4 Collaboration Features That Set Aircall Apart

Emily GregorLast updated on January 2, 2024
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Ready to build better conversations?

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Dealing with customer service can be one of life’s big frustrations. How many times have you called a company only to end up stuck in a never-ending cycle, repeating yourself again and again as you chat with multiple reps? We’ve all been there, and it’s an experience we’d love to avoid. Thankfully, Aircall’s collaboration features can help support and sales teams work together and avoid this exact scenario. 

Shared Contacts, Warm Transfer, Shared Call Inbox, and Call Commenting and Assignment are four essential tools when it comes to building and maintaining relationships with customers. They give your customer-facing teams the information they need to handle the most challenging calls and help them work more effectively together. So let’s take a closer look at how these tools can supercharge collaboration across your sales and support teams. 

Shared Contacts

Shared Contacts mean your sales and support teams have full access to the details they need, when they need them, without spending time hunting down names and numbers. It means everyone across the entire business remains on the same page and can help every rep personalize conversations by accessing a network of contact details—even if they’ve not personally spoken with that customer before. 

With Shared Contacts, you’re in control and can provide visibility of details where and when it’s needed. 

“Our booking agents now only need their headphones to do their job. Their address book is saved in Aircall; they always know who’s calling, and who to call back.”
— Shelley Tasker, Head of Operations at Alternative Airlines

Warm Transfer

When it comes to the world of sales and support, building relationships is everything. But your agents can’t build meaningful relationships if they don’t know all the details, and this is an area where features such as Warm Transfer really set Aircall apart from its competitors. 

Using Warm Transfer, your agents can brief other team members before the call is forwarded, meaning other reps joining the call are always in the loop. With all the necessary information at hand, your customers and prospects can enjoy a seamless transition, placing them at the heart of the call, and helping to keep the conversation flowing. 

What’s more, Warm Transfer means customers don’t have to keep repeating themselves to different reps—a key frustration for 33% of people when dealing with support teams. 

“The transfer function is slick and keeps things moving. We can have a caller that needs to be transferred to a different team or we might need to initiate a conference call while they’re on the line. All with one click.”
— Daniel Prescott, Head of Customer Operations at Superscript

Learn more about transferring calls on our knowledge base.

Shared Call Inbox

While collaboration is key to the success of every business, with an increasingly dispersed workforce, it’s also an area where many organizations are struggling. However, with Aircall, remote or hybrid teams can work together seamlessly. 

Aircall’s Shared Call Inbox makes it far easier for your team members to work together more efficiently, bringing a teamwide to-do list and the ability to archive tasks as they’re completed, together in one place. 

With a single inbox, there’s far less chance of conversations and opportunities slipping through the cracks—with the added safety net of reps being able to pick up conversations on their laptops or mobile phones, wherever they are. 

It’s also easy for every member of the team to respond and follow up on calls using Aircall’s Shared Call Inbox, delivering visibility, responsibility, and accountability across the company. This helps to keep responses punctual, and customers happy. 

Call Commenting and Assignment 

Aircall’s Shared Call Inbox isn’t the only feature that can transform your company’s sales and customer service responses. Call Commenting and Assignment is another key collaboration tool for those teams, making accessing the latest customer information easier and ensuring the best person is assigned to every call.

With Call Commenting and Assignment, your teams can benefit from increased productivity, with notes and comments made during calls on a CRM or help desk app synced automatically. As a result, your reps can always access the latest call information and seamlessly share the notes they need at any time. 

Meanwhile, it’s easy to assign calls, and if your reps are facing challenging issues they can’t initially resolve, they can assign a detailed follow-up task to the most qualified member of the team.

You can also share multiple contacts within the team, ensuring that everyone has the right details at their fingertips. Once again, this means your customers benefit from the best possible experience, with reps who are tightly connected and always in the know. 

“Having call notes built in as standard has been a game changer and provides a great customer and colleague experience."
— Daniel Prescott, Head of Customer Operations at Superscript

Build Better Conversations With Aircall Today

These four Aircall features make all the difference when it comes to keeping sales and support agents connected and in the loop, whatever the challenge and wherever they’re working. And that’s precisely what any modern organization requires if it wants to build a leading customer experience. 

Equipped with the best collaboration tools in the business, your customer-facing teams will be able to build better conversations, strike up stronger relationships, and help your organization meet its full potential. 

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Published on July 28, 2023.

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