How PropertyGuru provides a better client experience using Aircall

How PropertyGuru provides a better client experience using Aircall



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Whether you’re looking for a new rental or buying for the long haul, the process can be intimidating, confusing, and overwhelming.

From finding listings to negotiating and closing (not to mention that both asking prices and demand continue to rise), that’s where PropertyGuru comes in.

PropertyGuru aims to make the home-buying and selling process transparent and straightforward for buyers, renters, investors, and real estate agents alike. Since being founded in Singapore in 2007, the company has grown to become active in 5 housing markets such as Singapore, Malaysia, Vietnam, Thailand and Indonesia.

PropertyGuru helps customers find their new home by sharing the latest real estate listings, providing mortgage services in Singapore and market reports, and offering exposure opportunities for real estate agents.

Puneet Agrawal, Head of Operations for the FinTech business unit, oversees PropertyGuru Finance’s sales processes and business systems. He turned to Aircall for his team’s first full business phone solution. Today, alongside Aircall’s team in Singapore, Puneet has created a streamlined customer communication framework for home buyers wishing to finance their next property purchase.

The Importance of Voice Communication in Quality Customer Experience

PropertyGuru Finance’s works with real estate agents and directly with customers and businesses to assist customers in financing their property purchases. This can be a long and arduous process and, as such, PropertyGuru Finance’s externally-facing teams aim to ensure their customers navigate this process correctly, smoothly, and with as little stress as possible.

As Kendrick Quek, PropertyGuru Finance’s Sales System & Process Manager, explains, “It’s about whether the client is able to make a more informed decision after speaking with us as we do an unbiased advisory to the client by first understanding the requirements and the client's situation before a range of mortgage options are presented.

Naturally, maintaining regular contact with the customer throughout the financing process is essential for providing a high quality customer experience. This contact may include communication through email, WhatsApp, and phone calls.

“The phone can come in at any point. We have definite touchpoints that must be carried out, such as the initial call with the customer or the consultation with the mortgage expert. But if a client has not uploaded his documents after a few days, for example, we’ll follow up by phone to make sure everything is ok.”

Despite the importance of phone communication in customer experience at PropertyGuru Finance, they didn’t always have a business system in place. Before implementing Aircall, PropertyGuru Finance relied exclusively on their mobile phones and WhatsApp to communicate with clients.

As a result, phone conversations were not automatically logged into their CRM, preventing this from serving as a real source of truth. They also had no way of recording calls for training or quality monitoring purposes.

After investigating and testing other VoIP solutions and carrying out a successful POC with Aircall, PropertyGuru Finance selected Aircall as the contact centre platform that would take their customer experience to the next level.

Using Aircall’s Salesforce Integration to Ensure a Consistent Customer Journey

PropertyGuru Finance’s team wanted a VoIP system that would help them to keep track of customer interactions so they can easily review past calls, identify and learn from wins and pain points, and ensure process adherence throughout the mortgage journey.

Puneet knew that in order to meet these criteria, such a system would require a deep integration with PropertyGuru Finance’s CRM, Salesforce. It was this that led them to Aircall. Aircall’s Salesforce integration not only allows sales reps to make and receive calls from within Salesforce itself, but also automatically syncs all call logs, call recordings, tags and notes. As Puneet explains, “Our CRM is our single source of truth, so when it came to phone communication, we really wanted to be able to capture that data.”.

Aircall’s Salesforce integration also allows for automations to be set up based on call logs. For example, a lead will only be able to move to the next stage if the required phone touchpoint has been logged in Salesforce, to ensure that all necessary touchpoints have been made by the PropertyGuru Finance’s sales team. This has been invaluable for ensuring that each and every customer receives the same high quality service the FinTech unit is known for, and that this is accurately reflected in their CRM.

“Logging calls in Salesforce helps us to streamline our process. For example, if there’s no call log at a particular lead status, you can’t move them on to the next stage. So having a system like Aircall is instrumental when we’re working on projects like this as it helps us ensure our processes are implemented and our teams are efficient,” Kendrick says.

Using Call Recordings for Effective Coaching

When asked which Aircall features have had the most positive impact on PropertyGuru Finance, beyond its powerful Salesforce integration, Kendrick’s answer was clear.

By using Aircall’s automatic call recordings, PropertyGuru Finance can always see the full picture of their team’s call performance. This allows them to respond to any issues as and when they arise with further training, to ensure all team members are delivering the highest quality customer experience.

“The call recording feature allows us to assess the quality of the conversations we’re having with our clients. From there, we can improve our pitches and adapt our tone accordingly. Now that we have visibility, we can also coach team members more effectively,” Kendrick says.

Building a More Equitable Real Estate Industry

We want to be the go-to PropTech company for any needs related to home ownership in Southeast Asia,” Puneet says.

Now that PropertyGuru Finance partners with Aircall, they can focus on what matters most, providing homeowners and homeseekers smart, honest advice: Whether the consumer is look to buy or looking to refinance, our mortgage experts are here to guide our customers by helping them understand their affordability and providing all the resources they need to help with their decision for a stress-free home financing journey.

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