Turn your calls into augmented calls. With Speakylink, you add video to your calls to better understand situations that are difficult for your customers to describe.

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With Speakylink, add a chat, share files and more from an Aircall call
With Speakylink, add a chat, share files and more from an Aircall call
Convert your call to a video call without any setup for your customer

Speakylink is a multi-channel solution that can be managed by your call center teams (sales, service, support, customer relations) using the telephony tools you already have in place. The aggregation of Speakylink flows will then go directly into your telephony statistics. The Speakylink flow configuration is done like any other incoming phone call and works on any type of telecom infrastructure.

Speakylink + Aircall: key benefits

Thanks to the Speakylink integration in Aircall, you now have the ability to convert voice calls into augmented calls with video. All this, without installing anything ! Very often, when a customer describes a delicate situation, a misunderstanding is created and it becomes impossible to satisfy your customer. Fortunately, with Speakylink, these things don't happen anymore thanks to the addition of video to the voice.

No installation required

With Speakylink, your customers and agents don't have to install anything! Everything runs on the web thanks to our state-of-the-art technology.

Compatible with all devices

Wherever you are and whatever device your customers/agents connect from, Speakylink is accessible from a smartphone, tablet or PC/Mac.

Numerous augmented calling features

When your call is converted to an augmented call, you get many features such as video, chat, document sharing and much more.

Convert your calls with a single click

From the Aircall phone, you can trigger Speakylink with the touch of a button when you receive or make a call.


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