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One-to-one text messaging is a personal way to engage with prospects and customers, and let them reach out, or follow up, in their own time. Many businesses use text messages for scheduling and reminders, customer service and support, or just continuing the conversation.

Available in the US, Canada, the UK, France and Australia.

A more personal way to connect

More options for customers

More options for customers

Choose the best way to communicate with prospects and customers, and let them reach you in the way they prefer.

Improved reachability

Improved reachability

A simple, easy way to increase availability, improve responsiveness and ensure that your message reaches your client.

Voice and text in one place

Voice and text in one place

Send, receive and view messages from your desktop, iOS or Android devices. Handle messages collaboratively as a team.


For UK numbers, we charge per outbound text at industry competitive rates. Contact us for details.

Currently we offer domestic business text messages only, within the US, the UK, France or Australia. We are looking to international messages in the future.

Absolutely! Messaging is designed to be managed collaboratively so everyone on a shared line can access the messaging inbox for that number.

While Aircall’s native text messaging is designed for one-to-one conversations, we offer third-party integrations with several providers including Heymarket, Sakari, Salesmsg and Textline.

We have introduced Hubspot as our first integration for automatically logging text messages. Learn more here about logging your SMS in Hubspot.

Yes 🙂

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Shelley Tasker, Operations Manager at Alternative Airlines

"Issue resolution is much more effective by phone than by email. Aircall allows us to explain the situation, and for the customer, hearing a voice just feels more genuine. Not only is resolution time 50% shorter over the phone, it’s also more likely to deliver a positive outcome for both parties."

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Frequently Asked Questions

A business text messaging service is an easy way to generate leads by using text messages (SMS). Companies can use it to automate appointment reminders, share invoices, highlight a great promotion you’re running—and much more! With business text messaging capabilities, organisations can easily manage a high-volume of both automated or manually sent messages with ease. And, as a further bonus, businesses can even integrate messages with their CRM platform and other tools. That makes it even easier for them to share messages to their customer’s iOS or Android devices, based on existing databases you have.

Meanwhile, Aircall’s native SMS feature offers one-to-one messaging to better engage prospects and customers and communicate efficiently. Here’s a quick overview of what Aircall offers in its text messaging for business service: 


  • Send/receive

  • View history

  • Call from messaging window

  • Add a contact from messaging window

  • Notifications (badge and push)

  • HubSpot logging


  • Desktop and web app (including CTI)

  • iOS

  • Android

SMS is currently available for classic numbers. IVR numbers are not eligible for messaging. Aircall offers a business text messaging service in the U.S., Canada, the U.K., France and Australia.

Aircall’s native SMS feature offers one-to-one messaging to better engage prospects and customers and communicate efficiently. Sending text messages from your business is easy.

Here’s a step-by-step guide:

  1. Enter the number: From the Keypad tab, use the search bar to find a contact, or type in a number. Then click on the messaging icon to start a message. Remember: SMS is enabled for domestic service only. Make sure the recipient number is in the same country as the number it originates from (the U.K. for the U.K., and France for France). There is an exception for messages between the U.S. and Canada.

2.Type your message: Enter your message at the bottom of the phone window to start a conversation.

3.Hit send: Your message is on its way. Aircall’s native text messaging is designed for one-to-one conversations. While it’s not possible to send bulk messages, we do offer third-party integrations with several providers including Heymarket, Sakari, Salesmsg, and Textline. Using a third party may allow you to use Aircall numbers for bulk messaging.

Learn more about each SMS provider and enablement. You can use a third-party messaging service on the same account that uses Aircall native text messaging, but not on the same number.

Choosing the best text messaging service for your business is essential for long-term success. More and more SMS text messaging platforms are entering the marketplace. How do you choose the right SMS app for businesses of different sizes?

Think about these 8 areas when evaluating SMS business text messaging providers to make sure you’re choosing the right one for your needs:

1.Costs. Consider how many messages you need to send per month. What are the costs of incoming text messages? Is there a cost for setting up your phone number?

