How HubSpot + Aircall Help Trekksoft Attract the Right Clients

How HubSpot + Aircall Help Trekksoft Attract the Right Clients



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If adventure is your profession, then answering emails and organising spreadsheets is probably not your passion. That’s one of the many reasons why travel and tour companies love Trekksoft.

The versatile booking software gives users all they need to sell more experiences and simplify administrative tasks. So whether they’re operating food tours in France, or fishing trips in Fiji, they can spend more time focused on their favourite activities.

And those satisfied clients haven’t been quiet with their praise for Trekksoft. As word spread across the industry in recent years, TrekkSoft has now become the go-to software in over 130 countries worldwide.

More recently, though, the brand has been shifting toward a new business phase.

The experience industry is growing fast and more competitors are entering the booking software space. Although TrekkSoft is a leader in the European, LATAM and Caribbean markets, today, it’s more important than ever to ensure that we stand out.

Building a Growth Engine

Much of that early growth can be credited to Trekksoft’s thoughtful use of HubSpot tools. The unified approach to managing content, calls-to-action, lead forms and automation workflows led to a dramatic increase in inbound sales.

But as the business strategy evolved to better understand contacts and increase fit quality, so too has the team’s use of its CRM system.

We offer a strong quality product and only want to work with sustainable operators. We don’t have an office building filled with an unlimited sales team. We have dedicated business development staff who prefer to take a personal approach in understanding each supplier's business. Passing quality leads from marketing to sales has been made simple by using HubSpot’s progressive fields, lead scoring and nurturing tools.

As a result, Marketing feels more confident in its ability to pass along qualified leads. And Sales can now focus its time exclusively on prospects with a strong potential for product fit.

Keeping Conversations In Context

The insights housed in HubSpot only become valuable if they inform actual sales conversations. And with a significant percentage of sales deals starting from (or closing over) the phone, finding a suitable voice solution for HubSpot became the team’s next challenge.

We were working with another voice solution which didn’t provide us with enough analytical results. We chose Aircall due to the valuable insights - and of course - the simple integration with HubSpot.

In addition to helping personalise live conversations, the team also sees Aircall as a sales training accelerator. By listening to call recordings, both individually and as a group, common mistakes and customer objections were quickly revealed and addressed.

And it’s not just Sales who enjoy these audio transcripts. The Trekksoft Marketing team has also started using call recordings as a form of customer research - listening in to identify the challenges and priorities that resonate most with their target audience.

With Aircall, we not only track volume of calls, missed opportunities and average call time, we also use call recordings for training purposes. Aircall recordings are also useful for our CSM and marketing team for playbacks and understanding our customers better. It supports our customer journey at every single funnel stage.

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