How Transcription Tools Can Save You Up to 6 Hours a Week

Emily GregorLast updated on January 2, 2024
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It’s no secret that sales and customer support teams are short on time. From identifying new leads to sharing customer notes or reporting back to the business, these employees have to keep many plates spinning.

Unfortunately, too often, all this busywork means that the most important job of all—engaging with customers or prospects—becomes deprioritized.

In fact, salespeople spend less than 30% of their time actually selling, as per LinkedIn’s Global State of Sales Report. That means less time closing deals and a weakened revenue pipeline for the business. 

Alongside the sales team, customer support productivity levels also impact your bottom line; if you’re not solving problems fast enough, your customers are likely to leave for a competitor. And those support agents face many of the same barriers to efficiency as their colleagues in sales—nonstop admin, a lack of helpful customer data, and too much time spent hunting for useful information to name a few.

In short, time is money, and the value of boosting efficiency in your customer-facing teams is indisputable. 

Why Is Call and Voicemail Transcription Important? 

If your business operates primarily over the phone, it’s likely that your customer-facing agents spend 2.2 hours a week manually transcribing phone calls and making notes, in addition to two hours listening back to calls or videos of customer conversations, and another 1.7 hours listening to voicemails. While imperative to retrieving crucial business insights, all of this admin becomes incredibly time-consuming—adding up to around six hours a week.

Call transcription uses AI technology to reduce this lost time significantly. In fact, Aircall customers have transcribed 65 million conversations so far using this technology—that’s 2.6 million hours unlocked. As a result, employees in sales and customer support roles can focus on their core job responsibilities rather than potentially losing hours to replaying conversations—a problem experienced by 41% of employees according to our findings.

What’s more, those transcriptions can also offer a unique window into customer relationships or act as helpful training materials.

Spend Less Time Connecting the Dots and More Time Engaging Customers

For sales and customer service reps, time is money. And less than half (42%) of people in said roles have the software in place to identify and correspond with previous customer interactions—meaning a lot of time is spent retracing steps in conversations.

Companies with the right tools to alleviate some of the administrative load, however, usually end up profiting more as a result, seeing up to a 300% bump in conversion rates

Time spent forming and nurturing customer relationships is the foundation on which sales and customer success roles are built, yet Aircall’s own research notes that 63% acknowledge that this is a challenging area for their team.

Streamlining tedious tasks like responding to emails and messages can result in marginal gains for your business. Think of it as an insurance policy: it affords you more time—specifically up to two hours per agent per week—and a 373% ROI spanning over three years.

“For a smaller but growing business like ours, Aircall has been the perfect match for our service needs—it’s been ready to scale alongside us every step of the way. Thanks to Aircall, I know we can seamlessly build our customer service as our business evolves and enters new markets,” says Chad Warren, Senior Manager of Customer Service at Vuori.

Drive Better Customer Experiences

Aircall’s call and voicemail transcription can continuously develop customer-facing teams by giving them better insights quickly. 

Essentially, transcription can bolster learning and development—whether through real-time customer interactions or creating hypothetical ones based on call and voicemail recordings.

Meanwhile, the following functions help teams to access those essential insights faster: 

  • Smart player: Get straight to the point with Aircall’s smart player for voicemails. Fast-forward, increase playback speed, and get straight to the parts that matter most. 

  • Line configuration: Decide which conversations get transcribed with the option to enable or disable transcription per specific phone lines. 

  • Accurate transcription: Aircall is continuously feeding its machine-learning engine with the data needed to be able to transcribe calls with a minimum of 85% accuracy. 

  • Instant processing: Aircall automatically starts transcribing after a call has ended, so you need only wait for up to 30% of the call duration before accessing the transcript. 

  • Share recording: Seamlessly share snippets or full recordings with individual call participants. 

  • CRM/help desk asset link: Transcription can integrate with your existing apps, like your CRM platform, to automatically record and store conversations so you can make the most of every second without overhauling your tech stack. 

More AI Features on the Horizon for Customer-Facing Teams

Small-to-medium businesses in customer-focused environments have long suffered from having too little time to build the human relationships that matter.

However, thanks to technological advances, teams can focus on meaningful work with the help of useful tools like transcription, alongside integrations and new innovations in AI. 

Here at Aircall, we’re constantly looking at how we can take those technologies a step further, offering even more efficiency to our customers. In fact, we’ve just launched a new set of features as part of our AI Starter Package, including:

  • Call summaries: Cut the fluff and get rundowns of important conversations as soon as they’ve happened. 

  • Key topics: Skip to the part of the conversation that’s relevant to you with suggested key topics.

  • Talk ratios: Get a better picture of conversations and, in turn, customer relationships. 

Aircall’s AI Starter Package builds on the success of our AI-powered call and voicemail transcription, empowering customer-facing teams to up their game, making it easier for managers to assess performance, and ultimately strengthening connections with customers. 

Analyzing recorded calls has become faster and more accurate using the call transcription features, improving our employee experience and allowing our team to complete their tasks with greater efficiency,” says Bridget Stahl, VP of Patient Experience and Quality at MetaPhy Health.

Want to learn more about how Aircall’s AI Starter Package could transform your sales and support teams? Set up a free Aircall demo today.

Published on November 3, 2023.

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