2.Support. What kind of service can you expect if you have a problem? Can you talk to a live person? Do they have IT people in-house? Is help outsourced? Is there a knowledge base on their website?

3.Experience. How long has the provider been in business? Find out about their history and level of expertise in the business.

4.Reviews and testimonials. Make sure other customers are happy with the service. If there are any problems, you’re likely to spot them by checking out past reviews.

5.Features and tools. Do they offer text message templates that are appropriate and convenient for your needs? Tools like these will save you time and help you get up and running quickly.

6.Billing. How and when will you be billed? Is the process easy to understand and to use?

7.Cloud-based phone integration. Can you use your existing cloud phone numbers to send group text messages?

8.Trial period. Do they offer a free trial? A trial gives you a chance to try the service out and make sure everything works as you expect it to before committing to buy.

With Aircall, you get the benefit of a robust set of voice calling features and the ability to connect with your customers via text. To learn more about our services, book a free demo today.

SMS messages work well for sales promotions, but there’s so much more you can do with them. Using text messaging in business is a valuable resource. In this section, we’ll highlight how different teams can benefit from text messaging.

1.Business text messaging for sales teams

Sales teams can get a lot out of the strategic use of a business text messaging app. With Aircall, your business can:

  • Send out promotions

  • Send campaign texts

  • Never miss a conversation with potential customers

  • Assure compliance with anti-spam laws

  • Keep leads moving through the sales funnel

  • Send out links for application processing

  • Send or receive texts from any location

  • Use customizable templates to make it easy to send the right messages at the right time

  • Send automated texts with links to surveys that give sales reps immediate feedback after a sale

  • Send texts with exclusive invites

2.Business text messaging for your customer support teams

Customer support teams can improve the customer experience with SMS for business. With Aircall, your business can:

  • Send texts for scheduling services

  • Send appointment reminders and confirmations

  • Let customers know that someone will be contacting them

  • Personalise customer service

  • Enable 24/7/365 response

  • Send out automated surveys for immediate feedback and follow-up

  • Measure results of customer interactions with dashboard analytics

  • Send out tips and reminders to support team members

  • Automatically open support tickets when customer interactions can’t be resolved using other communication channels

1.Business text messaging for human resources teams

Human resources and people operations teams manage recruiting, hiring, onboarding, and more. With Aircall, your business can:

  • Reach more job applicants than you can by making phone calls or sending emails

  • Update job candidates on the status of their application

  • Receive updates from job candidates

  • Send links for job applications

  • Send reminders or other messages to job applicants in bulk

  • Separate contacts by groups and send targeted messages

2.Business text messaging for marketing teams

Marketing teams are always looking for the next way to capture customer awareness and consideration. With Aircall, your business can:

  • Use keywords to send more relevant messages to prospects

  • Send out promotions, discount offers, and special announcements

  • Reach large audiences with ease

  • Segment your target audiences and customise content for each audience

  • Personalise texts to improve conversion rates and enhance the customer experience

  • Use shortcodes for mass cell phone communications

There are many benefits to a business text messaging service. One-to-one text messaging is a personal way to engage with prospects and customers and lets them reach out or follow up in their own time. Many businesses use text messages for scheduling and reminders, customer service and support, or just continuing the conversation. Aircall’s business text messaging service offers the following advantages: - Increased customer convenience. Your customers can enjoy the ease of being able to connect with someone from your business quickly. Text messaging can be a less intrusive option than calling. Customers can choose to respond when it’s convenient for them to do so. - Improved customer engagement. To be competitive with other companies, you have to use multiple channels to keep your customers engaged. As your customer base grows, it’s challenging to keep up with communications and keep your messaging relevant. Business text messaging provides a way to keep your brand front-of-mind for your customers and ensures that you have a strong voice in the marketplace. - Automated customer communications. One of the great things about business text messaging is that it makes it easy to automate communications, even on a large scale. Short, concise messages can be an effective part of your overall communication strategy, especially if your customers aren’t responding to phone calls or emails.
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