How to Improve Your NPS With AI

Emily GregorLast updated on January 2, 2024
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All eyes today are on AI—and rightly so, with the technology moving at lightspeed. New innovations are being launched on an almost daily basis, and they can have a transformational impact on customer-facing teams, as well as businesses as a whole. While AI offers many different applications, one way it can start driving improvements in your organization right now is by deploying it to improve your NPS (Net Promoter Score). 

Your NPS is a single number that can be used to measure customer experience and forecast your growth. It’s a deceptively simple calculation, with customers usually being asked just one question—to rate how likely they are to recommend your brand to a friend or coworker using a 0 to 10 or 0 to 100 scale.

The results are then split into Promoters (scoring 9 to 10/90 to 100), Passives (scoring 7 to 9/70 to 80), and Detractors (scoring 0 to 6/0 to 60). Naturally, you ideally want all your customers sitting in the Promoter bracket, where they’re highly satisfied and actively helping to grow your business. While NPS is just one way of measuring customer satisfaction, it’s a powerful yet simple way of understanding the trajectory of your company and is used by two-thirds of the Fortune 1000 to make business decisions. 

But how exactly can AI help improve your NPS? Let’s take a closer look at the new technologies that can start moving more customers into that sought-after Promoter bracket.

Introducing AI Call and Voicemail Transcription 

With the world of AI solutions growing fast, here at Aircall, we’ve been hard at work to bring new AI features to life that will have a real impact on your customer-facing teams and help you deliver improved customer satisfaction. 

That starts with two new AI-powered features: call and voicemail transcription. These intuitive yet transformative tools are accessible directly from the Aircall business phone platform and make it simpler than ever for customer teams of any size to obtain the business insights they need.

Call transcription 

Aircall’s AI can transcribe calls for you, enabling support reps to spend more time focused on satisfying customers. In just a couple of clicks, agents can access call recordings, identify their talk-to-listen ratio, highlight key moments and insights, or even locate competitor mentions. 

With integrations, these transcriptions and recordings can also be automatically logged in other essential tools like a CRM such as HubSpot or a help desk like Zendesk—meaning whatever platform teams are working in, they can quickly surface the details they need.

Voicemail transcription

Even the best customer teams have to miss the occasional call. However, with new calls coming in, catching up on a backlog of voicemails can lead to slower response times. 

With AI voicemail transcription, customer support teams can get through their inboxes faster by turning voicemails rapidly into text. This makes it simple to search for key information, skip to the most important parts of a call and easily share key insights without needing to listen to entire voicemails and type them up. 

Smarter transcription for customer teams

Alongside transcription itself, Aircall offers a range of features that help teams get the most out of their customer interactions, including:

  • A smart player: Fast-forward, rewind, adjust play, skip ahead, and visually identify different speakers.

  • Line configuration: Choose which phone numbers get transcription and select the main language being spoken to ensure accurate coverage.

  • Shareable recordings: Whether the full recording or a snippet, Aircall makes it easy to share the insights you need. 

Using AI Transcription Tools to Boost Your NPS 

One of the biggest benefits of using AI transcription is that it frees up time for your customer-facing teams. Instead of spending hours writing up call notes, they can invest their time into building the customer relationships that are at the heart of a healthy NPS. Let’s break down some of the specific areas that AI transcription tools offer benefits, and why these are so beneficial to your overall NPS. 

Faster onboarding

Every minute matters for customer support teams. At the same time, the onboarding period can’t be skipped over—delivering a great service to customers means having knowledgeable and confident agents on the other end of the line. And while investing that time to onboard teams will always be essential, using AI insights can make it faster and more efficient.

With AI transcription and recordings, customer-facing teams can build a useful well of real-world scenarios to help new team members get up to speed quickly. These might be used to highlight challenging situations, showcase how a new product should be explained, or simply to give new agents a flavor of what to expect from calls. 

With that understanding, new hires can hit their first calls with confidence. In turn, no matter how much experience an agent has, that means callers will feel like they’re in safe hands—a key factor in keeping them in that all-important Promoter bracket. 

Deeper coaching insights 

The best customer support leaders don’t dictate—they coach. That means they work with agents directly and tailor their support to help them improve. However, to do that, they don't just need the right mindset, but they also need data and insights that will help them identify where an agent is already flourishing and where additional coaching is required. 

So what does coaching look like in action? It may be that an agent approaches you and says, “I don’t feel like that call went as well as it could.” When this happens, you need to start by figuring out what went wrong. By using AI transcription, customer support managers and leaders can easily and rapidly check through what happened and work with agents to identify the areas in which they need support. 

What’s more, the next time a similar situation arises, you can easily compare results and gain a clear understanding of where improvements have been made or if any further fine-tuning is needed. And if an extra helping hand is required, coaches can even use call whispering features to guide agents during live interactions. Not only does this benefit your team, helping them to develop in their careers, but the continuous improvements will also be felt by customers—in turn raising your NPS. 

Easier information sharing 

Accessing and sharing customer insights is an important part of nurturing a healthy NPS, as it enables teams to solve customer challenges both more efficiently and with greater accuracy. If teams are digging around in different tools, searching emails, or having to listen back to entire messages to try and figure out the next step, processes get slowed down, information gets lost, and the customer experience ultimately suffers. 

Using AI transcription accelerates access to those valuable insights while also making it simpler to share them with other agents. That means you can keep everyone up to date more efficiently. With all the relevant information just a click or two away, agents can get straight to the important part: solving problems and satisfying callers.

AI: Supporting Your Support Team 

While AI is set to play a key role in the future of almost every organization, its biggest benefits to NPS won’t come from replacing people but from supporting them. That’s because it’s the ability to solve problems and build meaningful human connections that will ultimately push your NPS higher.

By using AI to identify challenges, upskill agents, and reduce time spent on manual busy work, however, it can act as your support team’s biggest supporter, letting them focus all their efforts on high-value, customer-impacting work. 

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Published on May 1, 2023.

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