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SMS-Magic empowers businesses to unify their Aircall calling numbers with texting capabilities.

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App overview

SMS-Magic integrates with Aircall to provide a combined solution for calls and messages. Our integration ensures businesses can use a single platform for both calls and multi-channel messaging, including SMS and WhatsApp.

Our solution seamlessly integrates with Aircall, enabling businesses to utilize their existing calling numbers for texting. This integration offers businesses a unified solution, making customer interactions smoother and more streamlined.

Key benefits Aircall + SMS Magic

Unification of Communication:

Use your existing Aircall calling numbers not just for texting but also for making calls, ensuring a consistent communication experience.

Enhanced Customer Experience:

Offer customers the convenience of calling, texting, or WhatsApp messaging on the same number, streamlining interactions and making processes smoother.

Multichannel Messaging Experience:

With SMS-Magic, businesses can activate WhatsApp business messaging using the same number, offering an extended communication channel for their customers.

Easy Integration:

A simple setup with Aircall means your business can quickly provide a comprehensive communication solution.

Data Privacy & Compliance:

Multiple regional server endpoints cater to a global clientele, ensuring data remains compliant and protected.

About SMS Magic

In our 15-year journey, SMS-Magic has risen to become the go-to messaging leader for diverse businesses globally. Our rich history of innovation and commitment has cemented our reputation across industries such as contact centers, financial services, education, retail, and beyond. We take pride in serving a broad spectrum of clients, from nimble startups to Fortune 500 giants.

At the heart of our service is a promise: to deliver an unrivaled messaging platform that simplifies your outreach, empowering you to add the personal flair that distinguishes you in a competitive market.


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