+ Aircall: Empowering Sales Through Conversation + Aircall: Empowering Sales Through Conversation

Hitting your sales goals comes down to a simple equation: more pipeline means more business.

In other words, don’t lose your leads.

From Excel spreadsheets to analytic dashboards, sales managers have tried everything to keep track of incoming business; including the newest players in the market, CRMs.

But one self-described #seriousgrowth startup wasn’t fully convinced. They decided to take a deeper look and answer one fundamental question: Does CRM software actually help salespeople?

“The problem we solve is how to make sales teams more efficient. One of the common answers is implementing a CRM. But salespeople don’t like to use CRMs … and we think they are right.”

Distinguishing yourself in an already crowded market is not an easy task. Nevertheless, managed to bootstrap its way into profitability by creating software that is simple, elegant, and entirely focused on the people doing the selling.

Fast forward several years later, and noCRM now boasts over 10,000 users in over 80 countries around the world.

noCRM Goes Live

Many CRMs, while well-meaning and effective, are often built without the salesperson in mind. A focus on flashy dashboards and reporting often outshines the tedious work of logging data and following up on leads.

So it’s no surprise that salespeople feel as though CRMs are created for CEOs and admins rather than sales reps.

“At noCRM we try to build the best product to help sales team manage their sales process.”

Rather than follow the well-worn track of becoming another ‘new-and-improved’ CRM, noCRM decided to create something entirely different: a lead management software designed for salespeople.

“The proof of success for our customers is quite simple: they close more deals. Their salespeople never forget about a lead– they spend less time doing admin tasks and more time engaging their prospects.”


Creating integrations can be a time-intensive job. Developers, product managers, and other key stakeholders have to direct resources to build, document, implement, and train on the new integration.

So why the investment?

Because beyond the technical aspects lies something more important- giving our customers the best possible experience.

“We (noCRM) believe in vertical apps. Our app does not have thousands of features but what we do, we do very well. The idea for us is to connect deeply to other vertical apps that provide great value to salespeople and making calls is at the core of a salesperson’s job.”

Aircall and noCRM have a lot in common. At the surface level, they’re both French-born startups that have successfully expanded globally. But far more important than that is their commitment to building beautiful and functional software for their users.

“For us, Aircall was a clear choice as we share the same love for well-crafted products. Aircall is customer-centric, it’s growing super fast, and is truly international– which is very important for us as we have customers in 80 countries.”

While Aircall handles voice communications, noCRM takes care of tracking the pipeline. The data behind every phone call is logged and automatically added to noCRM, saving time and making sure that no leads ever fall through the cracks.

The results? New noCRM customers see an average increase of more than 20% in their closing rate.

And just because noCRM is focused on salespeople, doesn’t mean metrics-driven managers, admins and CEOs are left behind. noCRM offers excellent tracking and data management so that sales leaders can continue to build out amazing teams.

“What is really important is that we’ve built an app that helps salespeople and does not slow them down.”

How we did it

71 Building the noCRM + Aircall integration was a two-part process. The first phase involved putting the resources together to create the integration, write help center articles, and finally launch a beta test with customers.

Once testing and feedback were underway, both teams were able to iterate on the integration– making it better suited to the needs of the customers that it would soon serve. This process included translations into seven languages (English, French, Spanish, German, Italian, Portuguese, and Russian).

Last but not least Aircall and noCRM set out to promote the new integration to customers who were interested in trying it.

“Selling is not about managing data, it is not about filling a specific field or specific details about a company. Selling is a process that starts with a prospect and ends with a customer.”

Now, having fully rolled out of beta and into the hands of customers, the team can continue to collect feedback and iterate on future versions. Thankfully, the existing feedback is overwhelmingly positive, with several customers already ramped up and loving the new integration.

How it works

Power Dialer

Outbound sales are a numbers game, and with the Power Dialer feature, sales teams have a solid advantage. The Aircall + noCRM integration lets you dial prospects directly from your noCRM account without having to toggle back and forth.

Additionally, each conversation is recorded and synced to noCRM, automatically adding the caller details to your prospect card. Minimal manual entry means minimal errors.

(Prospect card: All information synced to noCRM. Right-clicking on the phone number will instantly launch a call in Aircall.)

Coaching and Support

Coaching a new sales rep is an important part of the training process. Aircall’s live feed feature lets managers hop on a call when needed. Want to review performance or help with coaching? Managers can playback any call directly from noCRM and help reps overcome any hurdles in their way.

Better Conversations

Personalization is a key ingredient in the world of sales. Picking up the phone without knowing anything about the person on the other end is likely to lose you a lead and cost you business. Especially if you’ve contacted that person before.

This integration instantly lets reps call leads with just one click, directly from noCRM. They can instantly see all previous notes and references attached to that lead, as well as past call details for a more enriching conversation.

Screenshot 2020-02-28 11.23.14 (Lead information is instantly pulled up to your noCRM dashboard as soon as a call comes in)

While these are key components of this integration, Aircall and noCRM can do so much more together. Check out our article on how this seamless solution can help your businesses grow and succeed.

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Interview: Sunny Paris, CEO at | Cover Photo: by Farzad Mohsenvand on Unsplash