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Why Customers Rely on Aircall’s Voicemail Feature

Emily GregorLast updated on January 2, 2024
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In fast-paced sales and support environments, the reality is that you’re never going to be able to answer every call. Try as you might, you’ve only got so many minutes in the day. For those moments when you’re unable to pick up, having an effective voicemail solution in place is key. It can keep your callers informed, enable you to surface and share urgent action items, and ultimately resolve issues or close deals faster. 

For that reason, while the humble voicemail may be easily overlooked during the search for the right small business phone solution, we want to take a moment to put it back in the spotlight. 

Here’s why Aircall’s customers find our voicemail feature indispensable, alongside pointers on how your customer-facing teams can get the most value from voicemail.

Three Reasons Customers Rely on Aircall’s Voicemail Feature

It’s easy to use

Voicemail has to be convenient to use—for both your team and your callers. That starts with an appealing, intuitive, and straightforward user experience. In Aircall, voicemails appear in the to-do section, as well as your call log and dashboard, and from there, they can be played with a single click. You can also adjust the playback speed to a faster setting, which helps you spend less time listening to messages. In case you don’t spot voicemail alerts in the app, you can also set up email notifications for peace of mind. 

Meanwhile, with Aircall, it’s also simple to integrate voicemails into your existing workflows, meaning that catching up on messages doesn’t mean disrupting the day. By integrating your voicemails with leading tools including CRMs such as HubSpot, you can listen to your missed-call messages directly within that tool. The result is your team doesn’t even need to switch apps to get up to speed on the customer information they may have missed.

“This is the first phone system I’ve used that has an easy-to-use voicemail. You can listen to the voicemails easily and identify who you need to call back versus which ones are just a pocket dial, says” Spaceship’s Head of Customer Support, Blair Redfern.

It helps you focus on what matters most: your customers

It’s important your voicemail system is just as convenient for your customers as your team. Customers or prospects are calling for a reason—they have an issue they need resolving, and it's important that voicemail acts as part of your system for bringing that issue to resolution.

To offer the best experience, you can configure specific messages for different types of voicemail. If a caller is reaching you outside of your regular hours, you can create a custom message explaining when you’re usually active, as well as a timeline for when you’ll get back to them. For times when your support or sales team is online but over capacity, you can have a separate message. These can help set clear expectations with customers and callers on when you’ll connect with them. 

“Being able to leave a voicemail and get a call back is really impactful for us. We’re able to call back within the hour and provide a stronger customer experience as a result,” says Blair. 

Built-in transcription makes it simpler and faster to get the insights you need

During busy times, whether that’s a seasonal spike in sales or a moment of growth for your business, you may find voicemails starting to pile up. Stay calm! With Aircall’s AI-powered voicemail transcription, you can easily and rapidly identify the insights you need and share them with other relevant team members.

Manual transcription of voicemails can drain hours from your day—time that busy customer-facing teams don’t have to spare. Through an automated process, Aircall’s voicemail transcription feature can transcribe a minute of audio in just nine seconds. It also synchronizes with existing CRMs, making it simple to easily search for key information in transcripts without leaving your other tools. 

This helps your teams gain a clear understanding of your customer’s needs—even when you’re not able to connect with them live. And the bonus? Those transcribed voicemails can act as powerful resources that will help you identify areas to refine your sales or support approach while also acting as a tool for coaching new agents with real-world scenarios. 

It’s all about the power of voice(mail)

At Aircall, we’re not shy about the fact that we believe voice is an essential mode for connecting with your customers. Having those one-to-one interactions and meaningful moments builds a personal connection that will drive repeat sales, happier customers, and more engaged teams. 

But sometimes, connections get missed. For those moments, you and your customers need a voicemail solution you can rely on. One that’s hassle-free, helps your customers understand when you’ll get back to them, and makes catching up on those missed calls a quick and painless process.

Aircall’s got you covered on all of the above—and more. Connect with us today to learn more about how you can use Aircall’s features to nurture happier customers and teams.  

Published on April 17, 2023.

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