Aircall x HubSpot: Delivering for our Customers

Sophie GaneLast updated on April 24, 2024
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Once again, the Aircall-HubSpot partnership is delivering for our joint customers. In 2023, Aircall was listed as one of HubSpot’s Essential Apps for Sales, and we’re pleased to say that we’ve once again been recognized as a key element of the HubSpot stack, this time as an Essential App for Customer Service. But what does this accolade mean? Let’s take it back to the root of this beautiful partnership.

Working better together for our customers

We’re committed to improving our customer experience, and that of their customers, too. This starts with ensuring that our platform integrates seamlessly with other cloud-based tools, like HubSpot. So, we work with our partners to continually improve our platforms’ integrations, giving the end users (sales and support teams) a smoother journey as they navigate through their working day.

What is HubSpot’s Service Hub?

"Make it easy for your customers to get in touch with you, otherwise they’re definitely not going to feel connected to you, and they’re going to go to a competitor."

Lucy Crook, Hubspot

Like Sales Hub, HubSpot’s Service Hub brings everything a customer service team needs into one place. Through one SSO platform, users can access their CRM, auto-dial customers, feedback to colleagues, listen in to recordings, and analyze data, all from a single login, without having to navigate through countless screens. Not only does it help with running things smoothly for customer service teams, but it benefits end customers as well. For example, HubSpot’s ‘Conversations’ technology means that a customer can get in touch in whichever way they prefer - call, SMS, MMS, social, email - and however they do it, their messages will appear as a single ‘conversation’ in the agent’s universal inbox. So they can quickly and easily track the lifetime of the customer query while flexing to their preferred communications channel and offering better customer service. Aircall is proudly part of this overall Service Hub, linking our phone platform and communications intelligence with HubSpot’s CRM system and beyond.

“Our average call time shot up to eight minutes because people had to search for information manually. With Aircall, we cut that back to around two minutes.”

Diana Follette, Leafwell

How do Aircall and HubSpot integrate?

"Supporting front-line managers is super key - they have a very tough job at the moment. We need to give them the tools to quickly understand what’s happening across their teams, so they can react to that and coach to it where they need to."

James Mensforth, Aircall

The Aircall app for HubSpot helps our joint customers to improve their sales and support processes and coaching, and ultimately step up their own customers’ experience. Our native integration into HubSpot means that agents can log all the calls and messages they make on Aircall to the contacts, deals, and tickets they hold within HubSpot. With real-time data exchange, sales and support teams can use HubSpot via Aircall, or Aircall via HubSpot, saving time on moving between platforms, and keeping customer information safe and clear while having all the data they need at their fingertips. As well as linking all call and customer or prospect data, teams can also have a complete overview of customer history, including comments, call recordings, call transcriptions, and outcomes, too. This all builds into a stronger customer experience, as it puts an end to repetitive conversations, improves phone workflows to reduce customer frustration, speed up sales cycles, and best of all, it means that agents can be in the moment, and personalize their conversations based on the prospect or customer’s data and history in front of them.

“I was instantly able to see a lot more data in detail than I could have ever imagined…It just really gives you what you need if you're running any type of high–call volume environment.”

Erica Davis, Annie Admin

Essential app for Customer Service

As part of HubSpot’s Service Hub, we’re excited to continue developing our integrations with our partners, and to keep improving the experience for our joint customers in years to come. The accolades of Essential App for Sales and Essential App for Customer Service are a magnificent bonus, which we believe is the result of a strong technological partnership with HubSpot and an effective, reliable, and valuable platform integration.

Check out our listing today, and see for yourself how Aircall works with HubSpot to improve your sales performance and customer service.

Published on April 24, 2024.

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