest. Aircall surpassed all my expectations.”

    Everything in one place

    The dashboard feature means that everyone can access key information when they need it, and tap into exactly how the team is working – on an individual and collective level. As outbound activity increases, productivity increases with teams incentivised to meet & exceed their targets.

    “Before using Aircall, we couldn’t track any of our sales team’s activity, which is particularly difficult when you’re hiring one or two people every single month. As a business, we want to help everyone work as efficiently as possible. With Aircall, we can do that.

    “I’d recommend Aircall to any Founders or Sales Leaders looking to transform the way their teams work. At Sales Confidence, the phone drives the business – so Aircall was the solution we needed to bridge the gap between our sales teams and our target prospects within the market.”

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