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Displays metrics and data related to calls and agent status in real-time dashboards

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Real-time dashboards that help your team provide exceptional service
Real-time dashboards that help your team provide exceptional service
Easily visualize key metrics without touching code
Effortlessly share with your team, wherever they’re working
See metrics from all your support channels in one place

Geckoboard’s real-time dashboards make it easy for you, your team and others in your organization to see what’s going on across Customer Support right now. Over 60 integrations with popular business tools like Zendesk, Intercom, Google Sheets and Zapier make it straightforward for anyone to build and share professional-looking dashboards without touching a line of code.

Geckoboard & Aircall:

Geckoboard’s Aircall integration makes it simple to visualize live data from Aircall, including current agent availability, wait time (min/max/average for a time period), missed calls, time spent on calls and more. A powerful widget builder lets you filter metrics by number, call direction, missed call reason, or for specific agents, and create straightforward visualizations without any design skills. Finally, you can share your dashboards with everyone who needs to see them, using a link, displaying them on a big screen or TV, or using our Slack integration to post them to a channel every day.

Key benefits:

Visualize live metrics from different sources in one place:

A real-time view of what’s going on, so you, your team, and others in the organisation can make quick decisions and highlight standout performances from Agents.

Quick share links, send to TV and a Slack integration:

Make your dashboards visible to get everyone on the same page and surface your team’s hard work.

Clean, straightforward design:

Anyone can understand what’s going on without being familiar with specific tools or having a background in data


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