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Pipedrive CRM Top 7 Pipedrive Integrations Your Business Needs

Miruna MitranescuLast updated on January 2, 2024
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Pipedrive was created to add an extra level of intuition and usage to the typical CRM system.

Unlike most CRM systems, Pipedrive was developed by the salespeople who use it most. They created a system that meshes with your sales method and sales team to produce the best results.

How Does It Work?

Pipedrive put it best in one of its how-to videos:

“The intention is to have a CRM that will reach out to your sales reps and tell them what they need to do from day-to-day, as opposed to your sales reps having to ask your CRM what to do.”

This CRM takes your sales process and breaks it into customizable steps within its system. As you complete each step, the system gives you or your team the current status of the sale and what is needed to close it.

For example, when starting a potential sale, you can set up each step within the system and move the transaction down the pipeline as it progresses. When you’ve contacted your potential client, move it into that column. Pipedrive will then update your sales team on the activity and let you schedule the next action needed to inch towards closing. You can assign activities to specific people and schedule them to make sure they happen.

Pipedrive will help you keep track of potential deals and clients and keep them from falling through the cracks of your company’s busy schedule. The Android and iOS mobile apps offer you access to important information during meetings or when you travel, so you never miss an opportunity. This CRM system’s many features will let you manage your sales potential and adjust your approach to get the best results.

Pipedrive Integrations

In the current digital age, CRM systems have taken the place of filing cabinets, rolodexes, and oversize calendars. Client contact info, deal status, and scheduled meetings can all be found and accessed within one system. Pipedrive offers access to all this information and more through partnerships with industry leaders.

Pipedrive users can plan routes, sign documents, call prospective clients, locate all relevant emails, and more, all within the CRM system. Over 50 top integrations are available for users, creating nearly limitless opportunities for you and your company.

For a closer look at some of the available options, read through the seven in-depth integrations we’ve included below.


Overview: Mailchimp is an email service that allows you to design, automate, and analyze your message campaigns. Create professional, branded emails and see how they perform with your audience. Send emails to a specific group of people with just a few clicks and avoid the hassle of searching for the contacts you need.

Integration: With Pipedrive’s Mailchimp integration, you can send customized, targeted emails to a specific group of clients within your Pipedrive contact list. With just a few clicks, you can export your client information to Mailchimp and filter those contacts for an email campaign. Need to send an email to just Texas clients who have made previous purchases? No problem! Just use filters to select the correct clients from your Pipedrive list and send your Mailchimp campaign.


Overview: This web service allows you to connect your web apps and automate mindless, time-consuming tasks within them. Create workflows with just a few clicks and without complicated coding. Share data and save time so you can focus on the important work within your business.

Integration: According to Pipedrive, “Zapier is possibly the single greatest integration you’ll ever use.” With this service, you can automatically add new clients from spreadsheets just by adding new rows. Or, if a new client subscribes to your Mailchimp emails, Zapier will automatically add the contact to your Pipedrive as a new contact. Use this app to avoid mundane tasks without worrying about forgetting them.


Overview: Front allows users to aggregate their communication channels and simplify their workflow. Communication is received within a collaborative inbox and can be seen by everyone in the workplace. This helps avoid duplicate replies and unanswered messages.

Integration: When integrated with Pipedrive, Front logs conversations as activities in the CRM system, allowing the sales process to stay updated. Contact information can be synced from Pipedrive to Front for easy communication use. Current active deals and their pipeline stages can be viewed in Front for reference when contacting clients. This integration also allows you to automate actions within Front that work with information stored in Pipedrive. Your clients and sales team will be much happier with the organized communication offered through this integration.


Overview: Aircall is a cloud phone system and call center software that allows businesses to fully manage their telephone needs. It integrates with currently used software, offers local and international numbers in over 100 countries, allows for team collaboration, in-depth analytics, and many more. Receive calls on your computer or mobile phone, assign multiple phone numbers to various staff members, and track and analyze all your data in order to make informed decisions for your business.

pipedrive aircall integration

Integration: The Aircall and Pipedrive integration allows you to integrate your phone system with Pipedrive and delve deeper into client conversion and satisfaction.

This integration automatically syncs all your phone data in Pipedrive (recordings, notes, new contacts, tickets & more).

With one click, you can call clients using your Aircall phone numbers. This integration helps turn any lead into a customer and prevents lost contacts from missed calls and deleted voicemails.


Overview: HappyFox Chat offers free live chat services for businesses to use on their websites. Create automated messages so no customer is missed or forgotten. Connect with multiple customers at once through chats and give your customer service a boost.

