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Mail Manager Increased Their Impact by Leveraging Aircall and Their HubSpot and Gong Integrations

Mail Manager Increased Their Impact by Leveraging Aircall and Their HubSpot and Gong Integrations



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Mail Manager helps project managers organise their workload and continue working on different projects without losing traction. With project managers receiving a large volume of emails on a regular basis, it’s essential to manage important emails and communications easily.

Mail Manager is owned by Arup Engineering, which is one of the largest engineering companies in the world. With dozens of locations around the globe, managing communications and emails is a daily challenge.

Recently, we had sat down with Mail Manager’s Sales Operations Manager, Edmund Sharp, to find out how they leverage HubSpot, Aircall and Gong integrations to help their Sales teams hit their targets. Edmund also co-runs the Business Development Team, leaving him with the expertise to know exactly where their pain points are today.

As Sales Operations Manager, Ed oversees the Business Development Team and is responsible for optimising HubSpot as their CRM, ensuring the sales teams continue to boost productivity and efficiency. Currently, they manage about 33 UK and APAC SDRs and Account Executives.

Creating the Perfect Sales Tech Stack

Ed’s sales teams used Skype for Business in the past, which allowed them to make local calls to several countries around the world. They switched to Microsoft Teams after Skype was discontinued. However, that didn’t last long due to some major inefficiencies.

“Microsoft Teams had some serious limitations for us. The biggest was people couldn’t call us back. It wasn’t great. With Aircall, we can now call people in California using a California number.” ⸺ Ed Sharp, Mail Manager Sales Operation Manager

Another limitation they noticed was Microsoft Teams not integrating with HubSpot. This meant their Sales teams were required to enter notes manually. Sometimes Sales team members made rushed notes or forgot them altogether. Tags were missing and call outcomes were blurry at best. As a result, they simply couldn’t trust the accuracy of the data.

Ed and his teams envisioned a business phone system that integrated with HubSpot and could also record calls and input them into Gong. They also wanted the flexibility to use local phone numbers for each of their global locations in addition to their UK phone numbers. Having local numbers makes it easier for customers to call Mail Manager using their mobile phones.

Mail Manager was looking to make sure both HubSot and Gong were the main components of their tech stack, and they needed a way to record calls and automate them into Gong. Aircall was their first choice because Gong highly recommended it, and it also worked seamlessly with HubSpot. After testing their system with Aircall, they immediately knew Aircall was the best solution to choose versus the competition. The integrity of the integrations was a big selling point for Ed. He was pleased that the team at Aircall continuously makes improvements within the HubSpot integration, maximising the potential of the integration for their customers.

“The Aircall HubSpot integration is the best I’ve ever seen.” ⸺ Ed Sharp, Mail Manager Sales Operation Manager

Aircall Brings Mail Manager’s Sales Tech Stack to Life

Mail Manager uses Aircall for their sales teams, support teams, and account management teams. Aircall has been the perfect solution for Mail Manager’s inbound and outbound calling needs. When the need for video arises, they use Zoom, which allows the team to have better virtual meetings and to make sure employees are communicating in real-time, they still leverage the chat functionality of Teams. Aircall was the key component that was missing from Mail Manager’s overall tech stack, realising that not having their tools centralised through their phone was an issue.

Before Aircall, sales teams had to do everything manually. It wasn’t efficient, and nothing was being logged or documented properly. Now, sales teams use Aircall for making outbound calls to prospects. SDRs have the challenging goal of making 60 calls per day, and automation allows them to move between calls quickly, and still record notes accurately. They also get much more detailed information on inbound calls.

“It’s a massive benefit to our sales teams because it automates calling. We use click-to-dial and it logs calls, records calls, and enters calls directly into HubSpot, and transfers the notes.”⸺Ed Sharp, Mail Manager Sales Operation Manager

Mail Manager has a small support team, and prior to using HubSpot, they were using Zoho for inbound calls and ticketing. Despite switching CRM systems, with Aircall, they were able to easily access all their tools in one place, creating a seamless and functional technology stack.

The account management teams use Aircall for making inbound and outbound calls. For all teams, calls get recorded in Gong and everything gets integrated into HubSpot for a convenient, single source of truth, which is made even easier with the Aircall integration with Gong.

Sales is a primary activity at Mail Manager, and teams use Aircall to track daily call volume. Cold calls drive qualified leads to their AEs, and Aircall tracks the number of appointments that are generated by leads as one of their metrics. SDRs have opportunities for bonuses based on KPIs for appointment bookings.

Favorite Features Produce Big Business Benefits

Mail Manager didn’t have the means to track metrics and KPIs before implementing Aircall. Ed pointed out that they switched to Aircall around the time of the pandemic, mentioning that calls would have been much more difficult if they had to continue using Skype post-pandemic because there was no way for customers to call them back.

When it comes to Aircall’s features, there are quite a few that stand out to the team, in particular the SDR’s love the power dialer. They also use the Chrome extension for click-to-dial as it gives them the option of choosing their own numbers. Overall, the main feature benefits of Aircall for their sales teams are automatic call logging, syncing, and tagging. As for missed calls, the integration enables them to return calls faster than ever. This is a big change from not being able to receive call back requests from clients.

The sales and support teams use call monitoring and call whispering on a regular basis for coaching and training purposes. In terms of the data, sales managers can now see the average length of calls, number of calls, and their rep’s productivity without having to log anything into HubSpot which has been a huge timesaver.

Version two of the Hubspot and Aircall integration brought massive improvements including the ability to format phone numbers and eliminate automatic contact creation for certain numbers. Usability and functionality are greatly improved.

Growing with Aircall in the Future

Mail Manager views the HubSpot integration as a critical component for future business growth. Their experience with Aircall gave them the confidence to know that Aircall’s team will continue working with them to help meet future needs as they evolve.

“Aircall is critical to linking everything together.” ⸺ Ed Sharp, Mail Manager Sales Operation Manager

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