How Aircall's HubSpot Integration Works

Last updated on January 2, 2024
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Support and sales teams have many tools at their disposal, but two are particularly crucial: a cloud based calling system and a CRM solution. Together, these can redefine support, drive sales, and create meaningful customer experiences that benefit your business. 

HubSpot is a leading CRM platform that simplifies workflows for your support and sales teams. Its all-in-one software acts as both a support hub that makes engaging customers seamless and a sales hub for boosting deals. 

By integrating HubSpot with Aircall’s cloud-based calling system, support and sales teams can access all the data they need to deliver a fantastic service during voice calls and log crucial updates in HubSpot. 

The result? Your teams engage customers faster, solve challenges with greater ease, and spend more time on impactful work. 

What is Aircall’s HubSpot integration?

Aircall’s HubSpot integration enables teams to connect call information with HubSpot, pull caller data in real-time, save new information into client records, and more. 

This allows support agents to build meaningful connections with customers at every touchpoint—and ensure crucial updates are never missed. With the HubSpot integration, every agent has instant access to all the context they need to deliver an outstanding service. 

Meanwhile, sales teams can use the HubSpot integration with Aircall to track customers through every step of their journey from marketing to sales and finally after-sales success. 

All this can be done flexibly from any device—meaning wherever a team is working, they can log and access the data they need to deliver memorable and meaningful customer experiences. 

“The Aircall HubSpot integration is the best I’ve ever seen,” — Ed Sharp, Sales Operation Manager, Mail Manager.

Five ways you can use Aircall’s HubSpot integration

Once you’ve integrated HubSpot with Aircall, there are many features that your support and sales teams can use to create engaging customer experiences.

Contact sync 

Contact sync enables you to automatically sync your saved contacts in HubSpot with Aircall’s cloud-based calling system. With contact sync, whenever you make a call in Aircall, key information like contact name, company, and other details will appear. 

This context means that no matter the pace they’re working at, agents are never left uncertain of who they’re contacting or why. 

Insight Cards 

With the HubSpot integration, any time a call takes place with an existing contact, an insight card will appear in the Aircall app showcasing relevant context—including the contact owner and the last time they were contacted. 

Insight cards can also provide deeper information. For example, if a contact is associated with a specific deal or support ticket, insight cards can showcase those details. This means that even on complex calls, agents always have all the information they need right at their fingertips.

“When they call, we can greet them by name. We can see from their HubSpot profile when they call, how many times, everything … We have better customer service,” — Evgeny Vasilyev, founder and CEO, Genuine Legal.

Call Logging

With call logging, it’s time to say goodbye to sales and support teams spending hours manually updating spreadsheets with call details. 

When Aircall and HubSpot are integrated, calls from numbers that are associated with a contact or company in HubSpot are automatically logged. Every time a call occurs, Aircall searches contacts, companies, emails, and phone numbers within HubSpot to ensure calls are accurately tracked in the right place. If no details are found, you can even create a new HubSpot contact directly from Aircall.

“Logging calls in HubSpot saves us time … The easy access to call recordings in HubSpot also helps sales and customer care teams review client interactions so we can provide a better service to our customers,” — Will Andrew, Business Transformation Manager, Rezdy.

Ticket Creation

Tickets are a great way for support teams to track and process customer issues, but too often, they sit in a separate silo to support activities like calling. 

The Aircall HubSpot integration solves this by keeping tickets and calls united. With ticket creation enabled in the integration, every call can be set to create a ticket associated with the relevant contact or company. No additional input is needed from the support agent, so they can cut the unnecessary admin and stay focused on delivering standout customer experiences. 


When using HubSpot, support and sales teams can seamlessly add numbers that they need to contact to the Aircall platform by using the Click-to-Dial feature—enabled through Aircall’s browser extensions. Rather than having to manually type in numbers or switch applications, teams can instantly launch a call via Aircall from a number located on HubSpot.

“It’s nice for us that we can call directly from HubSpot. We don’t have to leave HubSpot to start the call—contact data is stored there. Aircall is used for making those calls and taking call notes,” — Quirijn Kleppe, Operations Manager, Leadinfo.

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Published on March 7, 2023.

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