Integration: With Pipedrive, HappyFox Chat allows salespeople to connect with customers and pursue new deals. It also eliminates the need to jump between browser windows or tabs. As you chat, live deal information appears right inside the chat window, giving your salespeople the intel they need to pursue a sale. After the conversation closes, HappyFox Chat saves the customer’s information as a client contact in Pipedrive and records a transcript of the conversation. That transcript can then become an activity in Pipedrive, showing that someone contacted the client. This lets your salesperson plan for the next step.


Overview: When you need to analyze project data, Dataiku’s predictive services development platform is the service you want to use. The platform, Data Science Studio (DSS), lets analysts gather and analyze the data they need to predict future outcomes for their companies. Unlike some platforms, DSS can be used by analysts who are just learning to analyze data, as well as data scientist experts.

Integration: For sales analytics, DSS is often used to shorten the amount of time it takes to close a deal and increase win rates. When integrated with Pipedrive, DSS gathers information on contacts, deals, and organizations. Using this information, the platform predicts high-quality touchpoints, future sales performance, and more. Instead of dealing with complex exports, DSS allows you to begin analyzing your company’s sales performance within minutes.

Google Apps and Google Drive

Overview: Google Apps and Google Drive offer several cloud-based services that allow for easy workplace integration and team collaboration. Create, share, and store emails, documents, spreadsheets, video calls, slideshow presentations, calendar appointments, and more on any device.

Integration: When integrated with Pipedrive, Google Apps and Google Drive allow for an easy, two-way sync between both platforms. The system saves both contact information and calendar appointments. When you update the information in one, the other syncs automatically. With Google Drive access, you can create proposals, specifications, or presentations within your Drive. Then, you can attach them to deals and contracts within Pipedrive. Or, you can create new documents within Pipedrive and save them in your Google Drive for quick access on the go.

What does this mean for you?

Obviously, as a business, your sales performance is the most important factor in your operations. If you don’t know how your sales are doing and you don’t analyze the data you have, you won’t know how to effectively reach your market. Using a CRM system like Pipedrive, you can effectively reach your clients, understand how your sales team is performing, and grow your business.

When a small, American business was looking for a system that could offer these benefits, they turned to Pipedrive. Read their story below to see how this CRM system improved their sales process and increased their bottom line.

Northwestern Weatherization
Northwest Weatherization, an energy efficiency company in the Greater Portland area, began using Pipedrive when it grew tired of a complicated sales system that involved complex CRMs and Excel sheets. This 24-person company wanted to save time and effort, customize processes, and document lead tracking while staying inexpensive.

Hence, it chose Pipedrive because it helped them understand where current deals stood and how they could move them forward. The team had more visibility, organization, and fluidity in their sales flow and were able to integrate with the system in six months.

After integrating Zapier, PandaDoc, Gmail, and Google Calendar with Pipedrive, they went on to increase their bottom line by 15% in just six months.

What does Northwestern Weatherization like most about Pipedrive?
“We especially like the instantaneous communication between team members, and look forward to seeing where Pipedrive can take us,” said Marketing Manager Radu Bobirnac. “Our biggest achievement is being able to actively and accurately track the number of sales each month with the new visibility we’ve gained.”

Pipedrive Practical Tips

Now that know what Pipedrive is, how can you make it work for you?

Of course, every company will have its own approach. We suggest using the following tips to start expanding and refining your sales process.

1. Evaluate the needs of your sales team

When Pipedrive started out, they didn’t even have a sales team. It wasn’t until they identified growth potential that they partnered with Aircall to build their team.

If your company doesn’t have a sales team, that’s probably the best place to start. If you do, evaluate your current sales performance and create goals and expectations for your team. Then, you can use Pipedrive to reach those goals and better your sales.

2. Evaluate your sales process

Once you’ve integrated your company with Pipedrive, you can evaluate the effectiveness and efficiency of your sales process. Do all the steps make sense? Do they all work? Are you missing any steps in your process? Your visual pipeline will show you what is and isn’t working. Use this information to improve the value of your sales process.

3. Choose your integrations

Pipedrive offers over 50 integrations, many of which you may not use. Don’t forget to research each integration to see if it will work for your company. You can add or remove them as they become useful or obsolete. If you are frustrated with a “missing” aspect of Pipedrive, chances are, there’s an integration that can help. Use these tools to streamline your workflow and save time for the work that will help your company the most.

4. Ask for help

Lastly, no one knows this CRM system better than the Pipedrive team. If you can’t find the integration you need, reach out to the company. They can provide guidance and set you up for a pleasant and productive experience with their system.

This article was originally published on August 24, 2016, and has since been updated.

Published on January 28, 2022.

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