Aircall Helps KOHO Simplify Online Banking

Aircall Helps KOHO Simplify Online Banking



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Canada is known as a country of beautiful landscapes and polite residents. Unfortunately, those who live there also know it’s notorious for some of the highest banking fees per capita in the world.

That’s why KOHO, a mobile-only suite of financial services for millennials, created a streamlined alternative to traditional banking experiences.

Communicating Better With a Clean Calling Structure

In an industry like banking, communication with users is paramount. KOHO quickly realized their old solution -- a single office landline -- wasn’t sustainable. With agents fielding 30-40 calls each day, they needed something better.

Parween Mander, KOHO’s User Success Team Lead, explains

“We don't want to just be another call center support line. We also want to be able to set up one-on-one conversations with users in order to give them a more personal experience. We want to go through their detailed financial plans and give them the opportunity to ask questions.”

Mander’s solution was to set up an intelligent IVR, which had an immediate impact on the company.

“Initially we just had one line that rang simultaneously and that just wasn't really efficient for our agents. When we set up an IVR and turned on Aircall’s round table feature, it made a world of a difference..”

But KOHO didn’t stop there. As the team grew, they needed separate lines for English and French speakers to call in with support and customer service issues. Plus, they needed a way for customers to reach their individual financial coach.

“There wasn't a second IVR tree, which we realized was missing, and something that we could probably find very valuable. So we implemented that, honestly, just today. And you know what? It's already up and running.”

KOHO values how easy the phone system is to manage, which allows them to continuously make improvements to their workflows.

Maximizing Aircall’s Features

Aircall’s native integration with Intercom significantly influenced KOHO’s search for a new phone system. This feature helped them consolidate customer support information into a single location, making quality service much easier.

The automatic call logging in Intercom helps KOHO keep track of every interaction, provide valuable context, and bring authentic human interaction to user conversations.

In addition to running support through Intercom chat, the user success team has added a number of efficiencies by adopting Aircall’s tags feature.

By applying Aircall’s custom labels to their calls — which directly correlate to the intercom tags — KOHO can organize and categorize their calls for future analysis.

“It was so great that we were actually able to track the type of calls that we were getting. We were previously just going off verbal context from our agents themselves, but then learning about the tagging feature and then having access to that reporting — that's what triggered all these changes in terms of efficiencies and optimizing our IVR.”

The User Success team spends a lot of time troubleshooting customer issues, but they also inform the product team of user pain points.

By applying tags like “loading and funding”, “passcode” and “connection error”, KOHO can monitor quality issues, dig into problems and even look for patterns in the types of calls that come through.

“It's nice to have that stuff streamlined. We can handle issues a little faster and share insights with each other.”

Mander gets these insights in her Aircall reports, where she looks at the total number of inbound and outbound calls, as well as the corresponding tags. Being able to layer the data and look at the percentages of how many of their calls are dedicated to certain types of tags helps Mander prioritize what her team needs to work on and see where they can improve.

KOHO aims to empower users to get control over their spending and see how easy managing finances can actually be. By using Aircall, they’ve been able to take more control over their own operations and spend more time building relationships with customers and solving meaningful problems.

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