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Cozy Earth + Aircall: How Cozy Earth Leveraged Shopify, Gorgias & Klaus Integrations to Improve the Customer Experience

Cozy Earth + Aircall: How Cozy Earth Leveraged Shopify, Gorgias & Klaus Integrations to Improve the Customer Experience



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Training new employees can be a challenge, especially when your company is growing quickly. As you are scaling, how do you ensure high levels of customer satisfaction? Cozy Earth, a luxury sleep brand based out of Utah, found that these were actually good problems to have. They realized that their landline phone system, small office space, and manual processes were no longer able to support their necessary growth goals.

In a recent discussion with Logan Christensen, Head of Customer Experience at Cozy Earth, we learned more about how Aircall helped Cozy Earth transform their training process and customer service operations. With the ability to integrate Shopify, Gorgias, and Klaus, Cozy Earth saw a massive opportunity to improve their customer experience through upgrading their phone system.

Cozy Earth is based in Utah, and they also manage a third-party call center which is out of state. Their mission is to, “Build the best product, know every supplier, craft products responsibly, and serve the customer always.” As a result, Cozy Earth has been manufacturing high-end bamboo textiles to provide their clients with a luxury experience. Their products help to control body temperatures, ensuring their customers have a better, more comfortable sleep. What’s more, their products are hypoallergenic.

Logan is responsible for several different areas of the company including customer service, sales, retention, and quality assurance. Their outsourced call center employs over 30 people, and Logan notes that they’re working on building an outbound team to help improve retention. To support their commitment to serving customers, Cozy Earth has an in-house QA team that uses Aircall to grade calls for quality. After implementing Aircall, they decided to add QA software to their tech stack and opted for Klaus. It increases their QA team’s efficiency, tracks the metrics they need, and integrates with the other apps they use every day.

Moving Toward the Digital Transformation

Cozy Earth was started in a tiny office space located south of Salt Lake City. Landlines were their primary source of communication, however, it wasn’t long before they realized that it would be impossible to scale with their current processes and phone system.

While researching phone systems, Cozy Earth found that a lot of the available solutions were way out of their price range. More importantly, they also wouldn’t support their goals of simplifying the training process and improving the customer experience. Enter Aircall. When finding Aircall, Logan says they loved how easy it was to onboard new users.

“The app goes right to the trainee’s laptop, we send the invite, and the user sets it up. Our team guides them on how to use it. It’s so easy.”-Logan Christensen, Head of Customer Experience, Cozy Earth

The staff at Cozy Earth desired to make the whole onboarding process as simple as possible, especially considering the challenge of overseeing an out-of-state call center. Aircall’s software has allowed Cozy Earth to simplify their historically complicated process. This has drastically decreased the learning curve for new and existing employees.

“We love Aircall. It’s super easy to use, very friendly, and this is especially important. Aircall makes our training easy because it places everything right in front of our trainees.”-Logan Christensen, Head of Customer Experience, Cozy Earth

Aircall’s Seamless Integrations Create Limitless Value

Cozy Earth has long used Shopify as their main ecommerce solution When evaluating Aircall, the ease of use of the integration was a major factor in choosing Aircall. With the integration, Cozy Earth’s sales and support agents can easily see notes as soon as calls come in or when tickets pull up. This instantly provides them with the call history and other necessary details.

“The support has been really awesome and that’s a primary reason we are currently using Aircall. You want to be able to ask a question and get a quick response. The staff is more than willing to assist us and that’s solidified our partnership with Aircall.” — Logan Christensen, Head of Customer Experience, Cozy Earth

Cozy Earth was also using Gorgias as their help desk and once again, the seamless integration with Aircall assured Cozy Earth they found the right partner. Gorgias gives reps all the details on customer interactions to enhance the overall customer experience. The CSAT surveys in Gorgias give them the feedback they need to improve their services significantly. The QA team can now evaluate low, mid, and top scores without having to pour over spreadsheets.

To further their goal of improving the customer experience, Cozy Earth looked for a better QA system to replace their current one. wasn’t delivering the kind of useful results they were looking for. Adding to their frustration was the amount of time it took someone to grade the data to give it useful meaning. They looked at several different systems with robust features, such as Stella Connect. In the end, Klaus was a standout because of its ability to easily integrate with Gorgias, Aircall, and Shopify.

“We also have a knowledge base called HelpDocs that fits into our workflows here where we enter in how to do things. When we have new hires, we can go over the steps,display screenshots, and video trainings. So, it just makes things even more streamlined for us.” — Logan Christensen, Head of Customer Experience, Cozy Earth

With the benefit of Aircall and the available integrations, Cozy Earth is now able to measure the success of their teams, including SLA percentage, number of closed tickets, sales, retention, QA, attendance, CSAT, and missed inbound call percentage. Logan points out that their star-rating with their 3rd party call center is good, but not quite where they’d like it to be, and they now have the tools to work on improving it.

As for other features, the ability to give sales reps extensions has personalized and improved customer relationships by allowing customers to be able to directly contact their rep.

Aircall has also made it easy for them to monitor their call center activity. Call recordings have helped them evaluate their employees' performance while call volume metrics allow them to stagger breaks and lunch periods so they always have sufficient coverage in the call center. They’re experiencing fewer missed calls as a result. They also have greater insight into the amount of time employees are spending on after-call work and sending follow-up emails. Having the ability to monitor call center activity allows them to work closely with reps to improve overall employee performance.

Eye on Strong Future Growth

As for the future, Cozy Earth has its sights set on continuing to scale their sales revenue significantly over the years to come and will require more users to hit that projection. It’s currently staffing and training employees so it’ll be fully prepared for the holiday rush later this year. With Aircall, it makes it easy to scale their teams up and down, which provides the necessary confidence they’ll have an incredibly successful year.

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