Lessons Learned: How 3 Aircall Customers Leverage Call Center Analytics

Emily GregorLast updated on January 2, 2024
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Whether you’re working in sales or support, delivering a memorable and meaningful customer experience is everything. After all, organizations that prioritize a great customer experience outperform those that don’t.

The research shows that 84% of companies that improve their customer experience report an increase in revenue, and brands that focus on CX bring in 5.7 times more revenue than competitors.

When it comes to unlocking those benefits, few tools have as big of an impact as call center analytics. They enable you to boost performance and empower your team with industry-leading features so they can excel in their customer interactions.

Call center analytics are a clear win-win. We’ve already broken down the ins and outs of what they are and how to use them, but we wanted to show you how some of the most exciting global companies are using them to supercharge their team performance—here’s a closer look at three of our favorite examples.

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Plecto: Improving Team Performance with Integrations

Plecto’s software consolidates data and analytics from numerous systems and organizes it into simplified, meaningful reports. As a result, it eliminates painstaking manual processes like organizing data in spreadsheets.

Plecto’s solution clearly resonates with workers, and the company has grown at lightning speed. However, the sales team quickly found that using standard mobile phones to conduct business left them with serious limitations.

Shifting to Aircall’s cloud-based call center helped them track analytics like total calls and busy hours in a single dashboard.

With those insights under their belt, Plecto saw an increase in productivity and improved its customer experience.

But that’s not all!

The added special sauce for Plecto has been integrations—specifically the Salesforce CRM integration, which enables teams to handle all their calls directly in Salesforce without having to jump back and forth.

By linking Salesforce and Aircall, sales reps can see all the prospect details and their interaction history at a glance. When on calls, they can take notes and add tags, and everything instantly syncs up with Salesforce. In short, this means personalization and productive conversations have become a breeze.

As Genesis Garcia, Plecto’s Partner Manager says, “A business phone system should do more than just call. This is what Aircall does for us. The ease of the integration with Salesforce and other systems is why we think this Aircall is so great.”

Go Global Travel: The Benefits of Implementing a Single Communications Provider

Go Global Travel has a network of more than one million hotels and apartments across over 70,000 locations—along with a user-friendly platform that helps travel agents book everything they need from flights to lodgings for their clients.

However, before moving to Aircall, the support and operations team struggled to track and maintain the customer experience.

The team realized what they needed was a single communications provider for all their 18 offices, with a fuss-free setup process and—crucially—robust call center analytics.

Measuring KPIs helps them see where they’re winning and where they have work to do. Some of their go-to benchmarks include:

  • Missed calls

  • Average wait time

  • Call duration

With all the call center analytics features a service team could dream of (coupled with the promise of stellar customer service), the team landed on Aircall as their holistic communications solution.

Today, using Aircall, all call activity is measurable for Go Global Travel, meaning tracking KPIs is simple. Operations managers use call center analytics to assess performance, while features like call recording help them to take action on those measurements, coaching agents to better meet customer needs.

Liat Yaakovi, head of customer service and operations, sums up their experience of using Aircall:

“The Aircall system is very flexible and easy to use, the service is very reliable, and call quality is very stable. We field more than 25,000 calls a month, the price for international calling bundles is very fair, and the support is fantastic. Even though we can do everything independently, we’re never alone or feel like we need to struggle. Someone is always there to help us.”

The Cookware Company: Creating Efficient Support Processes

Growing 300% in a year, The Cookware Company is no stranger to moving fast. However, meteoric growth means more customer inquiries. The customer support team realized they needed an omnichannel customer service solution that would grow with them.

Following some in-depth research, The Cookware Company chose Aircall, given its high integrability and ability to track call metrics.

Call center analytics features mean The Cookware Company can track missed calls and maximize their team’s availability. Meanwhile, call routing and interactive voice response (IVR) enable customers to identify the specific issue they need help with before reaching an agent.

A great customer experience respects everyone’s time. By using Aircall the team does just that. As a result, callers are rapidly connected with an experienced customer support agent, which saves customers and agents precious minutes.

Overall, switching to Aircall made a major impact on the team’s efficiency and the quality of customer interactions. As Ludovic Leleu, Customer Support Manager at The Cookware Company, can attest:

“Within two months, we cleared our backlog of tickets. We had a negative NPS of -25 and we moved it to +45. We had a CSAT that was around 50%, and now we are at 85% to 90%. Availability on calls is awesome—we have virtually no missed calls.”

As they continue to grow, Aircall’s 100+ integrations will mean The Cookware Company can provide their teams with even more great features, from call center analytics to CRM and AI transcription.

Choosing the Right Phone System for Your Business Needs

No matter what industry you work in, call center analytics have the power to transform your customer experience.

They can guide you as you provide a memorable and positive experience that will increase customer and brand loyalty and help your team reach their goals.

Interested in leveling up your sales and support offering and learning more about the analytics Aircall can place at your fingertips? Speak to a member of our team today.

Published on August 22, 2022.

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