Re:amaze + Aircall: Solving For Communication

Re:amaze + Aircall: Solving For Communication

It’s 2020. Do you know where your customers are?

Sadly, many businesses don’t. Between social media, phone calls, chatbots, data tools, email, AI, and much more, the pressure on customer support teams to keep up can be astounding.

And while it’s easy to blame the ever-growing number of new platforms and services, perhaps the issue runs even deeper – communication.

Re:amaze, a San Jose based startup recognized that this communication gap between companies and their customers was not going to go away on its own. In fact, it was getting worse.

To fix it, they decided to create a helpdesk that would do exactly what it promised to do: help customers.

“While a helpdesk may seem like a product solving a micro problem (customer service), the real problem we’re trying to solve is actually a macro problem (customer communications).”

The Root Cause

As a smaller company, Re:amaze was very familiar with taking on a challenge. After all, they bootstrapped their way to launch and were already seeing profits within their first year of being in business.

“We take pride in not being a venture-backed company and being able to grow the platform and customer relationships the way we feel is right.”

Now Re:amaze builds an all-in-one helpdesk, live chat, and customer messaging platform designed for eCommerce businesses. By consolidating all customer communications into one platform, businesses can increase customer engagement and create better experiences.

Most importantly, they can start to solve the problem plaguing online retailers across the globe: customer communication.

Playing Matchmaker

When two things are compatible, you just know. But sometimes, it takes a little nudge to get the ball rolling.

Thankfully, for Aircall and Re:amaze, one particularly observant merchant had taken a liking to their platforms and was ready to play matchmaker.

And just like that, the spark was lit.

“We were first introduced through a mutual customer who ran a very successful eCommerce business and utilized Aircall and Re:amaze on a daily basis. In order to improve customer service efficiency, they introduced the two teams to each other and an integration was built!”

Since then, a growing number of eCommerce businesses have turned to the Aircall and Re:amaze integration to streamline their processes and boost their customer service efficiency. For those customers, the spike in sales and revenue speaks for itself.

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The Aircall and Re:amaze integration helps businesses improve their ability to meet customers where they are, foster better relationships with them, and operationalize conversational commerce in ways that were simply impossible in the past.

“Helpdesk and call-center/VoIP software naturally have very good synergies. Both being modern companies, Aircall and Re:amaze are uniquely positioned to offer something more innovative and easier to use than traditional platforms.”

How we did it

When it comes to building an integration, having a like-minded partner is key.

Both Re:amaze and Aircall put the customer at the center of their product, iterating and growing based on customer feedback. More importantly, both companies are looking to solve the same problem: customer communication.

“Re:amaze’s main focus is on helpdesk, live chat, and customer service automation. However, most of our customers still need a phone system for support. Partnering up with Aircall allows each of us to expand the capabilities of our platforms without diverting resources to build something we’re not specialists at. This synergy is what makes the partnership truly beneficial for merchants.”

Just one week after scoping out the project, reading through API documentation, and writing the code, the Aircall + Re:amaze integration was ready for its first beta-test with a customer. Soon after, the integration was ready to publicly launch.

“We value remote flexibility, the wearing of multiple hats, and the importance of allowing everyone to speak with our customers. A lot of this trickles down to our product and our ability to respond quickly to customer feedback. Once we identify a good feature that can benefit lots of customers, we’ll quickly build it and ship it to our customers.”

How it works:

The Aircall and Re:amaze integration helps businesses document customer conversations in one shared space.

This means agents can continue taking and making phone calls through Aircall as usual. Meanwhile, all the call data–including the customer profile, call recording, voicemail, call times, and responsible agent–are automatically logged into Re:amaze.

The result: One shared, centralized inbox that teams can use to ensure customer satisfaction while reducing messy manual work, and increasing efficiency.

how it works

The best part is that setting up the Aircall and Re:amaze integration is easy. Within a few minutes, your team can start making and logging their calls directly into the helpdesk.

Partner with us!

Looking to build an integration of your own? Aircall is continuing to expand our app marketplace and make it more accessible for teams all over the world to build into our API. Ready to get started?

Interview: David Feng, Co-Founder and Head of Product, Re:amaze | Cover Photo: by Austin Distel on Unsplash